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/ Jg . T2a-e,g>t,f». i. -T^lwi, moifUx.'^ 

ex ^ eel . lence, 

(ek ' s ^ : lens), «.(OF., fr. L. excellentia), 

1. Outstanding in merit 

2. Serving in a meritorious capacity 

3. Performing in a superior manner 

4. Striving for perfection 

5. Exceedingly valuable 





Editor-in-Chief . . . 

Susan Macon 

Business Manoger . . . 

Frances Pollock 

Layout Editor . . . 

Lynda Whitlow 

^*''*^Na*'ncy' Greer Published b/ the 

Features Editor . . . StudeiltS 

Nancy Pate 

Co-Photography Editor ... O' 

Dolly ^°y° Princess Anne High School 

Co-Photography Editor ... ^ 

Lono Lubimov 

Co-Sports Editor . . . 

Mike Gorriott 

Co-Sports Editor . . . 

Lou Paulson 

Sponsor . . . 

Mr. Thomas Gorrou 













ex ^ eel . lenee. 

Princess Anne High School is a 
model of excellence in many ways. Stu- 
dents are given access to a school li- 
brary, gymnasuim, auditorium, and 
stadium. The classrooms, furnished 
with up-to-date apparatus and equip- 
ment, enable the faculty to teach with 
the best of ficilities. More important, 
however. Princess Anne High School 
serves as a model of excellence for the 
future. The school's varied and inclu- 
sive academic curriculum, with courses 
ranging from journalism and dramat- 
ics to chemistry and shorthand, pro- 
vides on excellent opportunity for a 
well-rounded high school education. Of 
more consequence, such a curriculum 
allows young people to discover ond de- 
velop unknown interests and hidden 
talents which hold a promise of an ex- 
cellent future. In cooperation with its 
superior guidance department. Prin- 
cess Anne aids the student in his decis- 
ion for his future. Perhaps in this os- 
cept. Princess Anne High School truly 

in students . . . 

On September 3, 1964, the 
students of Princess Anne, rep- 
resentative of diverse personali- 
ties and talents, were assemb- 
ed. Throughout the year they 
have effected one of the finest 
student bodies in the state. They 
are subdivided into four separ- 
ate classes: Freshmen, Sopho- 
mores, Juniors, and Seniors, The 
newly formed Freshman class 
consists of approximately 200 
members from the sections of 
Aragona and Pembroke, 
The construction of several 
new high schools such as 
Cox and Kellam and the gradu- 
ation of the extremely large 
class of 1964 has made it pos- 

sible for Princess Anne to once 
again include Freshmen in its 
curriculum. Each class main- 
tains its own character and con- 
tributes its own outstanding 
members. These individuals may 
have been distinguished leaders 
in their classes and organiza- 
tions or excellent atheletes in 
some selected sport or, perhaps, 
even meritorious scholars in the 
Scholastic Teams or Honor So- 
cieties. Each student, however, 
possesses his outstanding skill; 
and he and his fellow classmates 
donate their special talents in 
order that Princess Anne might 
excel in every field. 

in teachers 

The teachers of Princess Anne must be 
superior. The high standards and the de- 
sired goals of this school require it. The 
school's curriculum can only be as effective 
as its faculty; the student's mind can be 
developed only so far as his instructor al- 
lows or persuades; consequently, each de- 
paartment has maintained teachers of the 
highest merit, The superiority of the Prin- 
cess Anne faculty has been illustrated in the 
records of the teachers themselves; but, 
even more, the outstanding records of their 
students, not only in their high school ex- 
perience but also during their college carer, 
offer proof of the quality of their Princess 
Anne educators. 

in activities. 

In regards to the activities of Princess Anne High 
School, excellence indicates greater variety, opportuni- 
ties, and fulfilment. As for variety, one may be a Future 
Teacher of a Future Business Leader: if he is musically in- 
clined, he can enlist in the Princess Anne Band or the 
Madrigal Singers; if sports is his "cup-of-tea," there is no 
end of choices from football to golf; he can practice his 
journalism through the Peerage or the Page. The activi- 
ties in Princess Anne also offer many opportunities 
through their variety. Key Club, Jr. Civtan, the Tri-Hi-Y's, 
and the Hi-Y's offer students opportunities to fulfil civic 
duties and responsibilities. The S-C.A. and the Honor 
Council allow Princess Anne students to take part in the 

operation and government of their school. The Foreign 
Exchange Student Program enables the pupils of Prin- 
cess Anne to meet and get to know students from other 
countries. Through the Scholastic Team program. The 
Notional Honor Societies, and other clubs one can pos- 
sibly win a scholarship for his future education. How- 
ever, all these praiseworthy aspects lead to the one 
main objective — fulfilment — emotionolly, intellec- 
tually, and spiritually. 


At the football rally before the game with Norview, students are introduced to the 
1965 squad. 

Foreign exchange student Palma Porro speaks to the students of her new school as 
cheerleader Jan Richter and SCA president Randy Henderson look on. 

Mr. Sachon speaks to the students about the up- 
coming football season. 

Each fall at the opening of football 
season an assembly is held for the entire 
student body. Because of the large num- 
ber of students at Princess Anne, the 
students assemble in the stadium to hear 
messages from both fellow students and 
faculty members. 

This year's assembly, unlike those of 
previous years, was held after PA had de- 
feated Great Bridge in its opening game. 
The students were understandably in good 
spirits, and Mr. Sachon's words were in- 
spirational as the entire school looked 
forward to o winning season. 

PA's exchange student Palma Porro, 
who hod been in her new home for only 
a few days, spoke to the assembly. She 
was welcomed with a roaring cheer by 
the students of Princess Anne. 

Other assemblies included an orienta- 
tion program for students in their first 
year at Princess Anne. In addition, in- 
dividual classes held assemblies to hear 
speeches by candidates for class offices. 



Palma Porro, Princess Anne's foreign ex- 
change student, is a native of Monza, an 
Italian city near Milano. She came to Vir- 
ginia Beach as a part of the American Field 
Service Exchange Program. This program 
provides foreign students the opportunity to 
spend a year in the United States, going to 
school and living with an American family. 
This interchange of students results in an 
unmeasurable amount of good will and un- 
derstanding between the young people of the 
world. The family Palma lives with in the 
U. S. was chosen by the American Field Serv- 
ice through careful interviewing. 

Palma is a member of the senior class at 
Princess Anne and a member of various 
clubs, including Theta Tri-Hi-Y, the GAA, 
and the Junior Civitan Club. She is unsure 
of her future plans, but will return to school 
next year in Italy. Palmo's quick smile and 
friendly manner hove won her many lasting 
friends in the United States. 

Palma and her American "sister" Kothy Craig speak with Mr. Cox, 
who sponsors the foreign exchange student program. 

ill * 

Palmo arrives at school ready for a day of hard work. 

PA's first • 

iew of Palma was as she got off the bus 

Palma is greeted with signs and smiles by Karen Parker and 
Peggy Mannen. 



1964 Jjomecoinino 2,ueen 




The 1964 Homecoming Court end their escorts. 

Homecoming night, one of the most 
important social and athletic events of 
the school year, culminates weeks of 
worry and work. The S.C.A., in con- 
junction with the varsity football team, 
nominates five senior girls for Home- 
coming Queen. The student body then 
votes for the girl they feel most de- 
serves the honor of being the 1964 
Homecoming Queen. 

Jan Richter was chosen as queen be- 
cause of her service to the school as 
well as her beauty and personality. Jan 
has served as secretary of her sopho- 
more class and as secretary of the S. 
C.A. She has led the school in spirit as 
a cheerleader and has contributed 
much to the service organizations to 
which she belongs. Because of such 
outstanding service to the school, Jan's 
fellow students honored her by elect- 
ing her Homecoming Queen. 

and the kiss. 



The game begins 

tension mounts 

the going gets rough 

and to 

the V 

ictor go the spo 


B \J^^^H 

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m^ ^ 









Pat McMullen as Anne. 
Miep and Mr. Frank discover Anne's diary. 

The faces of Mrs. Van Doan and Mr. Dussel portray the 
feor in which the fugitives lived 


Mr. Frank Jay Van Auken 

Miep Cricket Clark 

Mrs. Van Daan Mary Jo Parker 

Mr. Van Daan Steve Carver 

Peter Van Daan Tony Mannen 

Mrs- Frank Lennie Punsalan 

Margot Frank Tammy Sayles 

Anne Frank Pat McMullen 

Mr. Kraler Bill Casper 

Mr. Dussel Ernie Rorrer 

Tony Mannen, as Peter, studies his lines. 
The cast at rehearsal. 



Each year the Junior Class selects its re- 
presentative to Girls' and Boys' State. Teach- 
ers select and nominate the primary candi- 
dates based on their scholastic, civic, and leod- 
ership qualities. The Class then selects a num- 
ber of these candidates to represent Princess 

Boys' and Girls' State are both sponsored by 
the American Legion and its Women's Auxili- 
ary. Boys' State is located at William and 
Mary and the Girls' State at Radford College. 
For one week each summer these colleges be- 
come separate states with student govern- 
ments. Representatives learn the functions of 
Virginia government on both the local and 
state levels. The two-party system is also 
analyzed as students occupy offices in either 
the legislative, executive, or judicial depart- 
ments of the state. 


Boys' Staters are (left to right) Scott Slocum, Randy Henderson, Bobby 
Childers, Mike Garriott, Taz Cox, Robert Webb, Bill Havu, and Bill 

I Girls' Staters are (left to right) Jean Kelley, Frances Pollock, Karen 

Parker, Jan Richter, and Peggy Mannen. 


The annual Miss Princess Anne Pageant, 
sponsored by the Keyettes, was won this year 
by Miss Peggy Mannen, a 5' 9" brunette 
beauty. She is a senior who is a member of 
the A Capello choir, the Keyettes, and the 
Girls' Athletic Association. She has served 
the school in various capacities, such as in 
the holding of a class office, the participa- 
tion in the SCA, and as a varsity cheerleader. 

The girls in the pageant were first elected 
in the various homerooms. A panel of teachers 
then eliminated all but seventeen girls — five 
seniors, five juniors, five sophomores, and two 
freshmen. After weeks of rehearsal, the big 
night arrived and the girls modeled sports 
clothes and evening gowns. The judges then 
eliminated all but five, and these five made 
a talent presentation. Then the five were 
asked two questions which were designed 
to test the finalists' poise ond ease. The 
judges then deliberated and finally the win- 
ner was announced. Miss Congenialty, who 
this year is Lynn Prangley, was chosen by the 
girls in the contest on the night of the 

Peggy Mannen, Miss Princess Anne of 1965, in her costume 
as Eliza Doolittle from "My Fair Lady." 


Dolly Mayo, third runner-up, does 
a comedy strip-tease called "The 
Old Wash Woman". 

Fourth runner-up Jeonette McKee 
does a pantomime about being 
Q woman. 

Lynn Prangley, first runner u| 
and Miss Congenialty, did a char 
lestop number for her talent. 

Carolyn Annas, who placed as 
second runner-up, gave a beauti- 
ful vocal rendition of "More." 


Each year the Seniors select one girl from those 
members of the Class whom they consider as having 
contributed the most to Princess Anne and to the Sen- 
ior Class to receive the title of Peerage Queen. Each 
Senior homeroom nominates two girls, one from the 
homeroom and one from the entire Senior Class, to 
compete for the title. Homeroom representatives send 
these results to the Annual Room where the Staff tabu- 
lates the votes to discover the top candidates. These 
names are then placed on ballots and they are dis- 
tributed among the homerooms where the final elec- 
tion takes place- However, the name of the Peerage 
Queen is not announced until the Annual Dance. At 
that time the Peerage Queen is crowned and presented 
with the first annual. 

The Senior Class of '65 has selected Miss Karen 
Parker as the Queen of the Peerage. Miss Parker has 
contributed her time and many talents to the school 

itself and the activities which it sponsors. She has 
promoted school spirit while serving as a varsity cheer- 
leader. She has ruled as a judge of the Honor Court. 
She has actively participated in the Student Council 
for the past three years as a homeroom representative. 
Throughout her Senior year, she has remained a mem- 
ber in good standing in the National Honor Society. 
She served as Vice-President for both Theto Tri-Hi-Y 
and the Keyette Club. Karen has also contributed her 
time to her Class and has brought it many honors and 
much recognition. This year she reigned as a member 
of the Homecoming Court. In her Junior year she was 
chosen by her fellow class members to serve as a repre- 
sentative to Girls' State- In her Sophomore year she 
served her class as President. 

In view of her many accomplishments, both the 
Senior Class and the entire school, proudly acknowl- 
edge Karen Parker as their Peerage Queen. 




I 96 J Queen of ine J eeraae 



Mr. Frank W. Cox 

Superintendent of Schools 

From its establishment in 1953, Princess Anne 
High School has maintained an outstanding ad- 
ministration. The principal, Mr. J. Warren Little- 
ton has served Princess Anne as its chief ad- 
ministrator for many years. He has seen Prin- 
cess Anne emerge from a small five grade junior 
and senior high school into a full-fledged high 
school, on outstanding Group A participant. This 
year the students of Princess Anne demonstrated 
their appreciation for his fine services by pre- 
senting him with on oil portrait. This portrait of 
the principal is displayed in the foyer of the 

Mr. Edwin Charles has also rendered his in- 
valuable services to Princess Anne for many years. 
Both faculty and students have admired and re- 
spected his role as an executive administrator. 

The Princess Anne administrators are as ver- 
satile as they are efficient. One good example is 
the assistant principal, Pete Sachon. During the 
fall season he is better known by his alias, Coach 
Sachon, as he serves as Princess Anne's head 
football coach. In the spring he assumes another 
title, that of Golf Coach. Mr. Sachon has helped 
Princess Anne acquire many athletic awards and 
honors as well as contribute many services as an 
assistant principal. 


Mr. J. Warren Littleton 


Mr. Edwin Charles and Mr. Peter Sachon 

Assistant Principals 



This year Princess Anne's Guidance De- 
partment saw a new member with the addi- 
tion of the Freshman Class. She is Miss Kath- 
leen Davis who now joins Mrs. Freeman, Mrs. 
Hudgins, Miss Bracey, and Mr. Atkinson. 
These counselors work with students on a 
grade level basis in order to distribute their 
time more efficiently. Two counselors are as- 
signed to the Senior Class as this grade level 
particularly depends on their counselors for 
college and vocational guidance. These full 
time counselors are available at all times for 
conferences with students and parents. 

The guidance department is designed to 
help students with their academic, personal, 
and social problems which they encounter 
during their high school career. The depart- 
ment supervises testing programs such as the 
National Merit Scholarship Exams; it also 
organizes College and Career Day Programs. 

The guidance counselors are aided by the 
faculty advisors. Each homeroom teacher is 
available to help students in his room. In 
addition, each teacher has at least one full 
period a day for subject-matter counseling. 
Such a complete guidance system enables 
students to pass through high school with a 
minimum of difficulties. 

Miss Betty Bracey, Junior Counselor, discusses college plans 
with- student. 

Senior counselors Mrs. Clelia Freeman and Mrs. Frances Hudgins ex- 
amine a new college catalog. 

Sophomore counselor Charles Atkinson begins his busy day. 

Miss Kathleen Davis, Freshman 
and Sophomore counselor, at her 


Mr. James Allen 

Industrial Arts 

BS Norfolk College of William 
and Mary 

Mrs. Shirley Armstrong 


BA Lawrence University 

Mr. Charles Arnett 


AB West Virginia University 

Mr. George Bailey 


BS and MS E. Illinois University 

Miss Margaret Bailey 

BA Elon 

Mrs. Maiy Barnes 


BA Westhompton 

Miss Jennie Bass 

AB Duke 

Mrs. Enid Beazley 

Home Economics 
BS Madison College 

Mr. James Bocock 


BS Old Dominion 

Mrs. Doris Brase 


BS Purdue University 

Mr. Lewis Breedlove 


BS Randolph-Macon College 

Mr. Kenneth Cauthen 


AB University of South Carolina 

Mr, Peele and class make use of lan- 
guage lab. 



Mr. Robert Condit 

. History 
AB Duke University 
Mr. E. E. Cox 

BS William and Mary 
MA University of Virginia 
Mr. Norman Daly 

Physical Education 
BS Atlantic Christian 

Mr. Ernest Davenport 

Industrial Arts 
BS Old Dominion 

Mr. Kenneth Day 

Physical Education 
BS Shepherd College 
MA Appalachian State Teachers 

Mr. Harvard Deen 

Industrial Arts 
Rutgers, Old Dominion 
Mrs. Helen Doyle 


BA East Carolina 

Mrs. Hortense Eason 


BS Women's College of the 
University of North Carolina 

Mr. Robert Eddy 

Industrial Arts 
BS Old Dominion 

Mrs. Kathleen Edmondson 


BS Madison College 

Miss Claire Efrid 


BA Wake Forest College 

Mrs. Doris French 

Physical Education 
BS Radford 

Mr. Thomas Garrou 


AB Duke University 

MEd University of North Carolina 

Mr. John Grady 

Physical Education 

BS and MA East Carolina 


Mr. Clark Graves 

Vocal Instructor 

BME Shenandoah Conservatory 

Mrs. Mary Heacock 


BA University of Colorado 

Mr. Cherry discusses business procedures in DE 

Miss Anita Hobbs 


BS Madison College 

Mrs. Carol Sue James 

Physical Education 

BS West Virginia University 

Mrs. Dorothy Beale Jones 


BA Meredith College 

Mrs. Dorothy Bradshaw Jones 


BS East Carolina College 

Mrs. Janet Jones 


BA Newark Stote College 

Mrs. Christine Joyner 


AB East Carolina 

Mrs. Roxanne Kessler 


BA Women's College of tl 
University of N. C. 

Mrs. Pamela Kloeppel 


BA Mary Washington 

Mrs. Carrie Ktiock 


AB Cornell University 

Mrs. Mildred Lee 


BS Ohio University 

Mr. J. A. Linn 


BSc Williom and Mory, Norfolk 
MSc William and Mary, 

Miss Barbara Loth 


BA Longwood College 



Miss Shirley Medley 


BA Winthrop College 

Mr. William Moosha 


AB Atlantic Christian College 

Mrs. Roxanne Morris 

Physical Education 
BS Old Dominion 

Mrs. Anne B. Owens 


BS Madison College 

Miss Florence Povlides 

Journalism and English 
BA Old Dominion 

Mr. Robert Pearsoll 

Social Studies 

BS East Carolina 

MA (Ed.) and MA (Geography 

Mr. Frank Peele 


BA Frederick College 

Miss Elizabeth Predmore 


BS Longwood College 

Mrs. Mary Phillips 


BA Mary Washington 

LtCol. Leon Punsolon 

Physics and General Science 
BS US Military Academy 
BS in CE Adomson University 

Mr. Donald Pursell 

Social Studies 

BA Randolph-Macon 

Mr. Gordon Raveling 


BA University of Richmond 



BA and BD Southern Methodist 

BA William and Mary 

Mr. Harold Revis 

Physical Education 

BS and MA West Carolina 

Mrs. Jean Robert 


BA University of North Carolina 

Miss Sara Ann Roberts 


AB College of William and Mary 

Mr. John Robbins 


BS College of William and Mary 

MEd University of Virginia 

Mr. Foy Show 

Social Studies 

BA University of North Corolina 

Mrs. Barbara Shirey 


AB University of Georgia 

Mr. Daly explains the uses of 

Miss Freddie Skinner 


AB and BS East Carolina 

Mrs. Mary Sue Spencer 

Home Economics 

BSHE University of North Caroline 

Mr. Thomas Snodgrass 

Social Studies 

BS Woshington and Lee 

Mr. Elmer Stamm 

Industrial Arts 
BS Old Dominion 



Miss Barbara Spiers 


BS Westhampton 

Mr. E. F. Stanley 


BS Old Dominion 

Mr. Clarence Steward 


BA and MA University of Tennessee 

Mr. Charles Stewart 


BS Old Dominion 

Mrs. Mabel Taylor 


BS Madison College 

Mr. Marshall Tetterton 

Industrial Arts 
BS East Carolina 

Mr. Joseph Thibodeau 

Industrial Arts 
BS Old Dominion 

the various muscles in the arm. 

Miss Jewel Whitlock 


BA Mary Washington 

M Ed. University of VirgI 

Mr. Larry Williams 


BS East Carolina 

Miss Dorothy Winslow 


AB Old Dominion 

Mrs. Dorothy Wolfred 


BS Old Dominion 


The Princess Anne English Department continues 
to distinguish itself through the efforts of capable 
faculty members and extended curriculum. The 
chairman of the department is Mrs. Mary Barnes, 
who has maintained this position for several years. 

One of the outstanding features of the required 
English courses is the division of remedial, average, 
and superior levels especially suited to the student's 
background. For those students who hove had in- 
sufficent instruction, the remedial classes strive to 
correct inadequate backgrounds. The average 
classes ore suited to those students who have the 
normal amount of background. The superior classes 
ore geared to those students who have had an out- 
standing English foundation. 

Besides the compulsory English curriculum, the 
department offers several elective courses. In Ad- 
vanced Composition, the student receives a more 
concetrated instruction in writing. A course in world 
literature allows students to explore literature be- 
yond that of the British and Americans. The depart- 
ment also includes the more specialized courses in 
journalism in which students interested in such a 
career can learn the fundamentals and experiment 
with their talents. No matter what his interest, 
there is a course for every student. 

Mrs. Mary Barnes, English department chairman, shares a joke with her 
second bell students. 

Miss Predmore, a new sophomore English teacher, reviews rules of parts of speech 
with her students. 

Mrs. Wells' third bell English class gets their tests 
back at last. 



Sr. Rodriguez helps Q student vith a tronslation. 

Miss Loth dictates a short essay to students in French. 

The Language Department offers an exten- 
sive program in foreign languages. Under the di- 
rection of the chairman, Miss Jewel Whitlock, 
the curriculum has constantly expanded until it 
now includes French, Spanish, Latin, and the 
latest addition, German. The language programs 
in Spanish and Latin include four year courses. The 
French curriculum covers five years. The courses 
in German were only introduced last year, and at 
present Princess Anne offers only the first two 
years. However, the department plans to extend 
the program in the future. In general the first two 
years of each language are concentrated in the 
essential rules of grammar. Although the mechan- 
ics are continually stressed, the later courses con- 
centrate on the literature and history of the respec- 
tive countries. 

The Language Department has access to many 
modern facilities. This summer several language 
rooms were equipped with the furnishings of a 
language lab. Each student has his own individual 
microphone and tope recorder. Using this equip- 
ment the student can record and listen to his own 
voice. Also, the teacher can hear each individual 
pupil without the interference of a class recitation. 
These new labs, together with modern teaching 
methods, enable Princess Anne students to grasp 
a working vocabulary, both oral and written, in 
their chosen language. 

The language lab offers students opportunities to hear and record 
their own voices. 



Teachers such as Mr. Breedlove 

Mr. Show . . . 
and Mr. Cox encourage students to do their best. 

Mr. Condit pauses and answers que'.,tions. 

Government classes, as this one of Mr. Gorrou's, are required for graduation. 

The curriculum of the Social Studies Department, 
under the direction of Mr. E. E. Cox, incorporates 
several courses with varied subject matter. The most 
prominent courses are those required ones in United 
States history and government. The program in 
U. S. history is designed to present the student with 
a comprehensive study of the heritage of America 
on an inquiring level. The pupil does not simply 
learn the dotes of famous events, but instead, he 
tries to understand why these events occurred. The 
goal of the government course is to prepare the 
student for citizenship. The students study the Con- 
stitution in detail to understand its application in 
the working government. 

The social studies curriculum is not restricted to 
the U. S. The department offers a course in world 
history in which o study is made of man from the 
Stone Age to the Nuclear Age. The program in 
world geography points out the different climates 
and their effects on man and his civilization. 
Through the course in international relations the 
student gains a comprehension of world affairs. The 
department offers a course in economy in which the 
pupil develops a general understanding of the opera- 
tion of an economic system. A semester course in 
sociology presents a study of human society with 
emphasis on custom, groups, social processes, etc. 
associated with a society. 


The Mathematics Department, under the direction 
of Miss Margaret Bailey, is particularly designed to 
prepare the prospective college student for the more 
difficult math. Token by the majority of the students, 
the first two courses in Algebra ore the most preva- 
lent in the preparatory program. In these courses, the 
student learns the essential fundamentals of algebra, 
particularly in regard to theory. After completion of 
these subjects the department advises the students to 
sample the more complicated courses in unified ge- 
ometry, trigonometry, and Algebra III. Unified geom- 
etry introduces the pupil to the primary concepts of 
both plane and solid geometry as he attempts to 
prove and utilize the simpler theorems. A course solely 
in solid geometry is also offered. The student of trig- 
onometry learns the simple trig ratios and applies 
them in solving practical problems. Algebra III al- 
lows interested students to advance still further into 
higher math. 

The department does not exclude those students 
who are not interested in theoretical moth. It offers 
a special course in general mathematics for those 
who need on understanding of practical moth and 
its usage through everyday application. The course 
is also recommended as an excellent background for 
any type of mathematical pursuit. 

Mr. Mooring explains a Trig problem to one of his third 
bell students 

Mr. Robbins introduces a low to one of his Algebra III classes. 
Students are taught the fundamental use of the s'ide rule. 


The Science Department of Princess Anne is under the 
direction of Mrs. Mabel Taylor. The curriculum includes 
four courses, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, and 
Physics. The biology course explores the essentials of 
botany and zoology with particular emphasis on the 
human anatomy. The chemistry program is a presentation 
of the composition of the common metallic and non-me- 
tallic elements through a study of their properties as evi- 
denced in the Periodic Table with the emphasis placed on 
the application of chemical laws and principles. The 
physic's curriculum attempts to explain the fundamental 
principles of matter and energy in connection with its 
effect in mechanics, heat, light, sound, and electricity. 
Each lab science is taught in a fully-equipped laboratory 
classroom in which the students and faculty have access 
to a variety of apparatus. Through these facilities students 
are able to view and perform experiments to verify those 
principals they hove learnd. 

Mrs. Phillips helps two students perfect an experiment. 

Mr. Linn demonstrates the principle of the gyroscope. 

Biology students benefit from superior equipment. 

Chemistry facilities provide the opportunity for individual 




^r irJ^ ^^^i^ i^^^^^l 





^B '' M^^^r iJf^ .^^^^^1 


Great plans are discussed in the huddle. 

The Physical Education Department incorporates 
two separate divisions; they are Girls' Physical Edu- 
cation headed by Mrs. Doris French and Boys' Physi- 
cal Education under the direction of Mr. John Grady. 

The departments hove access to many sport facili- 
ties which have resulted in an interesting and inclu- 
sive program. The large main gym is divided into the 
two smaller girls' and boys' gyms. In each gym there 
is a basketball court and other facilities for indoor 
sports. Besides the main gym there is the small or cor- 
rective gym where pupils may work out on the mat, 
the recently purchased trampolines, and other gym- 
nastic equipment. Outside the gyms are many facili- 
ties for outdoor athletics. These facilities include a 
track, baseball fields, hockey fields, and tennis courts. 

The physical education curriculum does not simply 
include on athletic program. Except for those elective 
courses in gym, the curriculum includes instructions 
in good hygiene, both physical and mental. 

The physical education department also sponsors 
many intramural sports such as girls basketball, vol- 
leyball, and hockey teams. There are also many intra- 
mural sports events for boys not on specific school 

Anatomy of a forward roll — first on the head 

and over to the back and on to complete the maneuver. 


The business curriculum of Princess Anne is 
recognized for its extensive courses in all fields. 
There are two courses in Gregg shorthand for the 
future secretary or businessman. Typing I and II 
not only furnish students with the skills of touch 
typing but also familiarize them with the proced- 
ures in typing business letters and other office 
correspondence. For the future accountant Book- 
keeping I and II along with a course in general 
business mathematics acquaint him with the usual 
procedures of bookkeeping. All future business 
employees are encouraged to take the courses in 
general business and business law. 

The business curriculum also includes the col- 
lege bound student. The department offers a se- 
mester course in personal typing which concen- 
trates on the skill itself and its application at home 
and school. The half-credit course in notehand 
introduces some of the short cuts of shorthand in 
taking accurate notes. 

In conjunction with the business program, the 
Home Economics Department is directed by its 
chairman, Mrs. Enid Beozley. The courses prepare 
the students for the responsibilities and duties of 
an efficient household. The girjs learn such skills 
as sewing, cooking, and cleaning. They also study 
methods of budgeting both time and money. 

Students learn to type in large, well-equipped classrooms 

One of Mrs. Verna Frey's shorthand dosses in progress 



Students learn fundamentals of drafting. 

The Industrial Arts Department of Princess Anne 
provides students with many opportunities to in- 
vestigate apprenticeships in technical skills. The de- 
partment is headed by Mr. Harvard Deen. These 
courses include those graphic arts and crafts- 

The Main shop courses ore those dealing in wood 
and metal. For some boys these courses are the basis 
of an apprenticeship. However, many boys use the 
knowledge gained by the courses for practical appli- 
cation in personal use. Practical application is the 
main objective of the course in electricity which 
seeks to provide the student with a general knowl- 
edge of the principles of everyday appliances. 

The more popular courses in the department's 
curriculum ore those in mechanical drawing or 
drafting. In these classes the students study the ap- 
plication of dimensions and specifications through 
o development of freehand sketching and graphical 

Excellent teachers, such as Mr 
Thompson . . . 

Mr. .ThibodeoL 

and Mr. McCune encourage student to achieve success in 


The Home Economics Department is un- 
der the direction of its chairman, Mrs. Enid 
Beazley. The department offers five courses, 
each including a year's study for a full 
credit. The curriculum includes a four-year 
program and a special one year summary 
for those Seniors who desire one short com- 
prehensive course. 

In their first year of home economics the 
students learn basic skills. These skills in- 
clude planning, preparing, and serving fam- 
ily meals and caring for small children. 
They learn how to make simple cotton gar- 
ments. The curriculum also includes home 
projects, field trips, fashion shows, teas, 
and other guided experiences in home eco- 
nomics. In the second year students begin 
to develop their skills. They begin to ac- 
quire their attitudes and abilities in nutri- 
tion and meal preparation. They learn to 
be more particular in their fabric selection 
and clothing construction. They learn new 
skills in home improvement and home nurs- 
ing. They study methods to improve family 
relations. The third year course in home 
economics is aimed toward the future. The 
course consists of planning for marriage 
and achieving successful living in families. 
Students study the factors involved in se- 
lecting and planning homes and family 
finance. In the final year students become 
more proficient in homemaking activities 
through specialized teaching in nutrition, 
tailoring, entertaining and managing fam- 
ily business. 

Students help one another fit s^lf-mcde garments. 

The girls learn ways of good housekeeping in the fully equipped kitchens. 




%7'' ' "^ MiwC*- -^'>^i ^A _^--v ^L-^^*^* -4 

t_/i6s4^^''-i *r Ji^*i|!!^S?^^- 

.A- v^ 

H^. V^ ' ~: ^^ -;., B^X ^ %^ 



ii^r iH 

Princess Anne's fine bond at a pi 

■QCtice sessior 


Miss Tucker explains a technique to some of her students. 

Princess Anne offers its students opportun- 
ities to sample the finer arts. In her art 
courses Miss Tucker guides young artists as 
they attempt to express themselves. Perhaps 
the best-known courses in this department 
are those for band and chorus. The band and 
the chorus, both the Madrigal Singers and 
the A Capello choir, have acquired many 
honors for Princess Anne. The band has par- 
ticipated in several parades including the 
Oyster Bowl Parade and the Safety Parade in 
Washington. The band has also participated 
in the annual Azalea Festival ad the Musical 
Festival. The band also participates in the 
baccalaureate and graduation ceremonies. The 
chorus has also contributed to Princess Anne's 
esteem. Two members, Bill Casper and Martha 
Davis were selected for the All Virginia State 
Chorus in April. Paul Long and Bill Casper 
were selected as members of the U.S.A. of 
American High School Chorus for the 1965 
Concert tour. The Madrigal Singers will repre- 
sent Virginia at the MENC convention in 
Louisville, Kentucky. 

The pianist for the choir takes a few minutes out for 

Mr. Clark Graves leads the A Capella choir in song. 


Members of the Scholastic Team are (standing) Richard Dailey and Bob Hutten. (seated) Nancy 
Shea, Katie Bradshaw, Brenda Spruill, and Jean Kelley. Missing from the picture are Lem 
Marshall and Mike Parker. 


Each semester the faculty selects eight out- 
standing students, two from each grade, to serve 
on the Princess Anne Scholastic Achievement 
Teem. The students courses, grades, and char- 
acter determine whether he is eligible to enter 
the Scholastic Team. These few students are desig- 
nated as the top students of Princess Anne and 
are given area wide recognition. One Senior is 
entitled to compete for a two thousand dollar 
scholarship offered by the newspaper, the Ledger 
Star, which sponsors this program for scholars. 
At the end of the school year eight members are 
chosen from the two semester teams to serve on 
the Scholastic Achievement Team for that school 
year. Richard Dailey is Princess Anne's represent- 
ative on the All-Tidewater Scholastic Team, which 
is comprised of the most outstanding students in 
the various Tidewater public high schools. 

The Scholastic Team for this year includes: 
Senior, Richard Dailey and Jean Kelly; Juniors, 
Bob Hutton and Nancy Shea; Sophomores, Brenda 
Spruill and Katie Bradshaw; and Freshmen, Lem 
Marshall and Mike Parker. All the members of 

the Scholastic Achievement Team hove already 
formulated their future plans. Richard Dailey, who 
has maintained an A average throughout his high 
school career and who is valedictorian of his 
class, plans to major in the basic sciences and 
then specialize in the field of biochemistry. His 
fellow Senior, Jean Kelly, who is the salutatorian 
of her class, intends to enlist in the Foreign Serv- 
ice Program after she has graduated. Junior Bob 
Hutton is considering majoring in English while 
he is in college. Nancy Shea looks toward science 
and math as her majors while she attends college. 
Katie Bradshaw has decided to enter the teach- 
ing profession after completing college. Brenda 
Spruill hopes to study medicine and enter the 
medical profession as a doctor. Freshman Lem 
Marshall, who is president of his class, intends to 
become a chemical engineer. Mike Parker is 
interested in a career in music, particularly con- 
cerning the piano. With such high goals and am- 
bitions, these Princess Anne students certainly 
deserved their position as a member of the Scho- 
lastic Achievement Team for the year 1964-1965 

Richard Dailey, Valedictorian, and Jean Kelley, Solutctorian 


The valedictorian and the salutatorian 
of the class of 1965, Richard Dailey and 
Jean Kelley, are two students of whom 
the class may be very proud. Both have 
distinguished themselves throughout their 
high school careers in many ways. Richard 
and Jean hove both been members of the 
school scholastic team since their first 
year at Princess Anne. Both have received 
Letters of Commendation from the Nati- 
onal Merit Foundation, 

Richard Dailey, the valedictorian, is vice- 
president of the Science Club and a script 
writer for the talking annual, "That Was 
The Year That Was." His sincere interest 
and outstanding merit in science enabled 
him to represent Virginia Beach at the 
1964 Youth Conference on the Atom at 
the University of Chicago. Richard in- 
tends to major in the basic sciences in 
college and will specialize in biochemistry. 
He will attend the university of Virginia. 

Jean Kelley, the salutatorian, has also 
been awarded many honors while at Prin- 
cess Anne. She attended Girls' State and 
has held offices in Trinity Tri-Hi-Y. She 
has been a member of both the Spanish 
and French National Honor Societies. She 
plans to attend Mary Washington College 
and hopes to pursue a career in the Foreign 
Service after graduation from college. 

Richard and Jean up to their usual tricks. 


On June 11, 1965, fifty-one of the five 
hundred seventy-five members of the senior 
class will graduate with honors from Prin- 
cess Anne. These students hove maintained 
at least a 6.00 average throughout their high 
school years. Their academic supremacy will 
be acknowledged in the graduation exercises 
in which they will be the first to receive their 

The maintenance of a B average in it- 
self is an accomplishment. The majority of 
these students are enrolled in academic 
courses and plan to further their studies in 
college. Princess Anne can well be proud of 
the scholastic achievements of the tenth 
graduating class, the Class of 1965. 

Patricia Barnes 
Keith Barton 
Riva Berger 
James Bradshaw 
David Brown 
Desta Burke 
Terrie Cutchin 
Richard Dailey 
Linda Daniel 
Frank Dauer 
Bruce Davis 
Martha Davis 
Vicki Dorsett 
Rosemarie Gautier 
Nancy Greer 
Lynn Griffin 
Randy Henderson 

Sue Ann Hewitt 
Linda Hudson 
Glenda Hunley 
Jean Kelley 
Barbara King 
Marjorie Kingsley 
Richard Knack 
Constance Lamping 
Lana Lubimov 
Barbara Lyman 
Cherry Macomber 
Susan Macon 
Susan Molmfeldt 
Vincent Martin 
Bruce Matthias 
Cynthia McPherson 
John Montgomery 

Susan Moore 
Mary Jane Ontjes 
Karen Parker 
Louis Paulson 
Rodney Pennington 
Patricia Phillips 
Frances Pollock 
Katherine Preddy 
Steven Rowe 
Michele Schmidt 
Theodore Spalding 
Linda Sparks 
Emelia Timmerman 
Barbara Vail 
Lynda Whitlow 
Joanne Wilson 
Roger Wilson 


PA's valedicto.ian Richard Dailev represented Virginia Beach 
at a science conference at the University of Chicago, 

John Montgomery is Princess AnnS only National Merit Semi- 

Students receiving National Merit Letters of Commendation are (standing, left to 
right) Gilbert Head, Roger Wilson, and Richard Dailey, (seated, left to right) Ted 

Spalding, Jean Kelley, Bobbi Vail, and Desto Burke. 

Frances Pollock received the DAR Citizenship Award. 



v^ r- 

SCA officers gather in Mr. Cox's office, (left to right) Lana Lubimov, Treasurer; Bob Hutten, 
Vice-President; Randy Henderson, President; and Jan Richter, Secretary. 


The Student Cooperative Association provides 
a means for the student body as a whole to govern 
itself through representation at meetings held 
every second week. Under the leadership of Randy 
Henderson and guidance of Mr. E. E. Cox, this 
year's SCA has worked to achieve more effective 
representation, better organized projects, and 
stronger ties between the faculty and students. 

Randy emphasizes a point to the representatives. 

The SCA sponsored Honor Week preceding 
mid-term exams to emphasize the importance of 
integrity and honesty among the students. The 
association is also the organizing body of the 
Honor Council and the Inter-Club Council, which 
has been reactivated this year largely because of 
the efforts of vice-president Bob Hutten. 

The SCA took charge of all homecoming ac- 
tivities including the Coronation Ball following 
the homecoming game. Several committees were 
established to handle the various phases of home- 
coming — the parade, the SCA float, and the coro- 
nation. The SCA also held a Folk Festival on Jan- 
uary 29 to raise money to help pay for the ex- 
penses of the foreign exchange student, the pri- 
mary project of each year. 

SCA representatives listen to a proposed motion. 

The Honor Council is composed of 
three seniors, two juniors, and two 
sophomores. These members of the 
court ore carefully investigated and 
selected by the faculty. 

These judges examine all cases in 
violation of the Honor Code, a self- 
imposed honor system. Trials are 
heard after school at a specified time. 
Accused offenders may bring witnes- 
ses and character references. The 
judges determine the guilt or inno- 
cence of the accused. Their decision 
is based on a majority vote by secret 
ballot. The judges also recommend 
punishment to the assistant principal. 

The purpose of this Honor Council 
is to instill in the students of Prin- 
cess Anne the responsibility and ne- 
cessity of honesty and integrity. By 
allowing students to report and con- 
vict themselves, the administration 
and faculty encourages conscientious 
and mature future citizens. 

The Honor Council, organized by the Student Cooperative Association, includes 
(left to right) judges Keith Barton, Nancy Shea, Rhonda ftoddert. Bill Ashley, Frances 
Pollock, and Martha Davis, Chief Justice. 

Representatives to the ICC listen as chairman Bob Hutten outlines the organization's 
goals for the month. 

The Inter-Club Council is one of 
the most important organizational 
activities at Princess Anne. The Coun- 
cil coordinates and regulates the acti- 
vities of the many clubs sponsored by 
the school. Each club has a represen- 
tative, usually the vice-president, in 
the council. At the council meetings 
these representatives discuss the 
standards required for the clubs. 
They also set up special projects in 
which a I I clubs must participate. 
These projects include assigning each 
club a bulletin board to keep attrac- 
tively decorated. 

Every month the ICC selects two 
clubs to serve as Club of the Month. 
One club is a service club, and one 
club is an interest group. This award 
is based on a point system. Each club 
receives a certain number of points 
according to its participation in the 
ICC and the activities in which it 
undertakes that month. 



One of the more distinguished orgonizotions at 
Princess Anne is the National Honor Society. How- 
ever, the Honor Society is not simply an organiza- 
tion to honor superior students. Its purpose is to 
create enthusiasm for scholarship, to create a de- 
sire to render service, to promote leadership, and 
to develop character in the students of Princess 

Only seniors ore eligible to be members of the 
Honor Society. The majority of the members are 
chosen in the spring of their junior year. However, 
any students who wish to join in their senior year 
are screened and if eligible, inducted in an im- 
pressive tapping ceremony in November. The old 
members don cops and gowns and, before the en- 
tire senior class, tap those persons who have ap- 
plied and are eligible to be members. The require- 
ments oil the members must meet are quite rigid. 
Scholarship, leadership, and service are but a few 
of the facets of a student's personality that are 
considered. The members must have a B overage 
with no grade lower than a C and a minimum of 
seventy points. The distribution of these points is 
as such: scholarship — thirty points for a B overage 
and forty points for on A overage; leadership — o 
minimum of ten points; activities — at least ten 
points for participation in school activities; and 
character — twenty points. 

The main goal of the Notional Honor Society 
this year has been the presentation of two five 
hundred dollar scholarships to deserving members. 
Consequently, the group has sponsored many acti- 
vities to raise the necessary funds. The first dance 
of the year, after the Norview football gome, was 
one of the Honor Society's projects. In March they 
held the annual Junior-Senior basketball game and 
a dance oftwords. The members also sold Princess 
Ann sweatshirts to help raise funds. 

Members listen as details for a new project are jutlined. 


Desta Burke 

Rod discusses plans for the Junior-Senior Basketball 

Keith Barton 
Jim Bradshaw 
Linda Daniel 
Bruce Davis 
Martha Davis 

Jone Gautier 
Nancy Greer 
Lynn Griffin 
Randy Henderson 
Linda Hudson 

Jean Kelley 
Barbara King 
Richard Knack 
Constance Lamping 
Lana Lubimov 

Susan Macon 
Cherry Macomber 
Susan Malmfeldt 
Vince Martin 
Cynthia McPherson 

John Montgomery 
Susan Moore 
Pom Nuckols 
Mary Jane Ontjes 
Karen Parker 

Lou Paulson 
Frances Pollock 
Katharine Preddy 
Michele Schmidt 
Linda Sparks 

1 965 PEERAGE 

Susan Macon, Editor-in-Chief 

The PEERAGE, Princess Anne's year- 
book, is published annually by the students 
of the school. Besides providing students 
with the photographs of the members of 
the various classes, the yearbook is a re- 
cord of all activities, athletic, scholastic, 
and social, that occur during the school 
year. The PEERAGE is intended to bring 
the student pleasant memories each time 
he reads through it. 

The editorial staff is comprised of 
seniors chosen because of their ability in 
English, their creative imaginations, and 
their qualities of leadership. These stu- 
dents work long and hard to put together 
a book designed to please all their fellow 
students. The business staff, headed by 
the business manager, sells ads and sub- 
scriptions. The editor-in-chief coordinates 
the work of all the members of the staff 
and lays the basic foundation for the year- 
book. The layout editor and the photo- 
graphy editors ore in charge of arranging 
the pages in the most attractive way pos- 
sible. The articles appearing in the book 
are written by the copy editor. All sports 
pages ore under the direction of the two 
sports editors. The features editor covers 
all activities connected with the school. 
All these people work for one common 
goal — the production of the 1965 PEER- 

Dolly Mayo and L a n a Lubimov, Co-Photography 

Nancy Greer, Copy Editor; Nancy Pate, Features Editor; 
and Lynda Whitlow, Loyout Editor 



Mike Garriott, Co-Sports Editor 

Lou Paulson, Co-Sports Editor 

Frances Pollock, Business Manager 
Joe Filipowski, Photographer 


PAGE Staff Editors and Miss Pav- 
lides busily at worl< in the journa- 
lism office, (left to right) Miss Pav- 
I i d e s, Sponsor; Barbara Galindo, 
News Editor; Vince Knick, Co-Editor 
and Layout Editor; Pom Ennis, Editor- 
in-Chief; Anne Beazley, Sports Editor 
and former Editor-in-Chief; and Len- 
nie Punsalon, Business Manager and 
Features Editor. 


Three of the PAGE'S astute reporters plan a story, 
and former Features Editor; Bill Payne, Reporter and 
Sports Editor. 

Some of the PAGE Staff at work, (left to right) Nell Fr 
Nagy, Exchange Editor; and Clifton Flowers, Reporter. 

it. Cartoonist; Marilyn 

Twice a month the newspaper staff dis- 
tributes the school paper, the Princess Anne 
PAGE. This newspaper provides news of past, 
present, and future events which concern 
Princess Anne High School. The PAGE in- 
cludes information of club activities, sports 
events, scholastic achievements, and anything 
else concerning PA students and faculty. The 
PAGE also provides space for classified ad- 
vertisements and club ads. In addition, the 
newspaper has special holiday features such 
as "My Valentine", "Dear Santa," and the 
Princess Anne "Prank." 

The newspaper editorial staff consists of 
students taking Journalism II under the super- 
vision of Miss Florence Povlides. However, 
without the assistance of such people as the 
draftsmen, artists, photographers, salesmen, 
and printers, the Princess Anne PAGE surely 
could not exist. Twice a year, the editorial 
staff is changed in order to give more people 
the opportunity to display their journalistic 
talents. This rotation enables the PAGE to 
achieve more variety and broaden its editorial 

PAGE Staff read a new edition as it comes oft the press. Mr. Tetterton, 
at left, is the manager of the print shop. 


ft to right) Shirley Bowden, Reporter 
mer News Editor; and Stu McAusian, 

Members of the FOLIO Staff prepare their publication for distribution, (left to right) Lennie 
Punsalan; Anne Beazley, and Vince Knick. 


The band forms the traditional PA with the drill team at one of the season's football games. 

The band at one of its 

Gathered around Mr. George L. Bailey, band director, are (left to right) David Boyd, Drum 
Major; Anita Simpson, Head Majorette; Sharon Stone, Co-Captain; Bobby Childers, Captain; 
and Victoria Williams, Secretary-Treasurer. 


The Princess Anne High School band, one of the 
finest in the state, was chosen for the great honor of 
attending the Festival of States in Florida representing 
the Commonwealth of Virginia. This is but one of the 
many honors awarded to the band, which is under the 
adept direction of Mr. George L. Bailey. 

The band is built around a course offered all students. 
The main objectives of this group are to teach music in 
its cultural and social aspects, to develop the students 
appreciation for music as well as his skill, to encourage 
the use of music as o means of relaxation, to develop 
the students understanding of other peoples through 
their music, and to guide gifted students into a fuller 
realization of their potential. 

The band is one of the important factors at football 
games, providing entertainment at pre-game and at half- 
time. They also participate in the Virginia All-Regional 
Bands, state festivals, and various parades, such as Nor- 
folk's Oyster Bowl Parade. The many trophies on display 
in the band room attest to the excellence of the organiza- 

Among the various social activities ore the band's 
annual Christmas Party and the Spring Banquet and 
Party. They also entertain the school at various concerts 
held throughout the year. 

Roster of Members 

P. Archibald 
K. Ascher 
R. Benson 
D. Boyd 

D. Boyd 

B. Bronum 
M. Carpenter 

C. Carr 
M. Corr 

B. Childers 
W. Christiansen 
R. Cooley 
R. Cowan 

B. Crowther 
S. Culwell 
P. Davis 

C. Garrison 
L. Gotlin 

P. Goodwin 
S. Grimsley 
P. Grochmal 
T. Harty 
J. Helton 
S. Hinkle 
N. Holt 

E. Hoover 

D. Hunter 
S. Hunter 
R. Jeffries 

D. Jenson 
K. Kelly 
J. Kona 

E. Lassiter 
B. Leeson 
L. Li I ley 

S. Mikeal 
R. Miles 
J. Miller 
P. Miller 
J. Milligan 
R. Montez 
J. Moore 
R. Munden 
P. Nikios 
K. Noblett 
M, Patterson 
H. Pearce 
J. Pederson 
B. Phillips 













































































Color Guard 






. Borden 



fine concerts. 


PA's majorettes pose with their leader. 


Sharon Hinkle 

The Princess Anne High School Majorettes 
ore directed by Mr. George L. Bailey. To be eli- 
gible as a majorette, girls must hove had training 
in baton twirling. They must also be able to play 
on instrument in the band so that hey may par- 
ticipate in indoor concerts. The majorettes have 
put in long hours after school practicing for foot- 
ball games and parades. The Majorettes have 
won many awards. 

This year all the members with the exception 
of the Head Majorette are new to the corps. 

Sherry Grimsiey 

Lucy Gatlin 



The Cavolettes at work. 


"To the rear, march!" This familiar cry and 
many others like it ring when the Cavolettes 
march. Under the leadership of Gwen Von Pelt 
and Rhono Doucette, the Drill Team has be- 
come one of the most efficient drill units in 
the state of Virginia. Mr. Earl Stanley, faculty 
sponsor and advisor, has taught the girls many 
new and excellent routines. 

The Cavolettes have increased their march- 
ing schedule by marching at a William and 
Mary football game and at the Oyster Bowl 
Parade. Their excellence in close-order drill 
has earned them statewide recognition. 

Squad leaders and officers are (standing) Norman Felton, 
Betty Harvey, and Joyce Banta. (Kneeling) Carol Lamar, 
Susan Macon ,and Kathy Stancil. 

Rhona Doucette, Co-Captain; Gwen Van Pelt, 
Captain; and Mascot . 

Team Roster 

N. Austin 
J. Banta. . 

A. Barlow 
K. Bass 
D. Board 

R. Boettcher 
M. Brewton 
L. Burden 

D. Byrd 
L, Carter 

C. Crawford 
S. Cutriell 

E. Davis 

H. Dearden 
R, Doucette 
N. Felton 
J. Hanks 

B. Harvey 
R. Hayden 
T. Holcomb 

S. Holtzhauser 
P. Karn 

B. King 

C. Lamar 
N. Law 
R. Lugo 

C. Macon 
S. Macon 

D. Marino 

C. McClenny 
J. McHargue 
J. McKee 

D. Miller 

B, O'Rourke 
K. Overstreet 
A. Owens 

P. Patterson 
D. Perry 
P. Perry 

C. Powell 

C. Powers 
L. Powers 
M. Price 

8. Robinson 

D. Robinson 
S. Slagle 

K. Stancil 
G. Van Pelt 

E. Wheeley 
K. Wheeley 
D. Young 



The Key Club is a service organization 
affiliated with the Kiwanis Club. They 
serve the school and the community by de- 
veloping individual initiative, providing ex- 
perience in living and working together, 
and preparing its members for useful lives 
as citizens. Among the many projects 
sponsored by the Key Club have been the 
distribution of student directories, sponsor- 
ing of a dance after the Wilson football 
gome, as well as the participation in an 
annual project with the Kiwanis Club. The 
membership requirements ore maintaining 
a C average, being at least a sophomore, 
and being of good character. 

Each year, the Key Club awards one of 
its senior members with a scholarship at- 
tained from the funds collected over the 
year. Each year in March most of the 
members attend the Key Club National 
Convention in Washington. This enables 
the members to compare notes with the de- 
legates from the members of the other 
Key Clubs in the country. 

Key Club officers are (left to right) Mike Garriott, Vice-President; David Grochmai, 
I.C.C. Representative; Tommy Coates, Chaplain; Ray Thomas, Junior Board Mem- 
ber; Henry Yancey, Secretary; Rick Dunnington, Treasurer; Paul Grochmai, Sopho- 
more Board Member; and Keith Barton, President. 

Some of the illustrious members of the Key Club. 

David Ahles 
Keith Barton 
Bruce Brinkley 
Chuck Brinkley 
Larry Brinkley 
Bob Buchanan 
Tommy Coates 
Jim Downing 
Rick Dunnington 
Lee Durham 
Jeff Edelman 

Roster of Members 

Dennis Felton 
Joe Filipowski 
Tim Finchem 
Mike Garriott 
David Grochmai 
Paul Grochmai 
Chuck Gwaltney 
Greg Hall 
Bob Hutten 
Lew James 
Bob Lee 

Gary McMahan 
Bill Montez 
Robert Owens 
John Parker 
Lou Paulson 
Pat Rowe 
Steve Rowe 
Maurice Stocks 
Ray Thomas 
Rick Wolf 
Henry Yancey 

More of the awesome members. 

Hey! What's in this bottle anyway? 

Keyette officers relax on the trampoline: (left to right) Karen 
Parker, Vice-President; Frances Pollock, President; Ann Yancey, 
Junior Board Representative; Bobbi King, Treasurer; Michele 

Schmidt, Secretary; Lynda Whitlow, Chaplain; and Linda Hud- 
son, Reporter. 


Roster of Members 

The Keyette Club of Princess Anne, under the sponsorship 
of Mrs. Doris French, strives to develop individual initiative 
and leadership, to serve the school and community, and to 
prepare its members for useful lives as citizens. The motto 
of the club is "We Serve," and PA's Keyettes hove served the 
school in many ways. They operate a used paperback book- 
store in the foyer of the auditorium, serve as usherettes for 
various activities at the school, and sponsor a dance after one 
of the basketball games. The major project this year has been 
contributing to the Peace and Poverty Corps, for which the 
club collected money for the building of a school. Each year 
the club sponsors the Miss Princess Anne Pageant, the pro- 
ceeds of which go to the scholarship fund which is awarded 
to one of the deserving seniors. Socially, the club participates 
with the Key Club for many events throughout the year. 

Club members take a moment out to discuss one of the many projects. 

Angle Barlow 
Gloria Brinkley 
Kathy Davis 
Martha Davis 
Linda Hendrickson 
Linda Hudson 
Jean Kelley 
Bobbi King 
Lana Lubimov 
Peggy Mannen 
Kathy Manning 
Dolly Mayo 
Nancy O'Brien 
Ruth Ann Oliver 
Mary Jane Ontjes 

Keren Parker 
Nancy Pate 
Frances Pollock 
Lynn Prangley 
Kathy Preddy 
Jan Richter 
Michele Schmidt 
Nancy Shea 
Rhonda Stoddert 
Bobbi Vail 
Jenny Vann 
Lynda Whitlow 
Sally Wilson 
Carolyn Woodduff 
Ann Yancey 

President Frances Pollock ponders a problem. 


Officers of the Junior Civitan Club are Becky Spargos, Chaplain; John Day, Treas- 
urer; Linda Mays, President; Rodney Pennington, Vice-President; and Goldie Lang, 

The Junior Civitan Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Thomas 
Snodgrass, encourages good citizenship through service to the 
community and the school. Members ore admitted by invitation. 
The club works in conjunction with the Civitan Clubs of America. 

Among the many projects undertaken by the club this year 
have been the sale of Claxton Fruit Cakes at ChristmjOS, the an- 
nual Halloween candy sale, and the co-operation with the Dis- 
abled American Veterans in the sale of "Forget-Me-Nots." The 
members have contributed time and energies to the Children's 
Hospitals. The club has held get-acquainted parties for the mem- 
bers and a beach party at the end of the school year. 

Roster of 


Bill Ashley 

Rosemary Lugo 

Judy Barber 

Nancy Martin 

Ronnie Bell 

Vickie McKinney 

Irving Bush 

Marilyn Morris 

Juanita Coley 

Darlene Porrish 

Ray Cooley 

Raima Porro 

Acrecia Crump 

Jim Puryear 

Susan Cuthriell 

Linda Satterfield 

John Day 

Donna Sauders 

Nell Fruit 

Cliff Simms 

Nancy Greer 

Mike Stamm 

Darrel King 

Bob Sulcer 

Diane Kohler 

Judy Whitehead 

George Kona 

Sandra Wilson 

Sandy Long 

Sheila Wilson 

Wilda Lucy 

Bob Wood 

Linda listens as members discuss new project. 

Linda tells members of an up-coming project. 

Roster of Members 

David Ahles 
Chuck Brinkley 
Lumpy Clark 
Tazwell Cox 
John Craig 
Dee Grigger 
Dave Daniels 
John Day 
Bobby Dunnington 
Don Fisher 
Dave Foreman 
Mike Franks 
Mike Garriott 
John Greene 
Wayne Harrison 
Roy Hooks 
Stan Hooper 
Dove Hutchinson 
Glynn Jones 
Tom Jones 
Bruce Keith 
Willie Kibler 
Darrel King 
George Kona 

Byrd Lassiter 
Bob Lee 
Bob Libbin 
Gary McMahan 
John McNulty 
Bill Meade 
Gene Medley 
Bill Montez 
Paul Odom 
Lou Paulson 
Don Peccia 
Robert Rooks 
Steve Sawyer 
Bill Skaggs 
Irving Sparrow 
Lindsey Suggs 
Jeff Taylor 
Dennis Teazley 
Charlie Thompson 
Dave Turner 
Ed Vennik 
Don Wells 
Eddie Williams 

The "Leaders of the Pack" — Taze Cox, President; Mike Garriott, Vice- 
President; Gary McMahan, Secretary; Lou Paulson, ICC Representative; 
and Chuck Brinkley, Treasurer. 


The Varsity Club, under the leadership of 
its president, Taze Cox, is an organization 
open to all athletes at Princess Anne who 
have earned letters in their particular sports. 
All new members, or goats, are initiated at 
Hell Night, which culminates Geek Week. 
Geek Week and the Geek Week dance are 
two of the events students look forward to 
most (except the goats). It is during this week 
that the goats are put through their paces at 
the command of any of the Varsity Club 

The Varsity Club operates the concession 
stand in the gym foyer and, with the lucre- 
tive returns, buys the school new athletic 
equipment. They plan to furnish the school 
with photographs of many of PAs athletic 
teams to be displayed for the students. 

The austere, sophisticated officers of the infamous Varsity Club 
prepare to open another meeting. 

Members plan the schedule for Hell Night. 
The goats pray for snow on Hell Night. 


Princess Anne's fine choral department is 
one the entire school can be proud of. Under 
the direction of Mr. Clark Graves, the A 
Capella and Madrigals have become famous 
for their excellent music. To become a mem- 
ber of the A Capella Choir, students must 
audition for Mr. Graves. The Madrigals is an 
entirely voluntary group, carrying no credit 
for the students. 

Among the many honors achieved by the 
A Capella Choir is participation in the East- 
ern District All-State Chorus. Among the 
many concerts given are the Christmas con- 
cert in December, the Ruritan Minstrels in 
March, and the Spring concert in May. The 
A Capella Choir also provides the music for 
the graduating seniors in June. 

Sonja Alired 
Carolyn Annas 
Pam Ashley 
Cliff Backus 
Jan Benshop 
Rita Boone 
A! Bryont 
Kathy Carson 
Linda Carter 
Bill Casper 
John Craig 
Shoron Craig 
Kevin Cullen 
Martha Davis 
Mike Easier 
Maria Forehand 
Gary Forrest 
Pat Golden 
Lynn Griffin 

Members of A Capella 

Betty Harvey 
Gerry Helms 
Dee Hinds 
Eileen Jagneaux 
Vickl Johnson 
Sue Koblentz 
Le'Ellen Kubow 
Carol Lamar 
Ramona Lavee 
Ed Lewis 
Susan Littman 
Paul Long 
Tony Monnen 
Peggy Mannen 
Elaine McGee 
Jodie McHargue 
Gary McMahon 
Ellen Miller 
Sandy Mills 

Cindy Moore 
Tim Morgan 
Ronnie Morrison 
Jeff Neal 
Gary Pinion 
Susan Pittman 
Shirley Pratt 
Brenda Roberson 
Barbara Robinson 
Liz Robinson 
Fred Rogers 
Cindy Sanford 
Junior Scaper 
Linda Smith 
Richard Springle 
Toni Tedder 
Bonnie Watson 
Linda Whitehurst 
Margaret Wright 

Members of the Madrigals are (boys, left to right) Mike Easier, Gary 
Pinion, Ronnie Morrison, Tony Mannen, Paul Long, Richard Springle, Bill 
Casper, and Richard Jeffries. Girls are Carolyn Annas, Martha Davis, 
Linda Carter, Cathy Carson, Susan Pittman, Pam Ashley, Lynn Griffin, 
and Elaine McGee. 


Officers of the Spanish National Honor Society are (left to right) Sharon Kelly, 
Secretary-Treasurer; Nancy Shea, Vice-President; and Lynda Whitlow, President. 

President Lynda Whitlow and Sponsor Mr. Rod- 
riguez at one of the rare meetings of the SNHS. 

Members listen to plans for the Spanish dinner. 

The Spanish National Honor Society, un- 
der the leadership of Lynda Whitlow and the 
sponsorship of Mr. Oscar Rodriguez, is an 
honorary society recognizing students for ex- 
ceptional grades in Spanish. This organiza- 
tion holds no regular meetings except the 
annual banquet for the initiation of new 

Roster of Members 

Jay Alligood 
Linda Armstrong 
Angie Barlow 
Barbara Bell 
Linda Bohlander 
Joan Briers 
Chuck Brinkley 
Walter Brookhart 
Mary Bungard 
Cathy Cadden 
Linda Daniels 
Kathy Davis 
Donna Englett 
Chris Fallwell 
Noncy Greer 
Kathy Hass 
Robin Haynes 
Nancy Holt 
Michele Jones 
Jean Kelley 
Sharon Kelly 
Diane Kohler 
Susan Macon 

Kay Montgomery 
Dolores O'Dell 
Nancy Pate 
Phyllis Perry 
Frances Pollock 
Margaret Price 
Frank Pritchard 
Jim Puryeor 
Jan Richter 
Ken Rogers 
Arlene Rohr 
Donna Rouse 
Pat Rowe 
Donna Saunders 
Nancy Shea 
Lorrie Smith 
Linda Sporks 
Jo Wall 
Lynda Whitlow 
Sam Williams 
Vicki Williams 
Dottie Wilson 
Marie Zirpoli 



What goes up must come down — on the trampoline. 

Members listen intently to a proposed project. 

The Girls' Athletic Association, under the 
guidance of Mrs. Doris French, strives to 
create a more active interest in girls' sports 
through increased physical activity. The girls 
hold meetings every two weeks, and after- 
wards, they participate in such sports as vol- 
leyball, basketball, and other indoor activi- 

The club has undertaken many projects to 
increase their treasury. They sponsor the 
yearly powderpuff football game and the 
dance following the game. They participated 
in Homecoming with a float and an officers' 

Roster of Members 

Joanne Austin 
Donna Ayers 
Valerie Ayers 
Dottie Bridges 
Cricket Clark 
Sherry Culwell 
Yolanda Diaz 
Janet Harpold 
Joonie Harris 
Billie Hartley 
Christine Jameson 
Kathleen Kelly 
Diane Kohler 
Karel Laughton 

Sharon McGathey 
Carolyn McClenny 
Sharon McJunkin 
Sonja McMullen 
Peggy Mannen 
Milyn Miller 
Dottie Moore 
Julie Nichols 
Ann Owens 
Marijane Pacheco 
Cindy Page 
Flicki Robbins 
Betty Wilhelm 
Sheila Wilson 

With the tools of their trade are the officers (standing, left 
to right) Margaret Price, Vice-President; Billie Hartley, Treas- 
urer; Peggy Mannen, Secretary; and Flicki Robbins, Presi- 
dent, (kneeling) Mrs. French, Sponsor; and Betty Wilhelm, 

^/lr rrcnch finds time to relax at o G.A.A. Meeting. 


Roster of Members 

Jim Bradshaw 
Mary Cardillo 
Debbie Claris 
Teresa Fazio 
Mary Hitchings 
Paul Long 
Dolly Mayo 
Walter Marler 
Walter Marks 
Vince Martin 
John Maxwell 
Tom Maxwell 
Gary Pinion 
Jim Smith 
Robert Webb 
Lynda Whitlow 

Officers are (left to right) Robert Webb, President; Paul Long, Vice-President; and Mary 
Jane Ontjes, Secretary-Treasurer. 


The Ars Medico Club, newly formed ot Princess 
Ann lost year, has been striving to promote stu- 
dent interest in the field of medicine. Membership 
is open to any student sincerely interested in a 
medical profession and who would be willing to 
uphold the club's standards. 

Twice a month, the club invites a doctor from 
assorted medical fields to come and speak to the 

Members listen to one of the mony lectures 

members concerning his specific field. The club 
members plan to visit nearby colleges and hos- 
pitals to further accentuate their knowledge. They 
aid the Cancer Society by collecting funds and 
also show films for the membership. 

Dr. Dickson, who works in close conjunction with the 
club, speaks to the members. 




The Spanish Club, under the leadership of Mr- 
Frank Peele and the officers, has endeavored to inter- 
est students in Spanish culture and language. The only 
requirements to membership in this organization are 
for the student to have taken Spanish or be taking it. 
The members of the club plan to present some student 
with a scholarship after earning the money through 
various projects. 

Among the many planned projects undertaken by 
the Spanish Club members are donut sales, a pinanta 
party, Mexican dinners, a dance, and the adoption of 
an orphan. Through these projects, the students feel 
they can best promote good will and interest in Span- 
ish-speaking cultures. 

Sponsor — Mr. Frank Peele 

j w 

~\ 1 'Hi 

f ■■.■ ■• 

Spanish Club officers are (left to right) Essie Street, Secretary; Nancy 
Shea, Vice-President; Kathy Davis, Treasurer; and Linda Bohlander, 

A Spanish Club meeting in full swing. 

Roster of Members 

Sharon Banagan 
Linda Bohlander 
Bill Braybrook 
Skip Brekkley 
Ernest Davis 
Kathy Davis 
Mike Duvall 
Chris Fallwell 
Perry Hanneman 
Carolyn Harris 
Beth Holcomb 
Cheryl Hunt 
Sharon Kelly 
Audrey Klecky 
Bill Lindsey 
Cindy Mills 
Ricky Montez 
Theresa Neisler 
Jack Nordin 
Rose Oswald 
Nancy Shea 
Lorry Smith 
Essie Street 
Jeonine Wright 


Roster of Members 

Kristine Anderson 
Bill Ashley 
Jerald Banagan 
Linda Beard 
Jim Bradshaw 
Gary Braswell 
Charlotte Coppock 
Bruce Davis 
Jaynine Eaton 
Greg Evans 
Barbara Fisher 
Dennis Felton 
Gregg Hall 
Pat Hebert 
Frank Hightower 
Carol Hinzpeter 
Susan Holzhaeuser 
Linda Hudson 
Dave Hutchinson 
Christina Jamieson 

Jan Jordan 
Jean Kelley 
Pat Kibler 
Karel Laughton 
Linda Mays 
Sandra Miller 
Barbara O'Rourke 
Darlene Parrish 
Bill Payne 
Bruce Prout 
Lori Prytulak 
Lois Simmons 
Brenda Stakes 
Rhonda Stoddert 
Cathy Sykes 
Ray Thomas 
Pat White 
Karen Willis 
Jerry Wilson 
Carolyn Woodruff 

Officials in the French National Honor Society are Miss Skinner, Sponsor; Miss Loth, Spon- 
sor; Paul Nikias, Treasurer; Ray Thomas, President; Darlene Parrish, Secretary; and Linda 
Beard, Vice-President.' 

The French National Honor Society is on or- 
ganization dedicated to the furtherance of study 
of the French language and French customs. Ap- 
plicants must have taken at least one semester 
of French and hove maintained at least a B aver- 
age in that course. Students no longer taking 
French are admitted as honorary members. The 
objective of the society is to spark an interest in 
the study of France. 

The society honors a student every month as 
the outstanding member and French student. 
They also took a trip to Washington, an annual 
event in which they viewed a French play. The 
member socials this year have been a Mardi Gras 
celebraiton and th^ annual banquet and installa- 
tion of new officers. 

Candid shots of the members of the French National Honor Society at a meeting. 


The Advocati Latinae, or the Latin Club, 
under the supervision of Mrs. Kloepell and 
the leadership of Debbie Clark, has been in- 
strumental in interesting students in Latin 
culture. The club endeavors to study Roman 
life and compare ancient customs to customs 
practiced in modern America. All members 
must have taken Latin for two years and have 
maintained a B average in the course. 

Among the many social activities the club 
has undertaken have been parties, field trips, 
and various sales. The theme of the Latin 
Club's Homecoming float was "They came; 
We saw; We conquered." 

Officers are (left to right) Debbie Clark, President; Edith Davis, Historian; 
Sandy Dowdy, Treasurer; and Margie Banl<s, Secretary. Missing is Ray Boetch- 
er, Vice-President. 

Club members listen attentively to their President. 
Some of the many Latin scholars at P. A. 

President Debbie Clark discusses im- 
portant points of business with the club. 

Roster of Members 

David Alexander 
Margie Banks 
Ray Boetcher 
Mike Butler 
Debbie Clark 
Steve Counts 
Edith Davis 
Sandra Dowdy 
Peggy Gerloff 
Vicki Hendron 
Jeanie Knox 
John Maxwell 
Tom Maxwell 
Donna McKeel 
Brendo Spruill 


The National Thespians, under the 
direction of Miss Patricia McGarvey, 
has strived to promote popular stu- 
dent interest in the field of drama. 
The only membership requirement is 
to have ten activity points in the field 
of drama, as designated by the club's 

The club has been instrumental in 
the production of the senior play and 
other dramatic productions. They 
plan to enter the forensics one-act 
play festival and will award one of 
their fellow members as the "Best 
Thespian." Among the social activi- 
ties have been several parties for the 

Miss McGarvey, club sponsor. 

National Thespians include (left to right) Janet Jennings; Joan Webb, 
Vice-President; John Dale, President; Jennette Inge; Pat McMullen, 
Secretary; Diane Stevens, Treasurer; and Richard Springle. 

Roster of Members 

Carolyn Annas 
Suzanne Boyd 
Cricket Clark 
John Dale 
Jeanette Inge 
Jan Jennings 
Pat McMullen 
Bob Owens 

Mary Jo Parker 
David Puryear 
Ernie Rorrer 
Richard Springle 
Diane Stevens 
Brenda Suggs 
Jay Van Auken 
Joan Webb 

Plans for a party delight members. 

Members discuss current project. 


The Pep Club of Princess Anne has done 
much to encourage school spirit in the 
halls and on the playing fields. The re- 
quirements for membership are to be gen- 
uinely interested in promoting school 
spirit. The varsity and junior varsity cheer- 
leaders ore honorary members. 

Among the many projects undertaken 
to encourage pep hove been a dance after 
football game^ the sale of school spirit 
ribbons, the sole of binoculars to aid view- 
ers at gomes, bonfires, and the "Most En- 
couraging Smile" contest. The girls have 
also held pojomo parties for the entertain- 
ment of the members. 

Officers are (standing) Julie Wright, Chaplain; Bobbi Vail, Reporter; 
Chris Fallwell, Parliomentarian; Priscilla Johnson, Treasurer; Lorraine 
Bertinet, Secretary; Cindy Mills, Vice-President; and Joanne Smith, 
President, (kneeling) Donna York, and Margaret Wright, Historians. 

Roster of Members 

Lorraine Bertinet 
Jeanette Bright 
Melanie Conway 
Carol Ann Daniel 
Judy Ann DeShield 
Chris Fallwell 
Donna Gladden 
Ruth Hall 

Helen Rae Henderson 
Sherry Inge 
Pam Johnson 
Priscilla Johnson 
Marilyn Klucz 
Barbara Lyman 
Brenda Major 
Cathy Miller 
Cindy Mills 
Sandy Mills 
Karen Molodovitch 
Ruby Moore 
Julie Nichols 
Clarice Powers 
Janice Rooks 
Julie Rushing 
Martha Sheoley 
Bobbi Smith 
Joanne Smith 
Lorry Smith 
Joanne Spain 
Bobbi Veil 
Karen Willis 
Lindo Kay Wilson 
Sheryl Wizemon 
Julie Wright 
Margaret Wright 
Donna York 

Chaplain gives devotions. 
Club members listen to proposed project. 

Club members at a typical meeting. 

President Lana brings up a new point of business 


The Future Teachers of America is an organiza- 
tion of girls which endeavors to promote interest 
in the field of teaching. Under the guidance of Mr. 
Charles Atkinson, these girls help other students 
with scholastic problems, create leadership abili- 
ties in themselves, and help students to develop 
capabilities and interests. 

Among the activities undertaken by the club 
have been dances, selling Christmas candy, and 

attending various area colleges. The club sends 
delegates to state conferences, where Lana Lubi- 
mov and Linda Bohlonder were both efected to 
state offices. The FTA awards a scholarship to o 
deserving member at the end of the year. The 
theme of the float this year was "Seal Those Crab- 
bers," which won the third place award in the com- 

Officers are (left to right) Kathy Davis, Vice-President; Donna York, Secretary; 
Lana Lubimov, President; Linda Bohlonder, Treasurer; and Susan Pittman, Re- 

Roster of Members 

Sharon Banagan 
Kathryn Bass 
Linda Bateman 
Linda Beard 
Pot Bell 

Linda Bohlonder 
Katie Bradshaw 
Carol Brotherton 
Sherry Culwell 
Terry Cutchin 
Carol Daniel 
Kathy Davis 
Vicki Dorsette 
Ellen Dowdy 
Pom Ennis 
Joyce Fields 
Norma Felton 
Donna Gladden 
Pom Goff 
Theresa Holcomb 
Glenda Hunley 
Sheryl Jones 
Pat Kibler 
Korel Laughton 
Lana Lubimov 

Barbara Lyman 
Carol Marshall 
Nancy Martin 
Cynthia McPherson 
Susi Moore 
Dolores O'Dell 
Phyllis Perry 
Susan Pittman 
Debbie Pruden 
Pom Robinson 
Elona Roehl 
Julie Rushing 
Margaret Singleton 
Sheryl Smith 
Brendo Stakes 
Essie Street 
Janis Tate 
Christa Taylor 
Kit Warral 
Vicki Williams 
Sally Wilson 
Julie Wright 
Susan Wolff 
Donna York 



FBLA officers are (left to right) Martha Perry, Vice-President; Pam Joyner, 
Reporter; Linda Shorts, Parliamentarian; Kathy Brinkley, Historian; Sherron 
Painter, Chaplain; Penny Becknell, Secretary; and Nancy Austin, Treasurer. 
Seated is Carol Allen, President. 

Members discuss upcoming project. 

Another view of the Future Business Leaders. 

The aim of the Future Business Leaders of 
America is to introduce students to ths oppor- 
tunities, challenges, and rewards of a career in 
the fields of business. To qualify for member- 
ship in the FBLA, a student must be interested 
in a career in business and must be enrolled in 
at least one business course. 

The members attend three state conventions 
throughout the year. These are the Massanetta 
Springs Workshop, the Tidewater regional 
meeting, and the Virginia State convention. 
Among the other activities have been Dress 
Right Week, a senior tea, a Christmas basket 
for the needy, and a foyer decoration for the 
Deep Creek game. During the football games 
the members held shaker soles and at Home- 
coming they sponsored a float of which the 
theme was "Clobber The Crabbers." Each year 
the FBLA holds typing and shorthand contests 
for the students interested in either of the sub- 

Roster of Members 

Carol Allen 
Virginia Armstrong 
Nancy Austin 
Penny Becknell 
Kathy Brinkley 
Debbie Cecil 
Mildred Cleveland 
Suzanne Coleman 
Dolly Collins 
Karen Conley 
Susan Edmonds 
Nina Flora 
Nora Fulcher 
Renee Hayden 
Sue Ann Hewitt 
Wendy Hewitt 
Cheryl Houp 
Pam Joyner 
Margaret Kern 
Sandra Lewis 

Janice MacNamara 
Roberta Oatman 
Sherron Painter 
Sarah Parham 
Martha Perry 
Sue Schneiner 
Maria Shoemaker 
Linda Shorts 
Mary Shorts 
Sandra Stowell 
Paul Sutten 
Barbara Thomas 
Thelma Thompson 
Linda Wallace 
Jane White 
Carole Whitehurst 
Beth Wilson 
Dorothy Wilson 
Linda Wilson 
Carol Wright 

President Carol Allen conducts meeting. 


Officers ore (left to right) Linda Armstrong, Parliamentarian; Rosemary Baer, Vice- 
Pres.; Susan Siagle, Secretary; Linda Daniel, President; Linda Wood, Co-Historian; 
Bonnie Gurganus, Reporter; Benny Becknell, Treasurer; and Susanne Barker, Co- 

The Future Homemakers of America, 
under the sponsorship of Mrs. Sue Spencer, 
strives to promote an appreciation of the 
joys and satisfaction of homemaking. The 
members must be presently taking a course 
in home economics or have had one in a 
previous year. The club tries to emphasize 
the importance of homemaking and to fos- 
ter the development of leadership in home 
and community life. All social activities 
are slanted toward more wholesome indiv- 
idual and group recreation. 

Among the activities have been bake 
sales, food baskets, sewing kits, field trips, 
and several teas for the teachers of Prin- 
cess Anne. The girls also participate in the 
Martha Creighton Scholarship Awards, the 
Degree Awards Ceremony, and attend the 
District Spring Rally. They also serve the 
school by putting up bulletin boards and 
sponsoring FHA week. 

Socially the club has held a Daddy Date 
Night, several fashion shows, and a Moth- 
er-Daughter Tea. 

Sonja Allred 
Linda Armstrong 
Virginia Armstrong 
Rosemary Baer 
Susanne Barker 
Penny Becknell 
Becky Bourne 
Wanda Boyd 
Barbara Campbel 
Connie Carden 
Linda Daniel 
Mary Jo Emanuelo 
Debbie Frank 
Karen Gorman 

Roster of Members 

Linda Gossett 
Bonnie Gurganus 
Ruth Hall 
Jean Harris 
Nancy Harris 
Linda Henderson 
Linda Hensley 
Wendy Hewitt 
Pom Joyner 
Wanda Keener 
Julia Kemph 
Ruth Kight 
Terrie Lagua 

Lee Laughton 
Sandra Lynch 
Sandy Mills 
Milyn Miller 
Dorothy Moore 
Ruby Moore 
Marcia Pierce 
Sandy Seegers 
Susan Siagle 
Sharon Street 
Mary Taylor 
Susan Wolff 
Linda Wood 

Members discuss a new project. 



The Future Nurses Club of Princess Anne 
endeavors to interest the girls of the school 
in the field of nursing. All girls ore eligible 
to join if they ore sincere in their desire to 
enter the nursing profession. Because of 
limited membership, the girls of the club vote 
on new members. 

Among the activities sponsored by the Fu- 
ture Nurses hove been dances after athletic 
events, car washes, bake sales, and a car in 
the Homecoming Parade. The girls make 
field trips to local hospitals and invite speak- 
ers to talk to the club on nursing. The club 
members award a fellow member with a 
scholarship at the end of the year. 

The club's social events include the annual 
"Mother-Daughter" banquet, pajama parties, 
teas, and the End-of-the-Year party. 

Officers are (left to right) Sandy Long, Historian; Sally McClatchey, Parliamentarian; 
Anne Beazley, President; Ann Pledger, Treasurer; and Ellen McAuslan, Secretary. 

Secretary Ellen takes notes as Anne goes over a new project. 

Roster of Members 

Carolyn Adkins 
Paula Archibald 
Joyce Banta 
Mary Anne Beacham 
Jennifer Beam 
Anne Beazley 
Cheryl Bridges 
Mary Cardilla 
Kathy Carson 
Linda Carter 
Cricket Clark 
JoRhea Colonna 
Barbara Curtis 
Rhona Doucette 
Yvonne Dowdy 
Nell Fruit 
Bonnie Gurganus 
Jean Harris 
Judy Holland 
Janice Jolley 

Debbie Jones 
Sandy Long 
Ellen McAuslan 
Sally McClatchey 
Vicki Meyer 
Becky Modlin 
Mary Morris 
Sheila Mullenax 
Pom Nuckols 
Linda Paul 
Diane Perry 
Ann Pledger 
Linda Robare 
Carole Robinson 
Donna Rouse 
Dianne Rude 
Frances Salzburg 
Susan Slagle 
Brendo Suggs 
Janae White 

Club members listen attentively as 

new projects are discussed. 

DE Club officers pose with their sponsor, (left to right) Ann 
Ward, Parliamentarian; Lynda Williams, Secretary; John 
Joyce, Second Vice-President; Mr. Cherry, Sponsor; Betty 

Davis, President; Margie Brewton, Historian; and Margaret 
Irish, Treasurer. Not pictured is Joe Webb, First Vice-Presi- 


The Distributive Education Club of Princess 
Anne is on organization of all the students cur- 
rently enrolled in DE courses. The purposes of 
this club are numerous: to teach vocational op- 
portunities in the field of distribution and its sig- 
nificance in community life; to develop leaders 
who are capable of handling responsibilities in 
the field of distribution; to provide experience in 
working with other DE groups in joint sponsorship 
of projects; to give experience in participation in 
civic enterprises; to give the student respect for 
training and a desire to keep abreast of current 
developments through future training; and to 
help students to understand their employers and 

their employers' problems. By the realization of 
these objectives, the DE Club strives to create 
better citizens in the world of business. 

The members of the club have distinguished 
themselves in many ways. Patricia Barnes won 
second place as DE Student of the Year. John 
Joyce was elected as district president of the 
DECA, The members take part in the District 
State Leadership Conferences and sponsor Na- 
tional DECA Week at PA. The club has held an 
employer-employee banquet and a club break- 
fast. The theme of their Homecoming float was 
"Cage Those Crabbers." 

A candid shot of some of the members at one of the early morning 

Joanne Austin 
Jeanne Austin 
Patricia Barnes 
Linda Bateman 
Dennis Bohrer 
Gail Boone 
Margie Brewton 
Mary Carter 
Faye Clark 
Janice Critz 
Barry Cruthers 
Edward Davin 
Betty Davis 
Teresa Donati 
Julio Dorsey 
Bill Ehrhart 
Don Evans 
Pat Ewing 
Burl Fisher 
Jean Fitzgerald 
Bill Fentress 
Jack Getrige 
Laura Harris 
Bruce Harrison 

Roster of Members 

Bill Harvill 
Phil Hennessee 
Doris Hewirr 
Carol Horstman 
Margaret Irish 
Duane Jones 
John Joyce 
David Kern 
Nancy Kimball 
David Martinette 
Buddy Marson 
Annie Matney 
Marie Mazzei 
Jinny McBurney 
Joan McDaniel 
Joey McNomara 
Jeff Merwin 
Susan Midgett 
Allen Miller 
Richard Mitchell 
Linda Mizelle 
Phil Morris 
Steve Mullen 

Leroy Murphy 
Linda Nixon 
Donald Page 
Wanda Pendleton 
Sandra Plowucha 
K. W. Rawls 
Joe Riley 
Christa Risner 
Harry Rodes 
Brad Sawyer 
Clyde Sheeley 
Joe Smith 
Jack Stark 
Tommy Taft 
Eddy Tarkenton 
Jennie Vick 
Anne Word 
Joseph Webb 
Betty Whited 
Betty Wilhelm 
Lynda Williams 
Patricia Wood 
Judi Wright 

The Princess Anne Science Club, 
under the leadership of President 
Rodney Pennington and the sponsor- 
ship of Miss White, aims to promote 
creativity and interest in all fields of 
science. Membership prerequisites are 
high grades in mathematics and sci- 
ences, high scores on math index 
tests, and avid interests in science. 

The main project of the club this 
year has been a field trip to the Ed- 
gar Cayce Foundation for Research 
and Enlightment. 

Officers are (left to right) Rodney Pennington, President; Michele Schmidt, Secre- 
tary-Treasurer; Richard Dailey, Vice-President; and Randy Henderson. 



Desta Burke 
Jim Bradshaw 
Bill Casper 
Richard Dailey 
Bill Havu 
Gilbert Head 
Randy Henderson 
Sharon Kelly 

Mike Leavitt 
Tim Martin 
Vince Martin 
Rodney Pennington 
Edward Poulter 
Kathy Preddy 
Michele Schmidt 
Joanne Wilson 

Rod and Richard hold a business meeting. 

Members at a typical meeting. 
Science clubbers listen to Rod discuss club business. 








1 Abm 




i^^HP J^^H 






Chess Club officers get together for a quick game of chess (standing, left to right) 
Ernie Davis; Col. Punsalan, Sponsor; Richard Knack, (seated) Walter Hendron 
and Tommy Brown. 

The only prerequisite for member- 
ship in the Chess Club is the ability 
to ploy chess. Under the experienced 
guidance of Colonel Punsalan the 
members promote the gome of chess, 
sponsor intro-club activities and a 
chess team. 

Roster of 


Michael Arlaud 

Walter Hendron 

Bill Blade 

Timothy Jarrell 

Walter Broodhart 

Dick Knack 

Tommy Brown 

Bill Lindsay 

Ernest Davis 

Timothy Morgan 

Walter Gatewood 

Bernard Punsalan 

Gary Glenn 

James Taylor 

Two of the members become engrossed in a game. 

Tommy Brown ponders carefully his next move. 

Representatives to the Hi-Y, 
Tri-Hi-Y Council 

Sharon Austin, Athena Tri-Hi-Y 
Keith Barton, Cavalier Hi-Y 
Bobby Childers, Cavalier Hi-Y 
Kathy Craig, Theta Tri-Hi-Y 
Taz Cox, Sigma Phi Hi-Y 
Martha Davis, Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 
Linda Hudson, Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 
Flobert Johnson, Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 
Alice Williamson, Quo Vadis Tri-Hi 
Lynda Whitlow, Theta Tri-Hi-Y 
Ann Yancey, Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y 

Officers are (left to right) Keith Barton, Secretary; Flobert Johnson, Vice-Presi- 
dent; Bobby Childers, President; Ann Yancey, Chaplain; and Lynda Whitlow, 


The Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Council works in conjunc- 
tion with oil the Hi-Ys end Tri-Hi-Ys in order to 
better establish the goals set by the YMCA. Each 
club sends representatives to the meetings and all 
participate in the election of the officers. This 
group keeps all the other groups informed of the 

District Council's decisions as well as all business 
of the School Council. 

Annually the Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Council sponsors 
the Candy Cane Ball, which brings in the main 
profit. The correlation accomplished by this group 
of students helps to hold the various clubs to- 

Bobby Childers explains a new project 



Athena Tri-Hi-Y has execlled in its many serv- 
ice activities this year. The girls have made gifts 
for orphans, worked at the Kings' Daughters chil- 
dren hospitals, and visited homes of the aged and 
the very young. They attend church as a group as 
often as possible. 

The girls of Athena also participate in many 
money-making projects for the club's benefit. 
They have held a car wash and sold candles, to 
name but a few. The theme of Athena's homecom- 
ing float was "Net Those Crabbers." These girls 
also participate with the other Hi-Ys and Tri-Hi-Ys 
in the observation of Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y week. They 
attend the Model General Assembly as well as the 
state conferences. 

For social activities, the girls have held a 
Mother-Daughter Banquet, a tea for new mem- 
bers, and other parties for their enjoyment. 

Roster of Members 

Sandra Adams 
O'Bera Allen 
Sharon Allen 
Kristine Anderson 
Caroline Armstrong 
Sharon Austin 
Linda Bateman 
Margie Banks 
Penny Becknell 
Linda Begeman 
Cathy Cando 
Roxanne Caputo 
La Donne Conley 
Anna Franke 
Bonnie Gurganus 
Sharon Harrington 

Joanie Harris 
Doris Hewitt 
Sonja McKinney 
Donna Murphy 
Shirley Pratt 
Jacie Rakowski 
Annette Riccio 
Barbara Robinson 
Patsy Rushing 
Frances Salzberg 
Margaret Singleton 
Patricia Vann 
Jo Ruth Wall 
Barbara Wiggleton 
Frances Wilson 

Members sort out stamps for one of the many projects. 
A few of the girls of Athene listen to the discussion on o new project. 

Officers are (standing) Jo Rhea Colonna; O'Bera Allen, Chaplain, 
Catherine Cando, Treasurer; Sharon Austin, President, (kneeling) 
Patsy Rushing, Vice-President; and Annette Riccio, Secretary. 

Sharon explains the technicalities of a new service project. 


Roster of Members 

Linda Armstrong 
Joyce Banta 
Shirley Bowden 
Andy B ratten 
Linda Carter 
Jackie Cato 
Debbie Clark 
JoRae Coionna 
Holly Dearden 
Chris Fallwell 
Debbie Fox 
Barbara Galindo 
Pat Hebert 
Sharon Ingram 
Flobert Johnson 
Lynn Johnson 
Pam Johnson 
Priscilla Johnson 
Vicki Johnson 
MImi Koster 

Carol Marshall 
Agnes McCoy 
Jeanette McKee 
Nancy O'Brien 
Marsha Overby 
Nancy Pate 
Linda Paul 
Anne Pleger 
Jan Richter 
Nancy Shea 
JoAnne Smith 
Becky Spargos 
Carol Spruill 
Lora Wlan 
Linda Wallace 
Beverly Wells 
Carol Wells 
Carole Whitehurst 
Gina Wilson 

Officers are (left to right) Marsha Overby, and Debbie Clark, Chap- 
lains; Pam Johnson, Corresponding Secretary; Flobert Johnson, Presi- 
dent; Andy Bratten, Reporter; and Priscilla Johnson, Recording Secre- 
tary. Missing ore Joyce Banta, Treasurer; and Jan Richter, Vice 

Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, in accordance with the objec- 
tives set by the YMCA, seeks to create, maintain, 
and extend high ideals of Christian character 
throughout all aspects of home, school, and com- 
munity life. Among the various activities undertaken 
by the club have been the Legs Contest, an annual 
event; the Mr. Wonderful Contest; and a basketball 
dance. The club has also adopted an orphan from 
Korea under the foster parents plan. Among the serv- 
ice projects have been collecting for UNICEF and 
washing the school's many blackboards. The theme 
for Coronet's Homecoming float this year was "Stomp 
those Crabbers." For the enjoyment of the members 
there have been pajama parties and other social 

Members of the club listen to a proposed project. 

Mascots Gary McMohan and Paul Odon 
Flobert Johnson. 

talk with President 


Quo Vodis Tri-Hi-Y, under the leadership 
of Alice Williamson, has held many projects 
to help the school and community. In accord- 
ance with the rules of the ICC, Quo Vadis has 
displayed fine bulletin boards. They have 
washed blackboards for the benefit of the 
teachers. At Thanksgiving, the girls made 
turkeys to be put on hospital trays for Nor- 
folk General Hospital. They have contributed 
money to World Service and have provided 
magazines for old folks' homes. Among the 
money-making projects hove been doughnut 
sales and a rummage sale. The girls have at- 
tended church together and have held various 
member socials, such as the pajama party 
held in the spring. 

Quo Vadis officers ore (left to right) Bobbi King, Vice-President; Angle 
Borlow, Secretary; Rhonda Doucette, Parliamentarion; Ann Yancey, Treas- 
urer; Dona Byrd, Chaplain; Alice Williamson, President; and Audrey 
Klecky, Reporter. 

Roster of Members 

Sharon Bonagon 
Angle Barlow 
Dana Byrd 
Marie Coppock 
Wanda Crunk 
Rhona Doucette 
Linda Dukovich 
Norma Felton 

Pat Green 
Donna Hill 
Dee Hinds 
Janet Jennings 
Sharon Jones 
Bobbi King 
Audrey Klecky 
Barbara Kneece 

Barbara Leach 
Suson Littman 
Anne Owens 
Frances Pollock 
Marcia Pierce 
Claudia Sayles 
Tammy Sayles 

Anita Sexton 
Judy Wilmoth 
Brenda Word 
Alice Williomsor 
Anne Yancey 
Donna Young 

President Alice Williamson discusses up- 
coming pajama party. 

Members hold a meeting on the steps because the room was locked. 



Officers are left to right) Linda Hudson, President; Donna Sistrunk, Chaplain; 
Becky Bourne, Treasurer; Sharon Stone, Secretary; Betty Williams, Historian; 
Joan Webb, Reporter; and Janet Faulhaber, Vice-President. 

Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, in conjunction with the 
rules set by the YMCA, strives to promote 
good citizenship and higher moral character 
through service to the community. Applicants 
to the club must be of high moral character, 
willing to work for the club, and able to main- 
tain average grades. 

The Tri-Hi-Y is represented at the District 
Conference at Wilson High School and at the 
Model General Assembly. Among the service 
projects the club has undertaken this year 
have been the "Freedom From Hunger" Cam- 
paign, a Christmas party at an old folks' 
home, baskets of food at Thanksgiving and 
Christmas, and collections of books for a 
women's university in Japan. The girls ob- 
serve National Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Week and also 
YMCA week. An annual money-making pro- 
ject is the Favorite Teacher Contest in which 
students vote for their favorite teachers at a 
penny a vote. 

In May the girls held their annual ban- 
quet at which the officers for the 65-66 
school year were installed. 



Roster of Members 

Nancy Bean 
Kim Boone 
Becky Bourne 
Juanita Coley 
Vici Coven 
Karen Dull 
Jaynine Eaton 
Janet Faulhaber 
Vicki Faulhaber 
Joyce Fields 
Diane Geiger 
Linda Hudson 

Wilda Lucy 
Diane Perry 
Sonia Siegel 
Donna Sistrunk 
Diane Stevens 
Sharon Stone 
Essie Street 
Sharon Street 
Sharon Tatum 
Joan Webb 
Jane White 
Betty Williams 

The girls discuss club business. 

Members listen attentively as President Linda explains the techn; 
colities of a new project. 


Roster of Members 

Kathy Bass 
Barbara Bell 
Mary Bungard 
Kathy Craig 
Terri Cutchens 
Cathy Davis 
Jeanie Finchem 
Donna Gladden 
Betty Harvey 
Cathy Hass 
Linda Hendrickson 
Teresa Holcomb 
Connie Lamping 
Lana Lubimov 
Barbara Lyman 
Dolly Mayo 
Sheila Mullenax 
Julie Nichols 

Mary Jane Ontjes 
Karen Parker 
Cheryl Pierce 
Kathy Preddy 
Julie Rushing 
Sandra Savage 
Michele Schmidt 
Madeline Shinn 
Nancy Slocum 
Cathy Smith 
Cathy Sykes 
Janae White 
Lynda Whitlow 
Sally Wilson 
Margaret Wright 
Jane Wynne 
Janice Ziemer 

The girls of Theta have complied with the 
rules of the YMCA in many ways during the 
1964-1965 school year. They have supported 
a needy family with gifts of clothes and «ood. 
They have collected books for an overseas 
college and have aided the Multiple Scelero- 
sis Drive by collecting funds. Also they spon- 
sored cancer program to familiarize people 
with the disease. Occasionally, they attended 
church as a group. 

Theta officers are (standing, left to right) Sheila Mullenax, Historian; Cathy 
Hass, Treasurer; Kathryn Preddy, Chaplain; Dolly Mayo, Recording Secretary; 
Lynda Whitlow, Second Vice-President; Kathy Craig, President; and Sally 
Wilson, Parliamentarian; (seoted) Karen Parker, First Vice-President; Janae 
White, Corresponding Secretary; and Miss Dorothy Winslow, Club Sponsor. 

Among the social activities undertaken by 
the club have been pajama parties and teas 
for the old members during Christmas. The 
girls' Homecoming float, the theme of which 
was "Damage Those KewpieKrabs," won sec- 
ond place in the overall competition, and their 
foyer display won first place. 

Chaplain Kathryn Preddy gives the devotions. 

Theta's award-winning float. 


Officers are (left to right) Jean Kelley, Rec. Secretary; Kathy Manning, 
Treasurer; Martha Davis, President; Rhonda Stoddert, Chaplain; Anita 
Joseph, Vice-President; and Gail Ward, Corr.-Sec. 

Trinity's most important project of the year was 
on Easter party for the children of the Norfolk 
Day Nursery. Other service projects included giv- 
ing a Thanksgiving basket to a needy family, 
Christmas caroling at Norfolk General Hospital, 
donating money to the Kennedy Memorial Library 
Fund, sending clothes to the Goodwill Industries, 
and sponsoring a drive called "Books for Appala- 
chio" to help children in need of reading material. 

Less serious projects have included the annual 
Tug-of-Wor with Sigma Phi Hi-Y, decorating the 
foyer before a football game, and holding an in- 
formal coke and pajama party for the members 
and alumnae. Several members have attended the 
District Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Convention and the Model 
General Assembly. 

Some of the many girls of Trinity. 

President Martha discusses points of business with club members. 

Sonja Allred 
Carolyn Annas 
Anne Beazley 
Alex Benson 
Lorraine Bertinet 
Gloria Brinkley 
Yvette Carpenter 
Donna Carter 
Carolyn Davis 
Martha Davis 
Lydia Doxey 
Glenice Emmons 
Pat Green 
Grace Grier 

Roster of Members 

Robin Harrison 
Sheryl Jones 
Anita Joseph 
Jean Kelley 
Rae Konin 
Tana Lane 
Sue Malmfeldt 
Kathy Manning 
Beth Martin 
Susan McCully 
Diane Payne 
Bruce Phillips 
Susan Pittman 

Lynn Prangley 
Liz Robinson 
Janice Rooks 
Margaret Sawyer 
Marilyn Skelton 
Sheryl Smith 
Rhonda Stoddert 
Frances Thomason 
Jenny Vann 
Gale Variot 
Gail Ward 
Sharon Wood 
Julie Wright 
Donna York 

Trinity's attractive and a propo foyer display. 


The Alpha Y-Teens is an organization affiliated with 
the Young Women's Christian Association and is dedi- 
cated to the furtherance of Christian ideals in the school, 
home, and community. Any girls attending Princess 
Anne are eligible to be a member. 

A relatively new organization, the Y-Teens have un- 
dertaken many service projects. They have visited old 
folks' homes at Thanksgiving and Christmas and have 
prepared food baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving. 
The club also cooperates with groups from other Virginia 
Beach high schools in various projects for the betterance 
of the community. The annual Mid-Winter Ball and vari- 
ous picnics have been held by five different Y-Teens 
groups in the area. The PA Y-Teens have sponsored 
dances and held doughnut sales in order to raise money 
for their treasury. 

Officers are (left to right) Cindy Macon, Chaplain; Mary Smith, ICC Rep- 
resentative; Karen Molodovitch, Secretary; Susan Macon, President; Joanne 
Smith, Treasurer; and Clarice Powers, Sergeant-at-Arms. 

Kristine Anderson 
Mary Crocker 
Vicki Cunningham 
Ann Dillon 
Yvonne Dowdy 
Dianne Evans 
Anna Franke 
Faye Fraser 
Lou Fraser 
Lin Jarvis 
Janice Jordan 
Cindy Macon 

Roster of Members 

Susan Macon 
Jennette McKee 
Milyn Miller 
Nancy Miller 
Sherry Mobley 
Karen Molodovitch 
Julie Nichols 
Lynne Phipps 
Clarice Powers 
Shirley Pratt 
Brenda Roberson 
Gay Roberts 
Dianna Robinette 

Barbara Robinson 
Diane Robinson 
Mary Smith 
Paula Smith 
JoAnne Spain 
Brenda Stakes 
Sharon Treadwell 
Pat Vest 
Shirley Vinson 
Ellen Wheeley 
Shirley Workman 
Margaret Wright 

President Susan Macon discusses up-coming project 
with the club. 

Some of the many Y-Teens at a typical meeting. 


Cavalier Hi-Y, through various service 
and money-making projects, has become 
one of the most respected organizations in 
the school. The members must maintain a 
C average and be willing *■-> participate in 
the numerous projects undv -taken by the 

This year Cavalier placed first in the 
float competition in Homecoming. They 
were also named the third most outstand- 
ing service club at Princess Anne. Among 
the various activities, Cavalier has sold 
donuts, sent delegates to the Model Gener- 
al Assembly, and attended church. They 
have also co-sponsored a fashion show 
with Trinity Tri-Hi-Y. 

Officers are (Jeft to right) Linwood Respess, Corresponding Sec- 
retary; Keith Barton, Reporter; Robert Webb, Treasurer; Bobby 
Childers, President; Robert Rooks, Sergeant-at-orms; Steve Car- 
ver, Secretary; Tommy Taylor, Chaplain; Billy Davis, Vice- 
President; and Bill Hooks, I.C.C. Representative. 

David Puryear gives serious thought to the question at hand. 

Bill Ashley 
Bob Buchanan 
Keith Barton 
Bubba Banagan 
Terry Bulaski 
Eddie Burbage 
James Bunn 
Bill Brice 
Steve Carver 
Mac Carpenter 
William Clark 
Bobby Childers 
Dick Cooper 
Billy Davis 
Lee Durham 
Ronnie Eason 
Don Fisher 

Rosier of Members 

Cliff Flowers 
Chuck Gwaltney 
Charles Hebert 
Bruce Harrison 
Jeff Harrison 
Bill Hooks 
Tim Jordan 
Robert Kelk 
Jen Kiser 
Mike Martin 
Walter Marks 
Ron Morrison 
Bill Meade 
Roger Peacock 
David Puryear 
Sonny Prichard 

Bob Reed 
Henry Rodes 
Linwood Respess 
Robert Rooks 
Randy Smith 
Robbie Snowden 
Chuck Stratton 
Ken Sutton 
Richard Springle 
Junior Scarper 
Maurice Stocks 
Tommy Taylor 
Ken Thomas 
Robert Webb 
Ed Vennik 
David Ziembo 



Officers are Lindsey Suggs, Treasurer; Bob Lee, Secretary; Bruce Brinkley, 
Vice-President; and Taze Cox, President. 

Attentive Sigma Phi members at a typical meeting. 

Vice-President Bruce and President Taze announce plans 
for a new service project. 

Sigma Phi-Hi-Y has maintained high 
standards of fellowship through participation 
in school and community service projects. In 
March the members braved windy weather to 
hold their teachers' car wash. They emphasiz- 
ed the Christian aspect of the YMCA in at- 
tending church services with Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 
in February. Among other projects was a 
blood drive in the spring. 

Sigma Phi's unique homecoming entry, 
"The Littlest Show on Earth," was the sub- 
ject of many conversations following home- 
coming. Included in the Hi-Y's social plans 
each year is the annual beach party. 

Roster of Members 

Ronnie Bell 
Larry Blevins 
Gary Braswell 
Steve Brooks 
Darrell Coley 
Joel Clark 
Rick Dunnington 
Billy Fentress 
Gregg Hall 
Wayne Harrison 
Bill Havu 
David Henderson 

Glenn Jones 
John Jordon 
Gene Medley 
Sidney Moore 
Larry Robinson 
Steve Rowe 
Bill Skaggs 
Steve Sims 
Dick Snipes 
Dennis Teasley 
Ken Vance 

More of the members of Sigma Phi 








C. M. Tomko 

Athletic Director 


William Moosho 

Football Troiner 

Pete Sachon 

Head Football — Golf 

Lou Breedlove 

JV Football 

Woody Doly 

Ass't, Track 

Harold Revis 


Ken Stollings 

JV Basketball 


Dr. Jack Garrison 

Team Physician 


First row: C. Brinkley, J. Downing, R. Glisson, J. Day, A. Styron, D. 
Crigger, A. Kimball, L. Paulson, J. Craig, C. Stratton, W. Kibler. 
Second row: P. Sachon, J. Stein, S. Moore, L. Clark, K. Van Orden, T. 
Cox, D. Teasley, P. Odom, S. Sawyer, D Turner, D. Wells, J. Green. 

Third row: R. Wolfe, B. Williams, R. Reid, D. Hutchinson, C. Whitley, 
B. Whitbeck, J. Glennon, Ken Sutton, R. Smith, C. Thompson. Fourth 
row: J. Edelman, E. Grumbach, B. Shields, B. Buchanon, E. Vennick, 
J. Smith, T. Dunbar, G. Jones, B. Lassiter. 


Co-captains Crigger and Styron. 


PA 7 Great Bridge 

PA 18 Norview 

PA 28 Granby 

PA 16 Churchland 12 

PA 6 Hampton 6 

PA 13 Oscar Smith 36 

PA 13 Deep Creek 19 

PA 20 Cradock 13 

PA 7 Wilson 14 

PA 14 Cox 6 


Vennick boots extra point. 

Crigger hands off to Sochon. 

Smith swings wide for PA gain. 


Hey Coach, who we playin'? 

The 1964 varsity football team, much to the 
surprise of many, began the season as a strong con- 
tender for the Eastern District Football Trophy. The 
defenses, led by Paul Odom, John Craig, David 
Ahles, and many others, held Great Bridge, Nor- 
view and Granby scoreless in the first three games. 
Then, in the Churchland contest, both the offense 
and the defense shone in a tough 16-14 win. 

The first disappointment for the PA eleven came 
in the Homecoming game against Hampton. The 
hard-fought battle ended in a 6-6 draw. Apparently 
discouraged by the first blemish on their record, the 
team lost the next two contests to Oscar Smith and 
Deep Creek. But often defeats inspire wins, as 
was the case in the Cradock gome- This game, an al- 
most even match of offense and defense, produced 
one of the most controversial plays in Eastern Dis- 
trict history. A last minute tying touchdown by 
Cradock was called back, thus saving the game for 
Princess Anne. The final two games produced a loss 
to Wilson and a victory over newcomer Cox. 

Many new stars shone in the Princess Anne line- 
up. Quarterback Dee Crigger showed his excellent 
passing and running ability. Al Kimball and Lou 
Paulson, returning regulars from last season, as well 
as Pete Sachon and Jeff Smith showed their talents 
in the backfield. Ed Vennick, a newcomer to Prin- 
cess Anne, kicked many field goals and extra points 
to add to the score. Among the excellent ends were 
Willie Kibler and David Turner. Other fine perform- 
ances were made by such players as Jim Downing, 
Lumpy Clark, Chuck Brinkley, John Stein, Chuck 
Stratton, and many others. The school can well be 
proud of the superior job Coach Sachon and the 
assistant coaches have done with the 1964 team. 
They have provided the spectators with an exciting 
ten weeks of Group One football. 

Crigger rolls 

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a 

Tension shows in the sideline faces. 

And now, for our next number 


-* m^i 






(4 ,^\ 



Ed Vennik 
Robert Glisso 

n Dennis Teosley 

.... - ^^._. . — ^ _ 


Lumpy Clork 

_ ■ *^ • 

John D 

1 ' ^-^ 








» • - 

^ fl 




Kimball goes for PA touchdown. 

Paulson returns intercepted pass. 
Tension is high in the heated battles. 


Coach Breedlove and players anxiously await next play. 









. . . 14 



. . . 




Great Bridge 

Oscar Smith 


. . . 12 
. .. 
. .. 34 
. . . 6 




Junior Cavaliers fight for yardage. 

Teom Roster 

M. Beam 



A. Roosendoal 

E. Begley 



G. Ryal 

J. Bratten 



C. Shea 

G. Carroll 



J. Sisson 

W. Caudell 



L. Sisson 

J. Gay 



C. Smith 

H. Davis 



R. Smith 

M. Duvall 



D. Stanford 

G. French 



M. Waldroup 

B. Garrison 



M. Warford 

B. Godley 



S. Wilkins 

L. Holder 



J. Wilson 

Pass falls incomplete. 




"Yea red! Yea whitei Yea blue! Fight, 
fight!" This familiar cheer is but one of 
many heard at pep rallies, football, and bas- 
ketball games. The varsity cheerleaders, 
leaders of the school in spirit and pep, pro- 
mote enthusiasm among the students and 
Having only one girl returning from the 
previous year, the cheering squad has spent 
many hours practicing to rebuild the team. 
They encourage spirit by their cheers, signs, 
and pep rallies. They also participate in the 
sale of school spirit ribbons before the 

Requirements for a Cavalier cheerleader 
are average scholastic achievements, ability 
to cheer, willingness to work, personality, 
and pep. 

Varsity cheerleaders are (center) Co-Captains, Jan Richter and 
Agnes McCoy; mascot, Sharon Turner; (Bock rows, left to right) 

Pat Bell, Barbara Bell, Rhonda Stoddard, Lynn Prangley, Peggy 
Mannen, Sharon Jones, Karen Parker, and Anita Joseph. 

Senior cheerleaders demonstrate 

Agnes practices her high jump. 

Cheerleaders don football uniforms for a pep rally in the foyer. 


Varsity basketball players are (standing, left to right) R. Lundy, J. 
Lassiter, J. Parker, E. Vennick, D. DeFIr, D. Wells, J. McNulty, P. 

Ware, P. Odom, D. Crigger. (kneeling) B. Skaggs, M. Garriott, G. 
Rohr, S. Plevyak, G. McMahan, B. Dunnington, Coach Revis. 


Coach Revis and Co-Captains Mike Garriott and Pat Ware. 




65 Wilson 

41 Newport News 

55 Crodock 

54 Norview 

84 Kellom 

57 Maury 

69 Gronby 

50 Warwick 

52 Ferguson 

65 Virginia Beach 

56 Cox 

66 Norview 

76 Kellam 

76 Oscar Smith 

48 Maury 

82 Gronby 

76 Cox 

100 Virginia Beach 



76 Ferguson 

68 Great Bridge 


Princess Anne's basketball team, which fared better 
this year than expected, ended its season with a record of 
1 1 wins and 7 losses. In conference games, PA won 9 
games and lost 3, not including a win over Ferguson and 
a loss to Great Bridge in the tournament. Leading the 
play for PA were such good players as John McNulty, Don 
Wells, Mike Garriott, Gory McMohon, and many others. 

The season started off slowly with PA losing the first 
four gomes (luckily, only one was a conference contest). 
Then with a smashing 84-47 defeat over newcomer Kell- 
am, the Cavaliers began an upward trend. Although the 
team was defeated by Maury the next week, they went 
on to defeat Granby, Warwick, Norview, and Virginia 
Beach in subsequent weeks. Perhaps the hottest games in 
the schedule this year were the gomes with Cox. Great 
rivalry has sprung up between the two Virginia Beach 
schools, and this rivalry has induced an upsurge of spirit 
among the students at the gomes. After PA defeated Cox 
twice, the Cavaliers went on to defeat Smith, Norview, and 
Virginia Beach. The highest score to be mode in PA's his- 
tory was made at the Virginia Beach gome when the Caval- 
iers defeated the Seahawks by a rousing 100-35 score. The 
last two points scored for PA were mode by Gene Rohr 
with clutch foul-shots in the lost second of ploy. The 
tournament gomes culminated the season for the Caval- 
iers. For the first time all year, the PA team defeated Fer- 
guson in a tout 76-67 contest. The next night the Caval- 
iers bowed to Great Bridge after a hard-fought battle in 
which the Wildcats outscored PA by only 18 points. 

Princess Anne has been distinguished by many fine 
players and by fine teamwork. Dan Wells, the high scorer 
for the Cavaliers, was third highest in the district with a 
19.3 average per gome. He was also named to the All 
Eastern Second Team. The excellence of this basketball 
team is quite obvious when one considers that in the first 
few games, the boys had little or no experience playing 
together as a team. There were only three returning letter- 
men from 1964, and, of those, Mike Garriott was the only 
starter. The team deserves much credit for their hard 
work and effort. 

Mike Garriott 

ig John shoots as Granby looks on helplessly. 


Bobby Dunnington 

Ware runs out of room. 

Gory McMohon 

Stanley Plevyak 

Push that button and up he goes. 


Two more for Wells. 

Gene Rohr 

5..4..3..2..1. .BLASTOFF!! 
Wells scores another point for PA. 

Paul Odom 

John Porker 

Bill Skaggs 

Opening tap against Newport News. 

Don Wells 

John McNuity 

Tension shows in the faces of the players. 


a1 %. '^ ^ 

Members of the JV Basketball Squad are (standing, left to right) 

Coach Stallings, L, Marshall, D. Golas, B. Myers, C. Gaines, C. 
Miller, D. Stanford, A. Roosendaal, R. Ughetto, and P. Grochmol. 

(kneeling) R. Davis, L. Holder, J. Circeili, J. Ware, B. Link, 




53 Wilson 

39 Newport News 

59 Crodock 

47 Norview 

41 Kellcm 

43 Moury 

41 Grcnby 

50 Warwick 

49 Ferguson 

89 Virginia Beach 

41 Cox 

45 Norview 

55 Kellam 


60 Oscar Smith 30* 

45 Maury 63 

42 Granby 68 

53 Cox 45 

45 Virginia Beach 35 

*Home games 

Rusty goes in for a lay-up. 


One of PA's grapplers is caught in a headlock. 











































February 19-20 — 

February 26 - 




28 Wilson 18 

29 Kellam 14 

21 Ferguson 31 * 

13 Cradock 30 

27 York 24 

27 .... Oscar Smith 19" 

36 .... Kecoughtan 14 

17 Cox 24^ 

34 . . Virginia Beach 14 

10 .... Great Bridge 34' 

6 Maury 38* 

6 Granby 34 

23 .... Deep Creek 19 

8 Norview 40 

District Tournament 
- State Tournament 

Tension shows in the face of another PA matman. 

Maury and PA lightweights battle it out. 

Another victory for Taz Cox. 

Princess Anne's wrestling team has 
hod, for the most part, a successful 
season this year. Hindered by the loss 
of Taz Cox because of ineligibility, 
they had to rely on the resources of 
such others as Geoff Taylor and Lind- 
sey Suggs. Taylor took third place in 
the 154 pound weight class in Eastern 
District Competition and Suggs placed 
first in the 165 pound class. These 
boys and the rest of the team have 
earned the pride and admiration of 
the rest of the student body for their 
fine performances. 

PA's heavyweight wrestler is pined by the 95 pounder. 

Kiss me, you fool! 

Members of the Cross Country Track Team are (back row, row) Bill Montez, Jerry Wont, Larry Hightower, and David 

left to right) Bob Hutten, Stanley Hooper, Irving Sparrow, Grochmal. 
David Foreman, Virgil Wayne, and Linwood Respess. (front 



PA 35 Norview 20 ^^F^^^T^ 

PA 34 Churchland 32 ^K ? "* *1 

PA 20 Granby 42 ^^ 

PA 26 Maury 29 

PA 48 Great Bridge 15 


April 1 — Kellam May 1 — Tidewater Relay - .^ "C»^B^^.''* ^K'B'^^ ''a 

April 8 — Norview May 4 — Maury "" ^^^^ ^^ ^■r^^^ 

April 15 Granby May 8 — Eastern District 

April 17 — Tidewater Meet May 12 — Oscar Smith 
April 21 — Great Bridge May 14 — Qty Meet 

21 - 22 State Meet Co-captains of cross country are David Grochmal and 


Spring track team members are (bock row) Charlie Shea, V. Respess, and D. Foreman, (front row) J. Green, L. Hightower, 

Wayne, J. Craig, C. Brinkley, Dave Hershberger, Glen Jones, B. Montez, F. DeLaCruz, D. Rhodes, R. Rooks, S. Wilkins, 

S. Pritchard, E. Green, (middle row) B. Hutten, Fred Teagle, G. Edelman. 
P. Midgett, Willie Kibler, Tom Cali, B. Whitbeck, Linwood 



^ J ^ 


I ■'? 

i^ V^ 

*/. \ t 



March 30 Maury at Princess Anne 



Granby at Princess Anne 



Princess Anne at Great Bridge 



Princess Anne at Cox 



Norview at Princess Anne 



Kellam at Princess Anne 



Princess Anne at Virginia Beach 



Virginia Beach at Princess Anne 



PA at Kellam 

District Tournament — May 10-15 
State Tournament — May 21-22 

Gary McMahan and John McNulty discuss an upcoming match with Coach 
Horold Revis. 

McMahan meets opposition with his smashing backhand. 

McNulty stands poised for action. 


Coach Breedlove explains some fundamentals to (top row, left Hooper, and Mac Carpenter, (bottom row) Billy Skaggs, Charlie 

to right) Chuck Gwaltney, Roy Hooks, Mike Garriott, Stanley Phillips, and Lou Paulson. 


March 30 
April 2 




PA vs 
PA vs 
'PA vs 
'PA vs 
'PA vs 
PA vs 
PA vs 
'PA vs 
'PA vs 
PA vs 
PA vs 
'PA vs 
'PA vs 
PA vs 
PA vs 



Oscar Smith 













*Home games 

Returning lettermen 
Roy Hooks . . . 

Lou Paulson 

Some of PA's team at practice. 

and Mike Garriott. 




March 30 Norview-Hampton-Wilson-PA 




at Elizabeth Manor 

at Bow Creek 

April 6 Granby-Ferguson-PA 



Warwick-Wilson-PA-Va. Beach 

at Bow Creek 

at Bow Creek 

April 20 PA-Cox-Kellam-Virginia Beach 




at Cavalier 

at Hampton 

April 23 York-Churchland-Pa-Va. Beach 



District Meet 

at Bow Creek 



State Meet 

Frank Hudgins 

Gene Medley 


For many long hard hours the girls of 
the junior varsity cheering squad have 
practiced to make their cheers perfect. 
They practice their art at JV football 
games as well as JV basketball gomes. 
The girls also sell programs at the varsity 
football gomes, and they sometimes help 
the varsity cheerleaders arouse spirit and 
pep. This JV cheering experience is on 
important step for the girls who wish to 
become varsity cheerleaders. 

Under the able leadership of Marilyn 
Skelton and Diane Payne, the JVs hove 
shown the school a good example of spirit 
and have set the precedent for future 
cheerleaders. The feeling of school spirit 
aroused by these girls is essential to the 
spectators and most especially to the 
athletes themselves. 

JV cheerleaders are (left to right) Judy Wilkerson, Sheryl Smith, Carolyn Woodruff, 
and Nancy Slocum. (kneeling, left to right) Brendo Ward, Pat Green, Debbie Fox, 
and Sharon Harrington. 

Co-captains Marilyn Skelton 

and Diane Payne. 

ex'cel'lence, striving for p 

in those goals which they have formulated througl 

out their high school careers. As to their success, 
■:„5i; , the Seniors and Juniors hove cor 

Idefinite conclusions while the Sophoi 

Freshmen have just begun to recognize 

their ambitions. 

Most students hope to pass with reasoi 

grades; all wish to graduate. Many hope to further 

their education in college, trade school, 

or business school. Nevertheless, ii 

at these goals and others, all students, ii 

effect, are striving t 

objective — maturity. 
They strive for mental moturi 
The maturity which does not r 
grades earned by study and memorization; it i 
the power to reason, evoli 
definite conclusions. They strive for er 
maturity. The maturity 

of self-discipline, a sense of 

responsibility, and the acceptance of 

failure with a resolve to do better. At school 

these standards aoDear as the self-discipline ir 

studvina instead ot 

the sense of responsibility ii 
in assignments on time, and the acceptance 
of a failing grade without 


Students strive for sociol mnturitv 
They join clubs and organizatio. .- 
to meet and work with other students, 
these extracurricular m 

ally been stri 

objective — maturity. 






Senior class officers and Mrs. Barnes discuss project, (left to right) Desta Burke, Secretary; 
Hugh Mason, Treasurer; Mike Garriott, Vice-President; and Tim Finchem, President. 


The senior year climaxes the long, arduous 
transit from one's early formative years to the 
culmination of one's public education. Seniors 
must choose between several post-graduate ca- 
reers, such as higher education, employment, 
or military service. Success in any of these 
fields will rely to a great extent upon the 
knowledge and acquaintances gained in high 

The spirit of unity that exists in the senior 
class is illustrated in the various projects for 
the enrichment of the class ond the school. 
Candy sales and the Senior Play were held in 
order to produce funds for three scholarships 
and a gift to the school. Seniors also help sell 
the"talking yearbook", a recording of the 
year's activities. Thus the class has united in 
the pursuit of a common goal — that of ac- 
complishment and service to the school. 

The social atmosphere of the senior class 
has been that of closeness and flexibility- Var- 
ious social functions were held as relaxation 
from the tensions of school activity. The Sen- 
ior Prom climaxed the social year as a year of 
many memories. These happy memories will 
live long in the hearts of all the seniors. 

The Senior year is culminated by gradua- 
tion and baccalaureate ceremonies . . . These 
occasions mark the end of one phase and the 
metamorphosis into adult life. The Senior 
Class leaves as its legacy achievement and ex- 
cellence in leadership, scholastic, and athletic 
endeavors. The Class of '65 will long be re- 
membered for its record of class unity and 



Janet Adorns 

Carolyn Adkins 

Richord Alexonder 

Carol Allen 

Janet Adams — Young Republicans 4. 

Carolyn Adkins — Future Nurses 4. 

David Ahles — Varsity Football 3, 4; Vorsity 
Baseball 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4, Sargeant-at- 
arms 4; Key Club 3, 4; JV Football and Base- 
ball 2; Homeroom President 2, 4, Vice-Presi- 
dent 3, 

Norman Akens — Stage Crew 3, 4, Assistant 
Manager 4; Color Guard 3, 4, Sargeant 4; Band 
3; National Thespians 3, 4. 

Carol Ann Allen 

FBLA 3, 4, President 4. 

O'Bero Allen — Athene Tri-Hi-Y 4, Chaplain 
4; Y-Teens 3, 4, Chaplain 4. 

Sonjo Allred — PAGE Staff 3; PEERAGE Staff 
3; A Capella 3, 4; FTA 3; Trinity 4; FHA 4. 

Caroline Armstrong — National Thespians 2, 3, 4; 
Athena 3, 4; Junior Civitans 2, 3; Young Demo- 
crats 4; SCA Representative 3, Alternate 4; Lat- 
in Club 2. 

Virginia Armstrong 


Transfer; FHA 4; FBLA 



Leonard Adkins 

David Ahles 

Norman Akens 


Dot Allen 

O'Bero Allen 

Sonjo Allred 

Richard Andre 

Peggy Andrews 

John Argus 

Caroline Armstrong Virginia Armstrong 


Pom Ashley 

Sharon Austin 

Donna Ayers 

Keeley Backus 

Richard Bailey 

Patricia Baker 

Joyce Banta 

Danny Barber 

Sharon Barnes 

Keith Barton 

Janice Baskins 






ident 4 

Austin - 

; Hi-Y- 

— Athena 
Tri-Hi-Y C 

ouncil 4, 

3, 4, Pres- 
MGA 4. 


Ayers — 

GAA 4. 

Joyce Bonto — 

4; Coronet 3, 4 
Y-Teens 3. 

Drill Tec 

•n 2, 3, 4, Reporter 
4; Future Nurses 4; 

Angie Barlow — Drill Team 3, 4; Quo Vodis 
Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 4; Keyettes 4; Spanish 
National Honor Society 4; SCA Representative 4. 

Patricio Bornes — FTA 3; Junior Civitan 3; 
DECA 4, DE Student of the Year 4. 


aron Domes 

Chorus 4. 

Keith Barton — Key Club 3, 4, President 4, 
Cavalier Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Reporter 4 
Honor Court Judge 4; Notional Honor Society 4 
Ars Medico 3. 

Kothryn Boss - 

3; Drill Team 

- Theta Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Historian 
4; FTA 4; PEERAGE Staff 4. 

Ann Bearley — PAGE Staff 2, 3, 4, Co-Feature 
Editor 3, Editor-in-chief 4, Sports Editor 4; Trin- 
ity 2, 3, 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Future Nurses 
2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, President 4; Homeroom 
Secretary-Treasurer 3, 4. 

Paul Belonger — Camera Club 4, ICC Repre- 
sentative 4. 

Patricio Bell — Transfer from Pennsylvonia; Jun- 
ior Varsity Cheerleaders 3, Co-Captain 3; Varsity 
Cheerleaders 4; FTA 3, 4. 

Ronnie Bell — Junior Civitans 4; Sigma Phi 4; 
Manager Varsity Basketball 4, 

Kathy Boss 

Carolyn Bough 



Diane Beaube Anne Beazley Penny Becknell Paul Belanger Patricia Bell 


Ronnie Bell Penny Benedict Tommy Benjaminson Glenn Benoit Richard Benson 

A view of the foyer during lunch. 

Riva Berger William Blade Joy Blount 

David Boemig Katherine Bolten 


Shirley Bowden 

Wanda Boyd 

James Bradshow 

Aubrey Bradshow 


Gory Broswell 

Andreo Brotten Margie Brewton 

Shirley Bowden — PAGE Staff 3, 4, Editor 4; 
Quill and Scroll 4; Coronet 3, 4; SCA Repre- 
sentative 3, 4; Homeroom Vice-President 4; Pep 
Club 2, 3; Senior Class Steering Committee 4. 
Wanda Boyd — FHA 4. 

Jim Bradshow — Science Club 2, 3, 4; Ars 
Medico 3, 4; National Honor Society 4; French 
National Honor Society 4. 

Gory Braswell — Debate Club 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y 
4; French National Honor Society 3. 
Andy Brotten — Coronet TrI-Hi-Y 3, 4, Reporter 
4; SCA Representative 3, 4; Ars Medica 3; GAA 
3; Y-Teens 3. 

Morgie Brewton — Drill Team 2, 4; Ars Medica 
2; DECA 4, Historian 4. 

Bill Briee — Cavalier Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 
Team 2, 3; Varsity Club 2, 3. 
Jeonette Bright — Pep Club 3, 4. 
Chuck Brinkley — Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Treas- 
urer 4; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football 3, 
4; Varsity Track 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3; Spanish 
National Honor Society 4. 

Lorry Brock — Junior Civitans 3; Track 2; Cross 
Country 3. 

Tommy Brown — Chess Club 3, 4; Chess Team 
4; Treasurer 4; Homeroom Treasurer 4. 
Sandra Bruce — Transfer from Maury; Girls' 
Chorus 4. 

Al Bryant — Transfer from Norview. 
Desto Burke — Transfer student; National Honor 
Society 4, Secretary 4; Secretary of Senior Class; 
Science Club 4; Debate-Forensics Club 4, Secre- 
tary; Scholastic Team 3; Letter of Commenda- 
tion 4. 

Irving Bush — Young Republicans 4, President; 
Junior Civitans 3, 4; FBLA 3. 
Dono Byrd — Transfer from Maury; Quo Vadis 
3, 4, Chaplain 4; Drill Team 3, 4. 
Roger Butcher — Transfer student; Wrestling 
3, 4. 

Kothy Cadden — Spanish National Honor Society 
4; Spanish Club 3; Young Democrats 4; FHA 2, 3. 

Jeonnette Bright 


Bruce Brinkley Charles Brinkley Frank Brinkley 


Donnic Britton 

Lorry Brock 


Tommy Brown Sandra Bruce 

Present and future both raise problems. 

Al Bryant 

Marilyn Buggy Dwight Bullock 

Desta Burke 

Irvin Bush 

Roger Butcher 

Dana Byrd 

Kathy Codden 

Brenda Calhoun Sharon Call 

Tom Coli 

Cathy Cando 

Robin Carroll 



Charles Carrowoy Kathy Carson 

Linda Carter 

Wayne Casper 

William Casper 

Bobby Childers 

Martha Clark 

Charles Cobb 

Betty Cole 

Mary Carter 

Steve Carver 

Faye Clark 

James Clark 

Kathy Carson — Madrigals 3, 4; A Capelio 2, 

3, 4; FNA 4; Pep Club 2; Homeroom Vice- 
President 3. 

Linda Carter — Drill Team 3, 4; FNA 3, 4; 
Coronet 4; Madrigal Singers 4; A Capella 4, 
Accompanist; Homeroom Secretary 2, 3; Steer- 
ing Committee 2, 3. 
Mary Carter — FBLA 3; FNA 3; DE 4. 

Steven Carver — Cavalier Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 
4; Senior Play 4; Bond 2; Track 3; Homeroom 
President 3, Vice-President 4. 

William Casper — A Capella 3, 4; Madrigal 
Singers 4; Senior Play 4; Science Club 4; JV 
Football 2. 

Bobby Childers — Cavalier Hi-Y 2. 3, 4, Treas- 
urer 3, President 4; Hi-Y-Tri-Hi-Y Council 4, 
President 4; Ars Medico 3, Vice-President 3; 
Band 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; SCA Representative 2, 
4; Homeroom President 2; Boys' State 3. 

Lumpy Clark — Varsity Football 3, 4; Varsity 
Track 3, 4; Varsity Club 4; JV Wrestling 2; 
SCA Representative 3. 

Martha Clork — Future Nurses 4; National Thes- 
pians 4; GAA 4; Y-Teens 3; Senior Play 4; 
Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 4; Homeroom Pres- 
ident 2, 3. 

JoRheo Colonna 

4; Athena 3. 

Future Nurses 3, 4; Coronet 

JoRheo Colonna 

Thomas Conboy 



Karen Conley 

James Cooper 

Richard Cooper 

Angelo Costa 

Lynn Cowan 

Tare Cox 

John Craig 

Kathy Craig 

Sharon Craig 

Karen Conley — Transfer student; FBLA 4. 
Dick Cooper — Cavalier Hi-Y 3, 4; JV Foot- 
ball 2. 

Victoria Coven — Theta Tri-HI-Y 2; Scepter Tri- 
Hi-Y 4. 
Lynne Cowan — Drill Team 2, 3. 

Taze Cox — Sigma Phi Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice- 
President 3, President 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, 
President 4; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Varsity 
Wrestling 2, 3, 4, Eastern District Champion 3; 
Boys' State 3. 

John Craig — Varsity Football 3, 4; Track 2, 4; 
Varsity Club 3, 4; Varsity Wrestling 4; Home- 
room President 4; JV Football 2. 

Kotherine Croig — Theta Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Re- 
porter 2, Treasurer 3, President 4; Hi-Y Tri- 
Hi-Y Council 4; Homeroom President 4; SCA 
Alternate 4; Steering Committee 4; Spanish Club 

Sharon Craig — A Capello 2, 3, 4; FBLA 2. 
Daniel Creelman — Varsity Baseball 4; Home- 
room Vice-President 3; JV Baseball 2. 

Dee Crigger — Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Co- 
Captain 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; SCA Represent- 
ative 2. 

Pom Crawford Danny Creelman 

Dee Crigger 

David Crisell 

Bob Crowther 



Acrecia Crump Barry Crunk 

Seniors try on caps and gowns for graduation. 

Lorry Cushmon Terry Cutchin Richard Cuthriell 

Richard Dailey John Dole Linda Doniel Dove Daniels Leroy Daniels 

Bruce Davis Martha Davis Billy Davison John Doy Judith DeLozier 


Acrecio Crump — Junior Civitan 3, 4. 
Larry Cushman — Track Team 3; Cross Country 
3; JV Football 2. 

Terrie Cutchin — Transfer from Roanoke; Theto 
Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; FTA 4. 
Richard Cuthriell — DECA 3. 
Richard Dailey — Science Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres- 
ident 4; School Scholastic Team 3, 4, Tidewater 
Team 4; Talking Annual 4. 

Linda Daniel — FHA 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian- 
Historian 3, President 4; National Honor Society 
4, Spanish National Honor Society 4. 
Dave Daniels — Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Football 
Monager 2, 3, 4; Basketball Manager 2. 
Bruce Davis — National Honor Society 4; French 
National Honor Society 4. 

Martha Davis — Honor Court 3, 4, President 4; 
Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, President 4; Keyette Club 
2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, Senior Board Member 4; 
National Honor Society 4; A Capella 2, 3, 4, 
Vice-President 3, Secretary 4; Modrigal Singers 4; 
FNHS 2; SNHS 4; Pep Club 2, Historian; Junior 
Class Treasurer. 
Billy Davison — DECA 4. 

John Day — Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; Junior 
Civitan 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; 
SCA Representative 3, 4; JV Football 2; Home- 
room President 3. 
Judith DeLoiier — FTA 2. 
Joseph Desormeaux — DECA. 
Vici Dorsett — Young Democrats 4; FTA 4. 
Julia Dorsey — Drill Team 2, 3, 4. 
Rhona Doueette — Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Co- 
Captain 4; Quo Vadis 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 
4; FNA 4; Homeroom Treasurer 3, Vice-Presi- 
dent 4; Miss PA Pageant 4; SCA Representative 

Jimmy Downing — Varsity Football 3, 4; Key 
Club 4; JV Basketball 2; Homeroom Vice-Pres- 
ident 2. 

Linda Dukovich — Quo Vadis 2, 3, 4; Drill Team 
2; PEERAGE Staff 2. 
Ray Dunbar — Varsity Wrestling 2. 
Richard Dunnington — Key Club 2, 3, 4, Treas- 
urer 3, 4; Sigma Phi 4; JV Basketball, 
Robert Dunnington — Varsity Basketball 3, 4; 
Varsity Club 4; JV Basketball 2; Homeroom Vice- 
President 2. 


Joseph Desormeaux Teresa Donati 

Vicki Dorsett 

Julia Dorsey 

Rhono Doueette James Downing 

David Doxey 

Kathy Drew 

James Dugan 

Linda Dukovich 

Ray Dunbar 

Richard Dunnington 

Robert Dunnington 

Julius Edwards 


Patricia Edwards 

Richard Edwards William Ehrhart Glenice Emmons 

Donna Englett 

Pamela Ennis 

Patricia Ewing 

Dionna Evans 

Beeman Fallwell Yvonne Fancher 



Donald Evans 

Howard Evans 

Vicki Faulhaber 

Pat Edwards — Transfer. 

Glenice Emmons — Young Democrats 4; Trinity 
Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3; Keyettes 2; 
Homeroom Secretory-Treasurer 3. 

Donna Englett — Spanish Notional Honor Society 
2, 3, 4. 

Pamela Ennis — Transfer from Fremont, Cali- 
fornia; PAGE Staff 3, 4, Editor-in-chief 4; FTA 
4; Young Democrats 4, Secretary 4. 

Pat Ewing — DE Club 4; Future Teachers 3. 

Dianno Evans — Future Nurses 4; Y-Teens 4; 
Future Homemakers 2, 3; Pep Club 2. 

Yvonne Fancher — GAA 3; Pep Club 3. 
Vicki Faulhaber — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 4; Home- 
room Secretary-Treasurer 4. 

Thomas Fay — Transfer from New York. 
Douglas Fellows — Transfer student. 

Thomas Fay 

Douglas Fellows 



Billy Fentress 

Borry Ferrell 

Joseph Filipowski 

Tim Finchem 

Donald Fisher 

Jean Fitzgerald 

Clifion Flowers 

Maria Forehand 

Billy Fentress — Sigma Phi-Hi-Y 4; DECA 4; 
JV Football 2. 

Joe Filipowski — Key Club 4; Senior Class Steer- 
ing Committee 4; PAGE Staff 4; PEERAGE 
Staff 4. 

Tim Finchem — Key Club 4; SCA Representa- 
tive 4; Senior Class President 4; Debate Club 
3, 4, Vice-President 4; Young Democrats 4, Vice- 
President 4. 

Donald Fisher — Varsity Club 2, 3, 4; Tennis 
Team 2, 3, 4; Cavalier Hi-Y 3, 4; Swimming 
Team 2, 3; Homeroom President 4, Vice-Presi- 
dent 2; JV Football 2. 

Jeon Fitzgerald — DE Club 3, 4. 

Clifton Flowers — Cavalier Hi-Y 4; FOLIO 
Staff 3, 4; PAGE Staff 4. 

Maria Forehand — A Capella 4. 

David Foreman — Transfer from Cox; Track 3, 
4; Cross Country 4. 


David Foreman 

Mary Foy 

John Franke 

Mike Franks 


Karen Funderburk 

Charles Gobritsch Barbara Galindo Manuel Garcia 

Nell Fruit — PAGE Staff 4; Future Nurses 3, 4; 
Junior Civitan Club 4. 

Bobbi Galindo — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; 
PAGE Staff 2, 3, 4, News Editor 4; JV Cheer- 
leader 3; FTA 3; Homeroom Secretary 2, Vice- 
President 3. 

Mike Garriott — Key Club 2, 3, A, Sophomore 
Board Member 2, Chaplain 3, Vice-President 4; 
Varsity Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4; PEERAGE 
Staff 4, Sports Editor 4; JV Basketball 2, Co- 
Captain 2; Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Co-Coptain 4; 
JV Baseball 2; Varsity Baseball 3, 4; Vice-Presi- 
dent Senior Class; Boys' State 3; SCA Representa- 
tive 2, 3, 4; Spanish National Honor Society 
3, 4. 

RoseMorie Gautier — Transfer Student. 
Diane Geiger — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 4; Homeroom 
Secretary-Treasurer 3. 
Jack Getrige — DECA 4. 
Roger Gibbon — Transfer student. 
Charles Glisson — Varsity Football 2, 3, 4; 
Varsity Baseball 2, 3; JV Football 2. 
Mark Gomez — Transfer student. 
Larry Gray — Key Club 4; Junior Civitan 3; Lat- 
in Club 3. 

Nancy Greer — PEERAGE Staff 4, Copy Editor; 
Junior Civitan Club 4; National Honor Society 4; 
Spanish Notional Honor Society 3, 4. 
Lynn Griffin — Madrigals 4; National Honor 
Society 4; National Thespians 3; Y-Teens 3; GAA 

David Grochmal — Key Club 2, 3, 4, ICC Rep- 
resentative 4; Varsity Track 2, 3, 4; Cross Coun- 
try 2, 3; 4; SCA Representative 3, 4; JV Foot- 
ball 2. 

Bonnie Gurganus — Athena Tri-Hi-Y 4; FHA 4, 
Reporter 4; FNA 4; Girls' Chorus 4. 
Chuck Gwaltney — Cavalier Hi-Y 3, 4; Key 
Club 4; JV Baseball 2, 3; Varsity Baseball 4; 
Homeroom Treasurer 4. 

Donna Haddox — Homeroom President 3, Vice- 
President 2. 

Ruth Hall — FHA 3, 4; Pep Club 4. 
Judy Hanks — Drill Team 3, 4; Homeroom Sec- 
retary-Treasurer 2. 

Joan Harris — Athena Tri-Hi-Y 3, A, Historian 
4; GAA 3, 4; Pep Club 2; FBLA 3. 

Micheal Gorriott 

Elaine Garth Rosemarie Gautier 

Diane Geiger 

Harold Gerard 

John Getrige 

Roger Gibbon 

George Glenn 

Robert Glisson 

Patricio Golden 



Army coach Paul Dietzel awards Willie Kibler the Most Valuable Player 
of the Year award. 

Mark Gomez Harold Goodman 

Nancy Greer 

Donno Haddox 

Mory Grosser 

Larry Groy 

Patricia Green 


Lynn Griffin 

David Grochmal Bonnie Gurganus Chuck Gwaltney 

Judy Hanks 


Ken Harper 

Joan Horris 


Bruce Harrison Wayne Harrison 

Billie Hartley 

Berty Harvey 

Jock Haskell 

Cathy Hoss 

Bill Havu 

Mike Haxter 

Gilbert Head 

Eileen Hearsum 

Linda Hudson — Transfer from Texas; Scepter 
Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, President 4; Keyettes 3, 4, Re- 
porter 4; National Honor Society 4; French Na- 
tional Honor Society 3, 4; SCA Alternate 3, 4; 
Homeroom Vice-President 3, President 4. 

Randall Henderson Walter Hendron 

Princess Anne Gremlins 

Phil Hennessee 

Richard Hensley 



David Hershberger 

Sue Ann Hewitt 

Melinda Hildebrond 

Donna Hill 

Barbara Hodges 

James Holman 

Judy Holland 

Suzie Holland 

Nancy Holt 

Bruce Harrison — Cavalier Hi-Y 4; DECA 3, 4 
Woyne Harrison — Varsity Wrestling 3, 4; Vor- 
sity Club 3, 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y 4; Homeroom 
Vice-President 4, Secretary 3; JV Wrestling 2. 
Billie Hartley — GAA 3, 4, Treasurer 4. 
Betty Harvey — Drill Team 3, 4, Treasurer 4, 
Squad Leader 4; Theta Tri-Hi-Y 4; FTA 2, 3. 
Jock Haskell — Science Club 3. 
Cathy Hass — Theta Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Treasurer 
4; GAA 2, 3, Secretary 3; Spanish Club 3; 
Spanish National Honor Society 4. 
Bill Havu — Sigma Phi Hi-Y 3, 4; Bond 2, 3; 
Boys' State 3; Tennis Team 2; Science 4; Home- 
room Vice-President 3. 

Mike Haxter — Latin Club 3; Wrestling 3. 
Gilbert Head — Science Club 4, Reporter 4; 
Young Democrats 4. 
Eileen Hearsum — FHA 3 
Carol Helms — Library Club 3. 
Randall Henderson — Debate Team 2, 3, 4; Sci- 
ence Club 2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 3, 4; Foren- 
sics Club 4, President 4; National Honor Society 
4; SCA President 4; Homeroom Vice-President 
4; Boys' State 3; Young Democrats 4. 
Walter Hendron — Chess Club 2, 3, 4, Sec- 
retary 3, President 4; Chess Team 2, 3, 4. 
Phil Hennessee — JV Track 2; DECA 4. 
David Hershberger — Varsity Track 2, 3, 4. 
Sue Ann Hewitt — FBLA 4, 

Donna Roe Hill — Drill Teom 2, 3- Quo Vodis 
2, 3, 4. 

Dee Hinds — Quo Vadis 2, 3, 4; DECA 3. 
Judy Holland — FNA 3, 4 

Nancy Holt — Transfer student; Spanish Na- 
tional Honor Society 4; Majorettes 4, 
Phyllis Holt — Drill Team 3; Girls' Chorus 3, 4. 
Peggy Honeycutt — FHA 2; Pep Club 2. 
Roy Hooks — Varsity Baseball 3, 4; JV Base- 
ball 2; SCA Representative 3, 4; Homeroom 
President 4, Treasurer 3. 

Stanley Hooper — Vorsity Baseball 3, 4; JV 
Boseball 2; Track 4; Cross Country 4; Varsity 
Club 4. 

Phyllis Holt 

Peggy Honeycutt 

Roy Hooks 

Stanley Hooper 

Linda Hudson 



Glenda Hunley 

Roy Hyatt 


Glenda Hunley — FTA 3, 4; Homeroom Vice- 
President 2. 

Marian lannuzzi — FHA 2; National Thespians 


Sharon Ingram — JV Cheerleaders 2, 3; Coronet 

Tri-Hi-Y 4. 

Eileen Jagneaux — Transfer student; A Capella 
2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 3; Pep Club 3. 
Lew James — Key Club 4. 
Pamela Jennette — DECA 3, 4. 

Jonet Jennings — Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y 4; Na- 
tional Thespians 2, 3, 4; SCA Representative 2, 
3; Pep Club 2; PEERAGE Staff 2, 3. 

John Jensen — Young Republicans 4. 

Lynette Johnson — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 4; Pep Club 
2; Y-Teens 2, 

Pom Johnson — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Cor- 
responding Secretary 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4; SCA 
Representative 2, 3. 

Priscitlo Johnson — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, 
Recording Secretary 4; SCA Alternate 4; Pep Club 
2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-arms 3, Treasurer 4; Home- 
room Secretary-Treasurer 2, President 3. 
Sheryll Johnson — Girls' Chorus 3, 4. 

Morion lannuzzi 

Lynn Ingold 

Sharon Ingram 

Susan Islond 

Eileen Jagneaux 

Lew James 

Pomelo Jennette Janet Jennings 

\ 0frW 

John Jensen 

Lynette Johnson Pamela Johnson Priscillo Johnson Sheryl Johnson 


Janice Jolley — Junior Civitan Club 2, 3; FNA 4. 
Anita Jones — Transfer student. 
Dennis Jones — Band 3; Wrestling 4. 
John Joyce — DECA 4, Vice-President. 
Corol Joyner — FHA 3. 

Sharon Kelly — Spanish National Honor Society 
2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; GAA 
3; FTA 2. 

Jean Kelley — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 
4; National Honor Society 4; Spanish National 
Honor Society 4; French National Honor Society 
2, 3, Vice-President 3; Girls' State 3; Pep Club 
2; Keyettes 3, 4; Scholastic Team 2, 3, 4; SCA 

Representative 3; Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer Janice Jolley 

2, Vice-President 4. 

Shoun Kelley — Transfer student; Homeroom 
Vice-President 3, President 4. 
Willie Kibler — Varsity Football 4; Varsity Bas- 
ketball 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. 
Ruth Kight — FHA 4; DECA 3. 
Roger Kilpotrick — Transfer from Kellam. 
Al Kimball — Transfer student; Varsity Foot- 
ball 3, 4. 

Bobbie King — Quo Vadis 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 
Vice-President 4; Drill Team 3, 4; Keyettes 3, 4, 
Treasurer 4; National Honor Society 4; Spanish 
National Honor Society 4; SCA Representative 2, 
4, Alternate 3; Homeroom President 3, Secre- 
tary-Treasurer 4. 

Darrel King — Football Manager 3, 4; Basketball 
Monager 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Junior Civitan 
Club 4. 

Morjorie Kingsley — Girls' Chorus 4; Stage 
Manager, Competition Ploy 4. 

Dennis Jones John Joyce Carol Joyner 

^91 f 

Sharon Kelly Jean Kelley Shaun Kelley Williom Kibler Ruth Kight 

Roger Kilpotrick Al Kimball Barbara King Darrel King Morjorie Kingsley 



#11 1 

William Kiser 

Audrey Klecky 

Richard Knack 

Vincent Knick 

Sue Koblentz 


Diane Kohler 

Rae Konin 

Linda Lane 

Walter Kraemer Carol Ann Lamar Constance Lamping 

Jen Kiser — Cavalier Hi-Y 3, 4; JV Wrestling 

Audrey Klecky — Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, 

Reporter 4; Spanish National Honor Society 4; 
Spanish Club 4; Pep Club 2; FTA 2. 
Richard Knack — Transfer from Catholic High; 
Chess Club 4, Vice-President 4; Young Demo- 
crats 4; National Honor Society 4. 
Vincent Knick — PAGE Staff 3, 4; FOLIO Staff 
3, 4, Layout Editor 3. 

Sue Koblentz — Transfer from New Jersey; 
Girls' Chorus 3, 4. 

Diane Kohler — GAA 2, 3, 4; Junior Civitan 
Club 3, 4; Spanish National Honor Society 4. 
Roe Konin — Pep Club 2, 3, Historian 3; Trinity 
Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. 

Walter Kraemer — Varsity Golf Team 4; JV 
Golf 3. 

Carol Ann Lamar — FNA 2, 3, 4; Girls' Chorus 
2, 3; A Capella 4; Drill Team 3, 4, Squad 
Leader 4; Pep Club 2; PEERAGE Staff 3; PAGE 
Staff 2. 

Constance Lamping — Transfer student; Theta 
Tri-Hi-Y 4; National Honor Society 4. 
Tana Lane — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; SCA Al- 
ternate 4; Pep Club 3; Homeroom Secretary- 
Treasurer 3. 

Karel Laughton — Transfer student; FTA 4; 
GAA 4; French National Honor Society 4. 
Bob Lee — Key Club 3, 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y 3, 4, 
Secretary 4; Varsity Club 4; Tennis Team 2, 3, 4. 
William Leonard — Homeroom Treasurer 2 
Williom Lewis — JV Baseball 3. 
Barbara Libbin — Transfer student. 
Robert Libbin — Wrestling Manager 3, 4; Var- 
sity Club 3, 4; Young Democrats 4. 
William Lindsay — Transfer student; Chess Club 4; 
Young Democrats 4; Spanish Club 4. 
Stanley Long — JV Baseball 2. 

Judith Langhorne 

Karcl Laughton 

Susan Lawson 



William Leonord 

Joyce Lewis 

William Lewis 

Barbara Libbin 

Robert Libbin 

William Lindsay 

Susan Littmon 

Stanley Long 

Svetlona Lubimov 

Lana Lubimov — Transfer student; Future Teach- 
ers 3, 4, President 4, State Secretory-Treosurer 
3, President 4; Scholastic Team 3; SCA Treos- 
urer 4; Keyette Club 4; Notional Honor Society 
4; PEERAGE Staff 4, Co-Photography Editor 4; 
Theta Tri-Hi-Y 4; Young Democrats 4, Secre- 
tary 4; Latin Club 3; Steering Committee 3, 4. 
Robert Lundy — Varsity Basketball 3, 4; Chess 
Club 4. 

Barbara Lyman — Transfer student; Theta Tri- 
Hi-Y 4; FTA 4; Pep Club 4. 
Sandra Lynch — Spanish Club 3; FHA 4. 
Cherry Macomber — National Honor Society 4; 
FBLA 3; Spanish National Honor Society 2. 

"Santa Claus" Moosha grades papers to give as gifts to 
his students. 

Robert Lundy 

Barbara Lyman 

Linda Lynch 


Sandra Lynch 

Cherry Macomber 

1 37 


Susan Macon 

Brenda Major 

Ellis Molobad Susan Malmfeldt Andrew Malodovitch 

Susan Macon — PEERAGE Staff 3, 4, Editor- 
in-chief 4; Alpha Y-Teens 3, 4, Vice-President 
3, President 4; Drill Team 3, 4, Parliomentorian 
4; National Honor Society 4; SCA Representative 
3, Executive Council 4; Spanish National Honor 
Society 4; French National Honor Society 2; 
Spanish Club 2; Pep Club 2; Quill and Scroll 

Brenda Major — FBLA 2, 3; Pep Club 3, 4. 
Sue Malmfeldt — Transfer student; Notional 
Honor Society 4; Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 4; Homeroom 
Secretary-Treasurer 4. 

Peggy Mannen — Transfer student; Junior Class 
Secretary 3; Keyettes 3, 4; GAA 3, 4, Secretary 
4; A Capeilc 4, Vice-President; Homecoming 
Court 4; SCA Representative 4; Miss Princess 
Anne 4, First runner-up 3. 

Tony Mannen — ■ Transfer student; Madrigal 
Singers 4; A Capella 3, 4, Librarian 4; Senior 
Class Play 4. 

Sherry Marshall — FBLA 2 

Vince Martin — National Honor Society 4; Track 
3, 4; Ars Medico 3, 4; Science Club 2; Home- 
room Vice-President 4. 

Hugh Moson — Transfer student; Senior Class 
Treasurer 4. 

Arlene Mathis — FBLA 2, 3, 4; Drill Team 2, 3; 
FHA 3. 

Bruce Matthios — Basketball Manager 3, 4; 
Track 2. 

Annie Matney — DECA 4. 

Dolly Mayo — PEERAGE Staff 4, Co-Photog- 
raphy Editor 4; Theta Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 
4; Keyettes 4; Ars Medico 3, 4; SCA Chaplain 
4; Miss PA Pageant 4, Third Runner-Up. 
Judy Mayo — Pep Club 2; Secretary of Home- 
room 3. 

Marie Mazzei — DECA 3, 4; FHA 3. 
Ellen McAuslan — FNA 3, 4, Secretary 4; Home- 
room Secretary-Treasurer 4. 
Jinny McBurney — DECA 4; FHA 3. 
Sally McClatchey — FNA 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4. 
Carolyn McClenny — Drill Team 3, 4; GAA 3, 
4; FHA 2; Girls' Chorus 4. 

Agnes McCoy — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 4; Varsity 
Cheerleader 4, Co-Captain; Alpha Y-Teens 3, 
President 3; Homeroom Secretary 2; Homecom- 
ing Court 4. 

Joan McDaniel — DECA 4. 

Elaine McGee — A Capella 3, 4; Madrigal 
Singers 3, 4; Bible Club 2, 3, Secretary 3;' Girls' 
Chorus 2 

Peggy Mannen 

Tony Mannen 

Sherry Marshall 

Vince Martin 

Hugh Mason 

Arlene Mathis 

Ann Matney 

Bruce Matthias Diane Motthews 

Steve Matthews 



Dolly Mayo proctlces her "Old Wash 
•Woman" skit for the Miss PA Pageant. 

Jodie McHorgue — Drill Team 4; A Capella 4; 
FHA 3; Junior Civitan 2; Girls' Chorus 3; Home- 
room Vice-President 2. 

Mike McKenxie — Transfer student; National 

Dollimae Mayo 

Judith Mayo 

Marie Mazzei 

Ellen McAuslon 

Jinny McBurney 

Sally McClatchey Carolyn McClenny 


Ted McCullough 

Joan McDaniel 

Elaine McGee 

Terry McGraw 

Jodie McHargue 

William McKeel 

Mike McKenzie 




Gary McMahan 

Pot McMullen 

Cynthia McPherson William Meade 

Jeff Merwin 

Jenny Meserve 

Michael Midgett 

James Miller 

P 1^ 

Judy Miller 

Milyn Miller 

Gene Medley 

Susan Midgetf 

Judith Miessou 

Gary McMahan — Key Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity 
Club 2, 3, 4; SCA Representative 2, 3; Varsity 
Basketball 3, 4; JV Basketball 2; Varsity Ten- 
nis 2, 3, 4; Homeroom President 2, 3, Vice- 
President 4. 

Pat McMullen — Transfer student; National 
Thespians 3, 4, Secretary 4; Science Club 4; 
Senior Class Play 4; Y-Teens 3; GAA 4; Young 
Democrats 4. 

Cynthia McPherson — FTA 3, 4; National Honor 
Society 4; Junior Civitan Club 3. 
Bill Meade — Cavalier Hi-Y 3, 4; Varsity Club 
4; Basketball Manager 3; Football Manager 3, 
4; Junior Civitans 2. 

Gene Medley — Sigma Phi 4; Varsity Club 4; 
Varsity Golf 3, 4; SCA Representative 2, 4; JV 
Basketball 2. 

Jenny Meserve — Transfer student. 
Susan Midgett — DECA 4. 
Judy Miessau — FHA 3. 
Dea Miller — Drill Team 3, 4. 
James Miller — Transfer student; Future Farmers 
3; Color Guard 4; Stage Crew 4. 
Milyn Miller — GAA 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3; Pep 
Club 3; FHA 4; Y-Teens 4. 
Noncy Miller — Y-Teens 3, 4; Pep Club 2. 
Sandy Mills — FHA 3, 4; A Capella 4. 
Richard Mitchell — DECA 3, 4. 
Linda Mizelle — DECA 4; Homeroom President 

Bill Montez — Varsity Cross Country 2, 3, 4; 
Varsity Swimming 2, 3; Varsity Track 2, 3, 4; 
Sophomore Class Vice-President, Junior Class 
President; Key Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 2, 3, 
4; Science Club 2, 3; Spanish Club 2, 3; Spanish 
National Honor Society 4; Boys' State 3. 
John Montgomery — National Honor Society 4; 
Forensics Club 4; National Merit Semi-Finalist 4. 
Sidney Moore — Varsity Football 3, 4; Sigma 
Phi 4; Transfer from Norview. 
Susie Moore — Nationol Honor Society 4; FTA 4. 
Ronnie Morrison — A Capella 3, 4, Social 
Chairman 3, 4; Covolier Hi-Y 3, 4; Madrigal 
Singers 3, 4. 
Joe Morse — Transfer student. 



Nancy Miller 

Saundra Mills Richard Mitchell 

Linda Mizelle Terry Modii 

Bill Montez John Montgomery Sidney Moore 

Susan Moore 

Wayne Morey 

Seniors go to see the William and Mary-UVa. game 
government trip. 

William Morgan Ronald Morrison 

Joseph Morse Sondra Murden 



Donna Murphy 

George Muto 


Donna Murphy — Transfer from Cox; Athena 
Tri-Hi-Y 4. 

Marilyn Nogy — Transfer from Norview; PAGE 
Staff 4; Exchange Editor 4. 

Kathleen Nichols — Spanish Club 2, 3; Spanish 
Notional Honor Society 3. 

Jacqueline Nimmo — FBLA 3. 

Pom Nuckols — Ars Medico 3; Notional Honor 
Society 4; FNA 4. 

Mugsy O'Dell — FTA 2, 3, 4; FHA 2, 3, 

Reporter 3; GAA 3, Parliamentarian 3; Spanish 
National Honor Society 3, 4; Young Democrats 4. 

Paul Odom — Transfer student; Varsity Basket- 
ball 3, 4; Varsity Football 4; Varsity Club 3, 4. 

Mary Jane Ontjes — Transfer student; Theta 
Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Parliamentorion-Sergeant-at-Arms 
4; Ars Medico 3, 4, Secretary 4; Keyettes 3, 4; 
National Honor Society 4; Homeroom Secretary- 
Treasurer 4. 

Ann Owens — Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; 
Drill Team 4; Homecoming Court, 4; GAA 4; 
Pep Club 3; Homeroom Vice-President 3. 

Marilyn Nagy 

Phyllis Nelson Kathleen Nichols 

Jacqueline Nimmo Pam Nuckols 

James O'Brien 

Nancy O'Brien 

Dolores O'Dell 

Poul Odom 

Olinda O'Neal Mary Jane Ontjes 

Ann Owens 

Morijone Pacheco 



Sherron Painter — FBLA 3, 4, Chaplain 4. 
Allen Parker — Pep Club 3. 

John Parker — Key Club 3, 4; Sigmo Phi Hi-Y 
4, Chaplain; Varsity Basketball 4. 
Karen Parker — PEERAGE Queen 4; Homecom- 
ing Court 4; Varsity Cheerleader 4; Keyettes 2, 
3, 4, Chaplain 3, Vice-President 4; Theta Tri- 
Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 2, 3, Vice President 4; 
Honor Court 3, 4; Girls' State 3; National Honor 
Society 4; Sophomore Class President; SCA Rep- 
resentative 2, 3, 4. 

Nancy Pate — PEERAGE Staff 4, Features Edi- 
tor; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; Keyettes 4; SCA 
Representative 2, 3, 4, Executive Council 4; Miss 
PA Pageant 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3; Alpha 
Y-Teens 3, Secretary; Pep Club 2, 3; MGA 4. 
Phyllis Patterson — Drill Team 3, 4; Girls' Cho- 
rus 4. 

Linda Poul — ■ Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 4; FNA 4; SCA 
Representative 2; Sophomore Class Treasurer 2. 
Lou Paulson — Transfer student; Varsity Foot- 
ball 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Baseball 
3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; PEER- 
AGE Staff 4, Co-Sports Editor 4; National Honor 
Society 4, 

Don Peccia — Varsity Football Manager 2, 3; 
Varsity Basketball Manager 2; Varsity Club 2, 3, 

Rodney Pennington — Science Club 3, 4, Pres- 
ident 4; Notional Honor Society 4, President 4; 
Debate Team 4; Junior Civitan 3, 4, Vice-Presi- 
dent 4; Homeroom Vice-President 3, 4. 
Phyllis Perry — FBLA 3; Spanish National Honor 
Society 4; Spanish Club 4; FTA 4; Drill Team 

Pat Phillips — Band 2, 3, 4, 
Marcia Pierce — Quo Vadis 3, 4; Keyettes 3; 
FHA 4. 

Sherron Painter 

Allen Parker 

John Parker 

Karen Parker 

Mary Jo Parker 

Nancy Pate 

Phyllis Patterson 

Lou Paulson 

Donald Peccia 

Rodney Pennlngt 

Phyllis Perry 

Wayne Peterson 

Charles Phillips 

Patricia Phillips 


Marcia Pierce 

Marlene Pierce 

Ann Pledger 

Stanley Plevyok 

Sandra Plowucha 

Frances Pollock 

Palma Porro 

Edward Poulter 

Everett Poulter 

Shirley Pratt 

Kathryn Preddy 

Sandra Prevo 

Linda Pritchard 

Lennic Punsoiar 

Margaret Price 

Ann Pledger — FNA 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Coro- 
net 4. 

Stanley Plevyak — Varsity Basketball 3, 4. 
Sandy Plowucha — DECA 4; Homeroom Vice- 
President 2; 

Frances Pollock — Keyette Club 2, 3, 4; Presi- 
dent 4; Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice- 
President 3; PEERAGE Staff 4, Business Mona- 
ger; Drill Team 2, 3; National Honor Society 4; 
Spanish National Honor Society 4; Honor Court 
3, 4; Junior Class Vice-President; Scholastic 
Team 2; Girls' State 3; DAR Citizenship Award 
4; Homeroom President 2, 4; SCA Representative 
3, Alternate 4. 

Polma Porro — Foreign Exchange Student; The- 
ta Tri-Hi-Y 4; Junior Civitan Club 4; GAA 4. 
Shirley Pratt — Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Squad Leader 
3; FHA 2, 3; Girls' Chorus 3; A Capella 4; 
Athena Tri-Hi-Y 4; Pep Club 2; Y-Teens 4. 
Kothy Preddy — Theta Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Chaplain 
4; Science Club 3, 4; Keyettes 4; National Honor 
Society 4; SCA Representative 4, 
Margaret Price — GAA 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Drill Team 3, 4; Spanish National 
Honor Society 4. 

Lennie Punsalan — Senior Closs Play 4; Quill and Scroll 4; PAGE Staff 4, Feature 
Editor ond Business Manager 4. 

David Puryear — Band 2, 3, 4; Cavalier Hi-Y 3, 4; FBLA 2; Latin Club 3; Notional 
Thespians 4; Young Democrats; Stage Manager for Senior Play 4. 
Jim Puryear — Junior Civitan 4; Spanish National Honor Society 4; Young Demo- 
crats 4. 

Jacie Rakowski — Y-Teens 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Athena Tri-Hi-Y 4. 
Sandra Ray — Transfer student. 

Annette Riccio — Miss PA Pageant 2; Y-Teens 3, Sergeont-at-Arms, Athena Tri- 
Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 4; Homeroom Secretory-Treasurer 2, 3, President 4; Girls' 
Chorus 4, Secretary. 

Jon Richter — Homecoming Queen 4; Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; 
Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Girls' Stote 3; Keyettes 4; SCA Repre- 
sentative 3, 4, Secretary 4; Spanish National Honor Society 4; Young Republicans 
4, Vice-President; JV Cheerleader 2; Sophomore Class Secretary 2; GAA 4. 
Christa Risner — DECA 4. 
Joe Riley — DECA 4; JV Football 2. 
Linda Robare — FNA 3, 4 

Brenda Roberson — Y-Teens 4; A Capella Choir 4; Homeroom Vice-President 4, 
President 2. 


U. f % 

David Puryear James Puryeor Jacie Rakowski 

Sandra Ray 

Robert Reed 

Sanfred Reveley Annette Riccio Jan Richter Jonnie Risinger Christa Risner 

One of the many precincts in the mock presidential 

Joseph Riley Linda Robare Judith Robbins 

Gay Roberts Brenda Roberson 




Dianne Robertson Don Robey 

^x ^ $■ 

Diane Robinefte Barbara Robinson Carol Robinson 


Mrs. Barnes is presented an apple by a representative 
of WNOR after being elected Teacher of the Month. 

Larry Robinson Michael Roesle Grady Roland Judith Rood Ernest Rorrer 

Donna Rouse Pat Rowe Steve Rowe Daniel Ruditill Patricia Rushing 


Dianne Robertson — Homeroom President 2, 
Vice-President 3, Secretary 4. 

Barbara Robinson — Pep Club 2, 3; Drill Team 
3, 4; Y-Teens 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Athena 
Tri-Hi-Y 4. 

Carol Robinson — FNA 2, 3, 4, Secretory 3, Vice- 
President 4; Y-Teens 4; Athena Tri-Hi-Y 4. 
Ernie Rorrer — Senior Class Play 4; National 
Thespians 4. 

Donna Rouse — FNA 4; Spanish National Honor 
Society 4. 

Pat Rowe — Key Club 4; Spanish Notional 
Honor Society 4. 

Steve Rowe — Key Club 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y 4; 
Young Democrats 4. 

Patsy Rushing — FTA 2, 3; Pep Club 2, 3, 
Secretary 3; SCA Representative 2; Athena Tri- 
Hi-Y 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Homeroom Vice- 
President 2. 

Robert Ryan — PEERAGE Staff Photographer 2, 

Eddie Sahr — Homeroom President 4. 
Richard Soiley — Band 2, 3, 4; Stage Band 2, 3. 
Cindy Sanford — Athena Tri-Hi-Y 2. 
Tammy Sayles — Quo Vadis 2, 3, 4; Homeroom 
Vice-President 3; Senior Class Play 4. 
Junior Scarper — Homeroom President 4; SCA 
Representative 2, 3; Cavalier Hi-Y 3, 4; JV 
Wrestling 2; Varsity Wrestling 3, 4; JV Football 
2; Varsity Club 3, 4. 

Michele Schmidt — Keyettes 3, A, Secretary 4; 
Science Club 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Na- 
tional Honor Society 4; Theta Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; 
SCA Representative 4, Alternate 3. 
George Schneider — Band 2, 3, 4; Stage Band 3. 
Sharon Shelby — Y-Teens 3. 
Ginger Shields — Homeroom Vice-President 4. 


Robert Ryan 



Richard Soiley 

Cindy Sanford 

Frances Sawyer 


Tammy Sayles 

William Scarper Michele Schmidt George Schneider 

Dennis Scott 

Sharon Shelby 

Joyce Sheppord 

Ginger Shields 

Richard Shipp 

Linda Shorts 


Gail Simmons 

Anita Simpson 

Walter Sims 

Linda Sistrunk 

Susan Slagle 


Scott Slocur 

Jo Anna Smelser 

Becky Smith 

Bill Smith 

Clifford Smith 

James Smith 

Janet Smith 

Linda Shorts — FBLA 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3, 

Parliamentarian 4; Pep Club 3. 

Anita Simpson — Band 2, 3, 4; Majorettes 2, 3, 

4, Head Majorette 4. 

Linda Sistrunk — Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 


Susan Slagle — Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; FHA 
2, 3, 4, Secretary 4; Drill Team 2, 3, 4; SCA 
Representative 3, 4; Homeroom President 3, Sec- 
retary 2; FN A 4. 

Scott Slocum — Sigma Phi Hi-Y 3, 4, Secre- 
tary 3; SCA Representative 2, 3, 4, Executive 
Council 4; Natlonol Thespians 3, 4, President 
4; Junior Senior Basketboll 3. 

JoAnna Smelser — FHA 3. 

Lorrie Smith — Pep Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 4; 
Spanish National Honor Society 4. 

James Smith — Lotin Club 2; Spanish Club 3. 

Joanne Smith — FHA 2; Pep Club 2, 3, 4, 
Chaplain 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Cor- 
onet Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. 

Linda Smith 

SCA Representative 3. 

Joonne Smith 

Linda Smith 


Robert Smith 

Williom Smith 

Ted Spalding 

Linda Sparks 

Irving Sparrow 

Uinda Speight 

William Spinello 

David Spreader 

Richard Springle 

Carol Spruill 

Robert Smith — Time Magazine Certificate of 
Excellence 4. 

William Smith — Transfer student. 
Ted Spalding — Science Club 3; Jr. Civitan 
Club; National Honor Society 4, Vice-President; 
Letter of Commendation 4; Homeroom Vice Pres- 
ident 4. 

Lindo Sparks — Transfer student; National Hon- 
or Society 4; Spanish National Honor Society 4. 
Irving Sparrow — Young Democrats 4; Varsity 
Track 3; Cross Country 4; Varsity Club 4. 
Linda Speight — Band 2, 3, 4. 
Billy Spinello — JV Basketball 2. 
Richard Springle — Madrigal Singers 3, 4; Cava- 
lier Hi-Y 3, 4; National Thespians 3, 4. 
Carol Spruill — FBLA 2, 3, Reporter; Pep Club 
2, 3; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y. 

Mike Stamm — JV Basketball 2; Jr. Civitan 4; 
Young Democrats 4; Homeroom President 2, 3, 4. 
Kotherine Stoncil — Pep Club 2, 3, Chaplain 3; 
Drill Team 3, 4, Squad Leader 4; Y-Teens 4, 
Parliamentarian and Sergecnt-at-Arms; Powder 
Puff 3, 4. 

Jack Stork — DECA 4 

Shoron Stone — Band 2, 3, 4, Co-captain 4; 
Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Secretary 4. 

Kotherine Stoncil 


Sandra Stauffer 

Robert Stevens 

Maurice Stocks 

Sharon Stone 


Chuck Strotton — Transfer student; Varsity Foot- 
ball 4; Varsity Baseball 4. 

Sharon Street — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 4; FHA 4. 
Brendo Stricklond — FBLA 2; Girls' Chorus 3, 4. 
Thomas Strom — JV Basketball 2; Track 2. 
Andy Styron — JV Football 2; JV Basketball 2; 
JV Baseball 2; Varsity Football 3, 4, Co-captain 
4; Homecoming's Most Valuable Player 4. 
Lindsey Suggs — JV Football 2; Sigma Phi Hi- 
Y 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Varsity Wrestling 3, 4; 
Varsity Club 3, 4. 

Robert Sulcer — Band 2, 3, 4; Jr. Civitan 4. 
Buddy Taylor — Band 2, 3, 4. 
Delores Taylor — Senior Play 4. 
Geoffrey Taylor — JV Football 2; JV Wrestling 
2; Varsity Football Team 3, 4; Varsity Wrestling 
Team 3, 4, Co-Captain 4. 

Thomas Taylor — Bond 2; Cavalier Hi-Y 3, 4, 
Chaplain 4; SCA Representative 3; Homeroom 
Secretary 2. 

Dennis Teasley — Sigma Phi-Hi-Y 4; Varsity 
Football 3, 4; JV Football 2; French National 
Honor Society 3; Varsity Club 4. 
Steve Teghtmeyer — Homeroom Treasurer 4. 
Linda Tingle — Pep Club 3; DECA 3; FBLA 3. 
Maxine Tolleson — Y-Teens 3. 
Anita Troutner — Transfer student. 
Keith VonOrden — Varsity Football 4; Track 2; 
Varsity Club 3. 

Jay Van Auken — Senior Play 4; Notional Thes- 
pians 4. 

RIehord Vance — Sigma Phi Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chap- 
lain 4; Band 2, 3, Drum Major 2, 3; National 
Thespians 3, 4; Key Club 3, 4; Homeroom Vice- 
President 3. 

Chuck Stratton 

Sharon Street Brenda Strickland Thomas Strom 

Ralph Styron 

Lindsey Suggs 

Robert Sulcer 

Joyce Swonner 

Buddy Toylor 

Delores Taylor 

Geoffrey Taylor 



^f^Sf v^ 

Joy VanAuken in the role of Mr. Frank in the 
Senior Class Play. 

Thomas Taylor Dennis Teasley 

Steve Teghtmeyer David Teller Terry Tereskerr 

Dovid Thomas Emelia Timmerman Linda Tingle Maxine Tolleson Anita Troutner 

Robert Trauthwein Barbaro Vail Jay Van Auken Richard Vance Keith Van Orden 




Gwen Von Pelt James Vercruysse Geneva Vick William Walker 

Michael Warren Earl Warren Bonnie Wotson Judith Wotson Joseph Webb 

One of the policemen checks all the corners of the 
school during the bomb scare. 


Robert Webb Mary Werle 

Anne West 

Dennis West James Westmoreland 



Karen Wheeley 

Betty Sue Whited Linda Whitehurst Richard Whitehurst Ronald Whitenack 

Lyndo Whitlow 

Betty Wilhelm 

Emory Will 

Betty Williams 

Gwen VonPelt — Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Squad 
Leoder, Treasurer 3, Captain 4; SCA Representa- 
tive 4; Homeroom President 3. 
James Vereruysse — French Club 2. 
Anne Word — Homeroom Secretary 4. 
Earl Worren — DECA 3, 4. 
Bonnie Watson — A Capella 3, 4; Homeroom 
Vice-President 3. 

Joseph Webb — DECA 4, Vice President 4. 
Robert Webb — Cavalie-- Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treas- 
urer 4; Ars Medica 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, 
President 4; Boys' State 3; Homeroom President 

Mary Werle — SCA Alternate 4; Homeroom 
Vice-President 4; Miss PA Pageant 4. 
Karen Wheeley — Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens 
3, 4, Secretary 3, 4; Pep Club 2. 
Betty Whited — DECA 3, 4. 
Linda Whitehurst — A Capella 3, 4; FHA 2. 
Lynda Whitlow — Theta Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, 
Secretary 3, Second Vice-President 4; Notional 
Honor Society 4; PEERAGE Staff 4, Layout Edi- 
tor 4; Spanish Club 2; 3; Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Coun- 
cil 4, Treasurer 4; SCA Representative 4, Alter- 
nate 3; Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 3; Key- 
ettes 3, 4, Chaplain 4; Spanish National Honor 
Society 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 
4; Pep Club 2. 

Betty Wilhelm — DECA 4; FBLA 2; GAA 2, 
3, 4, Historian 4. 

Betty Williams — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, His- 
torian 4. 

Victoria Williams — FTA 2, 3, 4; Spanish Na- 
tional Honor Society 2, 4; Band 2, 3, 4, Secre- 
tary-Treosurer 4 

Alice Williamson — Quo Vodis 2, 3, 4, Treas- 
urer 3, President 4; SCA Representative 2, 3; 
Miss PA Pageant 2; JV Cheerleader. 
Danny Wilmoth — Football 2; Baseball 2; 
Homeroom Treasurer 4. 

Joanne Wilson — Band 2, 3, 4; National Honor 
Society 4; Science Club 3, 4; Spanish Club 2. 

Victoria Williams Alice Williamson 

Daniel Wilmoth 

David Wilson 

Joanne Wilson 



Lee Wilson 

Roger Wilson 

Lee Wilson — Homeroom Vice-President 3. 

Sandra Wilson — Transfer student; Civiton 
Club 4. 

Shirley Wilson — Athena Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. 

Virginia Wilson — DECA 3 

Greg Wood — Varsity Football 3. 

Pot Wood — DECA 4. 

Robert Wood — Transfer from Wilson; Junior 
Civitan Club 4. 

Margaret Wright — Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Historian 
4; Girls' Chorus 3; Theto Tri-Hi-Y 4; Y-Teens 4; 
A Capella 4; Homeroom Secretary 4. 

Jane Wynne — Theta Tri-hJi-Y 3, 4; Pep Club 
2, 3; Latin Club 3; Homeroom Vice-President 4. 

David Yoder 


Donna York — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4; FTA 3, 4, 

Secretary 4; Pep Club 2, 3, A, Historian 4; 
Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 3. 

Jonis Ziemer — Pep Club 2, 3; FTA 2, 3; Theta 
Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Homeroom President 3, 4; SCA 
Alternate 3, 4. 

Sharon Zimmer — FBLA 3. 

Spanish National Honor Society 

Sandra Wilson 

Shirley Wilson 

Virginia Wilson 

Samuel Wingrove 

Charles Winter 

Greg Wood 

Patricia Wood 

Robert Wood 

Dale Woodburn 

John Woolery Margaret Wright 

Richard Wright 

Jane Wynne 


^f ^,f 

David Yoder Donna York Harold Young Jam's Ziemer Sharon Zimmer 

Seniors proudly show off their rings. 

Junior class officers ond their totem ore (standing) David Turner, President; Mrs. Jones, Spon- 
sor; Rhonda Stoddard, Vice-President, (kneeling) Carolyn Annas, Treasurer; and Gail Ward, 


The conspicious symbol of this Junior Class has 
been their totem pole. The lowest face represented 
their term as Sophomores, the next face indicates 
their present status as Juniors, and the topmost face 
will denote their final rank as Seniors. This unique 
Class token was present at all activities in which 
the Juniors participated. 

This year has been one of growing prestige and 
unique experiences for the Junior Class. February 
meant that crucial decision of the class ring. In the 

spring, the Class chose their candidates for Boys' 
and Girls' State. As graduation approached, they re- 
ceived the blessings of the Senior Class in their Last 
Will and Testament. However, the climax of their 
Junior year was that momentous occasion, the Jun- 
ior Ring Dance, when the Juniors finally received 
that long-awaited class ring. With the realization of 
this new status symbol, the Junior Class now turns 
its thoughts to the final year at Princess Anne High 
School as the Senior Class of 1 966. 



Nancy Adkins 
Artie Ahlsted 
Delbert Allen 
Jerry Allen 
Pamela Allen 
Susan Allen 

Jay Alligood 
Carolyn Annas 
Mike Arlaud 
Linda Armstrong 
Bill Ashley 
Joanne Austin 

Nancy Austin 
Sandra Austin 
Sandy Backus 
Rosemary Baer 
Charlotte Bailey 
Danny Baker 

Jerry Bolster 
Sharon Bonagon 
Margie Banks 
Judy Barber 
Suzanne Barber 
Ellen Barron 

Chorles Basnight 
Linda Bateman 
Jim Batton 
Jimmy Baumeister 
Ed Beochum 
Roger Beachum 

Linda Beard 
Barbara Beorden 
Barbara Bell 
Gloria Bell 
Maria Benner 
Paula Benner 

Dave Bertz 
Larry Blevins 
Tommy Bobbitt 
Patrick Boehnke 
Ray Boetcher 
Linda Bohlander 






Dennis Bohrer 
Dennis Bonomo 
Gail Boone 
Brenda Booth 
Mike Borden 
Mike Boroman 

Beckey Bourne 
Arthur Boyd 
David Boyd 
Diane Brady 
Bill Braybrook 
Dottie Bridges 

Joan Briers 
Gloria Brinkley 
Kathy Brinkley 
Larry Brinkley 
Steven Brooks 
Carol Brotherton 

Brenda Brown 
Charles Brown 
James Brown 
Joe Brown 
James Brune 
Wesley Bruning 

Bob Buchanan 
Tony Bullock 
Mary Bungard 
Eddie Burbage 
Kennette Burkhart 
Ronnie Burroughs 

Mike Butler 
Kenneth Butt 
Donold Byors 
Mike Byrd 
Robert Byrd 
Barbara Compbell 

Connie Garden 
Mac Carpenter 
Yvette Carpenter 
Arlene Carper 
Roy Carroll 
Debbie Corter 




Jackie Goto 
Sandy Chandler 
Wayne Christiansen 
Debbie Clark 
Mike Clark 
Warren Clark 

William Clark 
Tommy Coates 
Alice Cohen 
Susan Coleman 
Juanita Coley 
Dolly Collins 

Terry Collins 
Anne Collins 
LaDonne Conley 
David Cooper 
Linda Cooper 
Marie Coppock 

James Counts 
Pat Cowden 
Kathy Cox 
Wally Cozart 
Joyce Craddock 
Carol Craver 

Kevin Crowley 
Barry Cruthers 
Sherry Culwell 
Hal Curling 
Barbara Curtis 
Barbara Curtis 

Carol Daniel 
Dan Dauer 
Patsy Davenport 
Billy Davis 
Danny Davis 
Edith Davis 

Ernest Davis 
Kathy Davis 
Pat Davis 
Ronnie Davis 
Holly Dearden 
Dennis DeFir 










Nancy DeLozier 
Ronald Desormeaux 
Linda de Tamble 
Pat Devore 
Linda Doran 
David Downes 

Sandra Dowdy 
Dick Dozier 
Richard Dozier 
Cynthio Duerr 
Karen Dull 
Bob DLinford 

Lee Durham 
Nick Durney 
Terry Durren 
Mike Easier 
Diane Eatmon 
Ronnie Eotmon 

Joynine Eaton 
Geoff Edelman 
Curtis Edwards 
Sherry Elliott 
Arthur Emery 
Teresa Englett 

^^^P^^^l Greg Evans 

jH^I^^^V Robert Everett 

^^A, ' Will Failes 

^#^-- '^^'■'5 Follwell 

^^^^^ ^^^^ Janet Faulhaber 
Teresa Fazio 


Norma Felton 
David Fender 
Linda Fentress 
Jerry Ferrell 
Joyce Fields 
Jeanine Finchem 

Burl Fisher 
Don Fithion 
Meria Flowers 
Susan Forbes 
Pat Ford 
Donald Forehand 



Pat Foreman 
Gary Forrest 
Phyllis Fortune 
Dan Foster 
Roy Frank 
Mark Frizzell 

Billy Fulgrum 
Richord Funderburk 
Anne Garrett 
Edmond Garrett 
Linda Gay 
Ronnie Gay 

Barbara Getz 
Skip Gibson 
Wayne Gilbert 
Mike Gillikin 
Gary Glenn 
Jackie Glennon 

Robert Godwin 
Donna Goodson 
Brenda Grosser 
Johnny Green 
Pot Green 
Eddie Greene 

Gail Greene 
Bob Gregoire 
Margaret Gregory 
Grace Grier 
Tom Grissom 
Albert Gurgonus 

Sharon Hager 
Don Haley 
Eddie Hall 
Gregg Hall 
Lee Hancock 
Gene Hanneman 

James Hardgrove 
Carolyn Horris 
Jean Harris 
Lauro Harris 
Vincent Harris 
Jeff Hofrison 




Robin Harrison 
Penny Hartlove 
John Hass 
Larry Hass 
Barry Hastings 
Greg Hatch 

Joe Hatch 
Russell Hawkins 
Renee Hoyden 
Robin Haynes 
Mike Hazelwood 
Pat Hebert 

Ann Hebert 
Charles Hebert 
Julie Helsabeck 
Wendie Hemming 
David Henderson 
Linda Henderson 

Vickie Hendren 
Linda Hendrickson 
Linda Hensley 
Doris Hewitt 
Gary Hill 
Carol Hinzpter 

Bob Hise 

Lynn Hodges 
Ernestine Hodnett 
Theresa Holcomb 
Bill Hooks 
Eric Hoover 

Cherl Horip 
Carol Horstman 
Ronnie Horton 
Frank Hudgins 
Tommy Hughes 
Tommy Hughes 

David Hutchinson 
Bob Hutton 
Jeanette Inge 
Bill Ives 
Wayne Jarman 
Tim Jarre!! 



Dina Jenkins 
Billy Jennette 
Don Jennings 
Clayton Johnson 
David Johnson 
Flobert Johnson 

Ronnie Johnson 
Vickie Johnson 
Bob Jones 
Dwayne Jones 
Glenn Jones 
Sharon Jones 

John Jordan 
Judy Jordan 
Linda Jordan 
Anita Joseph 
Pam Joyner 
Edd Kanary 

Petra Karn 
Alen Keigh 
Bonnie Kelly 
Linda Kelly 
Julia Kemph 
Margaret Kern 

Harry Kerr 
Allen Kigerl 
Nancy Kimball 
Charles King 
Barbara Kneece 
Robert Kolling 

Johnnie Kordulak 
Terri Lagua 
Goldi Lang 
Terry Langhorne 
John Lassiter 
Nancy Low 

Barbara Leach 
Jeff Leavitt 
Dawn Leiphort 
Lorry Leonard 
John Leonard 
Jim Leonard 





^.K Nancy Lewis 

Sherry Lewis 
Al Lilley 
William Livelle 
Ed Lindsay 
Mary Lipinski 



Dan Lloyd 
Robert Lloyd 
Carolyn Long 
Paul Long 
Sandy Long 
Wilda Lucy 

Rosemary Lugo 
Kothy Manning 
Karen Marcin 
Walt Marks 
Billy Marshall 
Buddy Marson 

Allen Martin 
Beth Martin 
Nancy Martin 
Tim Martin 
Sandy Matthias 
John Maxwell 

Mike May 
Linda Mays 
Ted Mazzei 
Stewart McCauslond 
Jean McCoy 
Carol McDougle 

Sharon McGothey 
Linda McGinnis 
Bobby McGinty 
Jennette McKee 
Mike McKee 
Sharon McKinney 

Vickie McKinney 
Joey McNamara 
Carol McNeece 
John McNulty 
Mike McSpodden 
Mike Melfo 



Susan Messona 
David Midyette 
Steve Mikeol 
Richard Miles 
Alan Miller 
Cathy Miller 

Jack Miller 
Philip Miller 
Cindy Mills 
Jerry Mills 
Richard Minton 

John Mitchell 
Sherry Mobley 
Terry Modlin 
Karen Molodovitch 
Ricky Montez 
Kay Montgomery 

Vern Montgomery 
Cindy Moore 
Dennis Moore 
Edie Moore 
Jon Moore 
Ruby Moore 

Cynthia Morris 
Marilyn Morris 
Phil Morris 
Tommy Morris 
Sheila Mullenax 
Gary Mullins 

Dan Murdaugh 
LeRoy Murphy 
Sharon Murphy 
Richard Nadeau 
Bob Neblett 
Theresa Neisler 

Margaret Newman 
Julia Nichols 
Paul Nikias 
Sherolyn Nisonger 
Jock Nordin 
hAary Northcutt 








Ruth Anne Oliver 
Duane O'Neal 
Margaret Orazi 
Kathryn Overstreet 
Marsha Overby 
Bob Owens 

Cindy Page 
Don Page 
Alex Pagonis 
Sarah Parkan 
Charles Parker 
Darlene Parrlsh 

Billy Payne 
Diane Payne 
Roger Peacock 
Wanda Pendleton 
Diane Perry 
Leigh Perry 

Martha Perry 
WHIiom Perry 
Vernetta Peters 
Bruce Phillips 
Joe Piccolomini 
Cheryl Pierce 

Gary Pinion 
Susan Pittman 
Charles Pitts 
Ray Polhamus 
Carolyn Powell 
Clorice Powers 

Lynn Powers 
Lynn Prangley 
Steven Priest 
Frank Pritchord 
Bobbie Pugh 
Gary Rogon 

Niel Ransom 
K. W. Rowls 
Joan Reese 
Gordon Register 
Doug Reid 
Linwood Respess 


Billy Reynolds 
Bill Rice 
Carol Richardson 
Gary Ricks 
Eric Robinson 
Pam Robinson 

Henry Rodes 
Frederick Rogers 
Linda Rogers 
Arleen Rohr 
Gene Rohr 
Robert Rooks 

Steve Rorrer 
Al Roundtree 
Carlton Rowe 
Russell Rucks 
Pete Scchon 
Tommy Sands 

Pam Sanderson 
Donna Saunders 
Bradley Sawyer 
Margaret Sawyer 
Sandra Savage 
Sharon Schatz 

Sue Schreiner 
Charles Schultz 
Michael Scott 
Otha Scott 
Sandy Scott 
Bill Scvade 

Bob Scvade 
Sandy Seegers 
Sandra Semons 
Ann Semons 
Anita Sexton 
Diane Shaw 

Nancy Shea 
Clyde Sheely 
Anglo Shelton 
John Shields 
Bob Sides 
James Silar 

i mMM4 

^1^ 1^ 1l 







Janice Silas 
Steve Simon 
Cliff Simms 
Ricky Sisley 
Donna Sistrunk 
Bill Skaggs 

Marilyn Skelton 
Douglas Slizewski 
London Small 
Barbara Smith 
Cathy Smith 
Jane Smith 

Keith Smith 
Mary Smith 
Mellony Smith 
Paulo Smith 
Randy Smith 
Dick Snipes 

Robbie Snowden 
Janet Snyder 
Pot Snyder 
JoAnn Spain 
Becky Sparagos 
Ingie Spencer 

Kathy Sprauge 
Preston Springston 
Brenda Stakes 
Bill Stevens 
Diane Stevens 
Bruce Steward 

Rhonda Stoddert 
Liz Stone 
Sandy Stowell 
Essie Street 
Brenda Suggs 
Modlon Sunrell 

Don Summers 
Ken Sutton 
Cothy Sykes 
Tommy Taft 
Eddie Torkington 
Janis Tote 



Sharon To turn 
Chris Taylor 
Verna Taylor 
Tony Tedder 
David Templeton 
Ken Thomas 

Roy Thomas 
Susan Thomas 
Terry Thomas 
Wendy Thomas 
Frances Thomoson 
Richard Thompson 

John Thurston 
Ronnie Tolson 
Carol Treadwell 
David Turner 
Dan Tyrell 
Kenny Vance 

Jenny Vann 
Pat Venn 
Gole Voriot 
Ed Vennik 
Wayne Vine 
George Vinson 

Jo Wall 
Lindo Wallace 
Judy Waltz 
Jerry Want 
Gail Word 
Pat Ward 

Pot Ware 
Kit Wore! 
Billy Watts 
Anne Weothers 
Joan Webb 
Dan Wells 

Linda White 
Jone White 
Jane White 
Patricia White 
Reese White 
Richard White 




Robert Whitbeck 
Corol Whitehurst 
Carl Whitley 
Lora Wian 
Mary Wiggins 
Sonny Wiggins 

Judy Wilkinson 
Bill Williams 
Larry Williams 
Lynda Williams 
Maureen Williams 
Sue Williams 

Karen Willis 
Mike Wills 
Christine Wilson 


Dot Wilson 
Gene Wilson 
Sally Wilson 

Eddie Winder 
Tom Widder 
Rick Wolf 
Susan Wolff 
Linda Wood 
Carolyn Woodruff 

Carol Wright 
Judi Wright 
Julia Wright 
Ann Yancey 
Henry Yancey 
Bruce Yargey 

Donno Young 
Jeff Young 
Roger Zimmermon 
Marie Zirpoli 
George Kono 



Nancy Shea is congratulated by teammates for a decisive play. 

The lovely powderpuff cheerleaders lead the Juniors in pep. 

Juniors on the Vorsity squad gather around their class symbol, the Totem. 


Sophomore doss officers and sponsor ore (standing) Debbie Fox, Treasurer; Mr. Cauthen, 
Sponsor; and Madeline Shinn, Secretary, (seated) Jim Milligon, President; and Nancy Slocum, 


Once again a new Sophomore Class has been 
added to the Princess Anne roster. This year's class, 
the largest in the school, consists of approximately 
730 students. These new members originate from 
the Kempsville and Kellam High Schools. 

These sophomores will remember their first year 
at Princess Anne as a very busy one. They have wit- 
nessed the appearance of their new class leaders. 
They have experienced the creation of a new class 
unity as the Sophomore Class of Princess Anne. 
They have begun to mold their class aims and goals 

for the remainder of their high school career. As 
one of the future graduation classes, they have al- 
ready inaugurated a scholarship program for a class 
member. This year their most prominent activity 
has been the Sophomore Class Dance in April. 

These new Cavaliers are well on their way to be- 
coming one of the more outstanding classes of 
Princess Anne. They can be justly proud of their 
accomplishments and con look forward to many 
future successes. 



Ann Ackaway 
Debbie Adams 
Vyonn Adcock 
Perry Adkins 
John Arington 
David Alexander 

Kris Allen 
Sharon Allen 
Teresa Alligood 
Kristine Anderson 
Robert Anthony 
Paula Archibald 

Don Argus 
Darlene Artrip 
Reno Ashbee 
Judy Austin 
Steve Austin 
Valerie Ayers 

Lee Bagley 
Mary Bailey 
Shardon Baker 
Richard Baldwin 
Bubba Banagan 
Pat Bangley 

Emily Banks 
Fred Barnes 
David Barr 
Jim Barr 
Dianna Barton 
Larry Baxloy 

Pat Baxter 
Robert Baxter 
Mary Anne Beachem 
Susan Beale 
Jennifer Beam 
Mike Beam 

Nancy Bean 
John Beard 
David Beaube 
Janie BeBord 
Michael Beck 
Edward Begley 

Cindy Benidict 
Adalene Bennett 
Paul Benoit 
Michael Berger 
Diane Bernard 
Danny Berry 




Frank Biegar 
Jessica Biggers 
Jomes Birchall 
Doug Bishop 
Nancy Bland 
Phyllis Blankenbaker 

Steve Blazo 
Timmy Blount 
Darlene Boord 
Rose Bettcher 
Betty Bond 
Jessie Bordox 

Suzanne Boyd 
Katie Brandshav 

Richard Brady 
Bill Bram 
Bob Branum 
Jeff Bratten 

Jim Braybrook 
Bill Brewster 
Cheryl Bridges 
Sue Briley 
John Brinkley 
Skip Brinkley 

Kenny Britt 
Walter Brookhart 
Linda Brothers 
Anthony Brown 
Chales Brown 
Diane Bruce 

Bill Bryan 
Nancy Bryant 
Phyllis Bunn 
Steve Burcham 
Michael Burgung 
Susan Burton 

Donna Codwallader 
Jim Calhoun 
Kathy Caputo 
Mary Cardillo 
Maureen Carr 

Garry Carroll 
Donna Corter 
Thomas Corter 
Woody Casper 
Carol Cossidy 
Norene Cote 



Debbie Cecil 
Bobby Cerino 
Barbara Chappelle 
Bobbi Chuilli 
Joe Circelli 
Jimmy Clanton 

Peggy Clanton 
Carol Cobb 
Darrel Coley 
Tom Collins 
Jim Constantine 
Melanie Conway 

Ray Cooley 
Sherry Core 
Steve Counts 
Wayne Cowan 
Gale Cox 
Jesse Cox 

Marsha Craig 
Wayne Craig 
Mary Creef 
Mary Crocker 
Janie Cross 
Wanda Crouk 

Kevin Cullen 
Ricky Cummings 
Vicki Cunninghar 
Susan Cuthriell 
Judy Dashiell 
Rusty Daves 

Bill Davis 
Carolyn Davis 
Harold Davis 
John Davis 
Judy Davis 
Preston Davis 

Joel Day 
Bobby Dean 
Jenny Dean 
Jack Deiss 
Fred De La Cruz 
Sandy DeMott 

Nancy Devenish 
Yolanda Diaz 
Joyce Digges 
Linda Dodge 
Betty Dorsett 
Ellen Dowdy 

^ Ctf^ f^ f> ^ 

» V -» 







irffef*- ^- '1 











Yvonne Dowdy 
Lydia Doxey 
Melvin Dozier 
Barbara Drummond 
Tinker Dunbar 
Judy Durham 

Suzanne Durney 
Steve Durren 
Mike Duvall 
Ronnie Eason 
Kathy East 
Susan Edmonds 

Jennie Edwards 
Donna Evans 
Jimmy Everett 
Shirley Falbert 
Debbie Fancher 
Dennis Felton 

George Felts 
Gordon Felts 
Wayne Fields 
Barbara Fisher 
Mike Fonseca 
Anna Fronke 

Foye Fraser 
Louise Fraser 
Marsha Freeman 
Kathleen Friello 
Tom Friesz 
Mike Fruscello 

Nora Fulcher 
Brenda Fulghum 
Stephanie Funk 
Charles Gaines 
Bill Garrison 
Charley Garrison 

Fritz Gaskins 
David Gaylor 
Chris Gerloff 
Leo Gibbs 
Ronnie Gilbert 
Shirley Gilliam 

Donna Gladden 
Bill Godley 
Pom Goff 
Don Goles 
Linda Gossett 
William Gray 



Pat Green 
Ruby Greene 
Karen Gregorie 
Eva Gregory 
Jackie Gregory 
Joon Griffin 

Larry Griggs 
Rose Grimes 
Scherry Grionsby 
Paul Grochmal 
Martin Gross 
Sandra Gwoltney 

David Haddox 
Wally Haislip 
Steve Haley 
Agnes Hall 
Howard Hall 
Barbara Hallel 

Herbie Hamlet 
Janet Hardin 
Linda Harper 
Janet Harold 
Sharon Harrington 
Audrey Harris 

Joan Harris 
Nancy Harris 
Steven Harrison 
Tom Harty 
Judy Hatcher 
Chester Hotstat 

Gary Hawley 
Linda Hayes 
Penny Hayes 
Linda Heffington 
Jerry Helms 
Deanna Heinning 

Butch Hensley 
Cindy Hershberger 
Alvin Hess 
Herman Hewitt 
Wendy Hewitt 
Eddie Hill 

Robert Hill 
Amy Hilton 
Rick Hilton 
Sharon Hinkle 
Mary Hitchings 
Paul Hobbs 




Valerie Hoffman 
Beth Holcomb 
Allen Holloman 
Mary Holman 
Susan Holzhceuser 
Ginny Honsaker 

Barbara Householder 
Debbie Howard 
Bobbie Hudgins 
Richard Hudgins 
Jesse Huggins 
Alex Hughes 

Bill Hughes 
John Hughes 
Ronnie Hughes 
Bill Hunnell 
Cheryl Hunt 
Sherry Inge 

Terry Jackson 
Lynn Jakeman 
Christine Jamerson 
George Jamerson 
Lin Jarvis 
Richard Jeffreys 

Bill Johnson 
David Johnson 
Donna Johnson 
Elaine Johnson 
Henry Johnson 
Jon Johnson 

Tommy Johnson 
Teresa Jolly 
Barbara Jones 
Debbie Jones 
Douglas Jones 
Michael Jones 

Sheryl Jones 
Susan Jones 
Tom Jones 
Janice Jordan 
Jay Josselyn 
Nancy Ann Joyce 

Wanda Keener 
Bruce Keith 
Robert Kelk 
Bill Kelley 
Cheryl Kelley 
Kathleen Kelley 



Steve Keough 
Pat Kibler 
Jerry Kiger 
Tommy Kight 
Linda Kimbrel 
Beverly King 

Phyllis King 
Marilyn Klucy 
John Kneece 
Allen Knick 
Karen Knicley 
Jeep Knight 

Jennie Knox 

Mimi Koster 
Le Ellen Kubow 
Larry Ladd 

Richard Lamm 
Bobby Lane 
Eddie Lassiter 
Lee Laughton 
Nancy Leach 
Bill Leeson 

Cindy Le Gault 
Skip Le Gault 
Randy Legros 

Sandra Lewis 

Leslie Lilley 
Bubba Link 
Ricky Littman 
Barry Lloyd 
Robert Lockwood 
John Long 

Tony Lowery 
Dawn MacCloud 
Janice MacNamara 
Cindy Macon 
Larry Magaddino 
Dennis Magyorosi 

Richard Mangus 
Diane Marino 
Carol Marshall 
Ken Martin 
Margie Martin 
Mike Martin 


¥M^ f*fi 






'^ ^f h^ ^ ^ 


f ,f ,f ^ <i f 

Susan Martin 
Mike Mason 
Leroy Matejcek 
Kathy Matter 
Fran Mauser 
Brenda May 

Tom Mayo 
Reene Mayor 
Colleen McCabe 
Ricky McClintic 
Susan McCully 
Linda McDaniels 

Jean McDowell 
Jerry McGuire 
Sheri McJunkin 
Dennis McKee 
Donna McKeel 
Debbie McKinney 

Hugh McKinney 
Sonya McKinney 
Barbara Meadows 
Kevin Meek 
Susan Merella 
Mike Meserve 

Bill Meyer 
Vicky Meyer 
George Midgette 
Kenneth Miller 
Leslie Miller 
William Miller 

Jim Milligan 
Diana Minton 
George Misak 
Don Mitchell 
Becky Modlin 
Leroy Modlin 

Buster Moffett 
Craig Montomery 
Donald Moore 
Dottie Moore 
Lynn Moore 
Pam Moore 

Phil Moore 
Frederick Mores 
Linda Morey 
Tim Morgon 
Ernie Morris 
Mary Morris 



Lynda Morrison 
Carl Mullin 
Roy Munden 
Becky Mustin 
Olen Naylor 
Jeff Neal 

Kenny Neigenfind 
Trudy Nelson 
Wayne Newton 
Kathy Noblett 
Susan Nolan 
James Nugent 

Ray Nunnally 
Roberta Oatman 
Bill O'Brien 
Dione O'Dell 
Pat O'Donohoe 
Bobby O'Grody 

Nancy Ohman 
Joe Old 

Barbara O'Rouke 
Priscilla Orsagos 
James Oswalt 
Rose Oswalt 

David Owens 
Stephanie Pair 
Forrest Parker 
Mike Patterson 
Howard Pearce 
Bill Peele 

Mary Lou Peery 
Jack Pennington 
Lynne Phipps 
Jerry Pinkham 
James Plank 
Wesley Poindexter 

William Poulter 
Lavino Prescott 

Bonnie Price 
Linda Prior 
Bruce Prout 

Lanny Provo 
Deborah Pruden 
Lori Prytulok 
Susan Raines 
Sherry Randall 
Elizabeth Reese 



Ronny Reid 
Don Rhodes 
Sherry Rhodes 
Alice Richardson 
Burvllle Richardson 
Evelyn Risner 

Brian Robbins 
Diane Robinson 
Greg Robinson 
Liz Robinson 
Joan Rodgers 
Oscar Rodriguez 

Elona Roehl 
Ron Rogers 
Janice Rooks 
Al Roosendool 
Mark Rosenthal 
Jackie Ross 

Al Roundtree 
Bob Royem 
Jim Rudisill 
Julie Rushing 
Laura Russell 
Scott Russell 

Bill Rutherford 
Dennis Ryan 
Gary Rymal 
Jim Sabin 
Johnnie Sadler 
Tisha Salmon 

James Salyers 
Judy Salyers 
Frances Salzberg 
Jim Sands 
Rodney Sanders 
Denny Sanford 

Linda Satterfield 
David Sawyer 
Linda Sawyer 
Claudia Sayles 
Kathy Scarborough 
John Scarlon 

Mary Anne Scherman 
John Schreider 
Regina Schulte 
Victor Scott 
David Shockleford 
Charlie Shea 



Motha Sheoley 







Billie Jean Shelton 
Bill Shields 







Madeline Shinn 
Rhea Shoemaker 
Mary Shorts 







Sonia Siege! 
Michelle Silliman 
William Silliman 
Linda Simpson 
Joe Sisson 
Ronnie Slater 

Lilley Slattery 
Nancy Slocum 
Charlie Smith 
Danny Smith 
Jeff Smith 
Jeff Smith 

Jim Smith 
Richard Smith 
Richard Smith 
Sheryl Smith 
Stephany Smith 
Barbara Snyder 

Glenn Snyder 
Joyce Snyder 
Robert Southard 
Bobbie Spencer 
Tom Spina 
Brenda Spruill 

Mason Spruill 
Vicky Stodler 
Sandra Stamper 
Drew Stanford 
Mike Starkey 
Bruce Starling 

Dove Startzell 
Stanley Stephenson 
Bill Sterling 
Stewart Stevenson 
Arthur Stewart 
Audrey Stocks 

Mary Anne Stone 
Martha Strait 
Tom Strew 
Barbara Stull 
Bill Stull 
Sara Styron 





Paul Sutton 
Richard Syrewicze 
Linda Tarasovtch 
Debbie Tarralto 
Brenda Taylor 
Don Taylor 

Mary Taylor 
Fred Teagle 
Tony Testino 
Bill Thatcher 
Barbara Thomas 
Carolyn Thomas 

Kathy Thomas 
Thelma Thompson 
Mike Tingle 
James Tierney 
Ronnie Tluchak 
Joe Tolleson 

Ruth Toti 
Linda Troutner 
Elaine Truitt 
Dennis Turner 
Mike Turner 
Richard Ughetto 

Morrison Underwood 
Gory Van Auken 
George Van Landingham 
Jesse Venable 
Woodson Venable 
Eileen Vercruysse 

Pat Vest 
William Vick 
Shirley Vinson 
Brenda Ward 
Peggy Ward 
Jerry Ware 

Mark Worford 
Rod Waldorf 
Mike Waldroup 
Lowell Wallice 
Bill Wolls 
David Wagner 

Gene Weaver 
Stephanie Weiss 
Carol Wells 
Cindy Wells 
Chris Werle 
Bonnie Wheeler 


Ethel Wheeler 
Ellen Wheeley 
Gary White 
Patricia Lee White 
Judy Whitehead 
Peggy Whitey 

Wayne Whitley 
Sharon Whitlock 
Phillip Wiggleton 
Skip Wilkins 
Lynn Williams 
Morna Williams 

Judy Wilmoth 
Beth Wilson 
Gina Wilson 
Ike Wilson 
Jerry Wilson 
Linda Wilson 

Shelia Wilson 
George Winslow 
Jimmy Winters 
Cheryl Wizeman 
Mike Womack 
Sharon Wood 

Robin Woodell 
Beth Woolard 
Lindo Workman 
Shirley Workman 
Carol Worrell 
Janis Wray 

Joan Zebich 
Judy Zebich 
Dave Ziemba 
Linda Zinno 
Sharon Zukel 
Mary Jo Emanuelo 


MM 9 


Freshman Class officers are (left to right) Lem Marshall, President; Frank Hightower, Vice- 
President; Marsha Wade, Secretary; Laurencia Winant, Treasurer. 


For the first time in four yeors the Princess Anne 
curriculum includes a Freshman Gloss. The new 
Class includes approximately 180 students all of 
whom originate from the newer Kellom High 

Being the first Freshmen in several years, they 
faced many difficulties as they attempted to main- 
tain their new position at Princess Anne. As their 
enrollment was noticeably smaller than their fellow 
classes, one of the primary aims of the Freshmen 
this year has been a recognition among their great- 
er numbering upperclassmen. In order to achieve 

this recognition, they have engaged in several acti- 
vities solely sponsored by the Freshman Class 
However, due to their limited number, they held 
their Freshman Class Dance in conjunction with 
the Sophomore Dance in April. Nevertheless, the 
Class of '68 has realized many of its ambitions as 
they set new precedents for the future Freshmen at 
Princess Anne High School. 

The Cavaliers con point with pride to the record 
of accomplishments of their new Freshman Class 
with the anticipation of many future honors for 
Princess Anne. 



Priscilla Albert 
Craig Algood 
Zita Andre 
Barbara Anello 
Sheryl Asborne 
Aubrey Backus 
Darlene Bakes 

Barbara Balance 
Denise Batton 
Jan Banschop 
Peggy Blount 
Dusty Boyd 
Lesley Bradshaw 
Marsha Bradshaw 

Suzanne Burcham 
Nancy Garden 
Christine Corr 
Pat Carr 
Wayne Caudill 
Joe Chapman 
Zone Cobb 

Cheryl Cowell 
Christine Craig 
Ray Creed 
Judy Croom 
Sue Devir 
Karren Dick 
Sandy Dilkes 

Ann Dillon 
Sherry Dimowski 
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John Ellis 
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David Fish 

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Carolyn Ford 
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Randy Gambiel 
Chris Gautier 
Ronnie Gibbon 
Kathy Golden 

Pat Goodwin 
Karen Gorman 
Crouse Gray 
Paul Green 
Nancy Grimes 
Susan Halfhill 
Laura Hanneman 

Virginia Hartzog 
Bill Hathaway 
Ronald Haxter 
William Heath 
Helen Henderson 
Tony Hernandez 
Frank Hightower 

Richard Hinzpeter 
Terry Hogan 
Valerie Hopson 
Fred Howell 
Brenda Howett 
Diana Hughes 
Kevin Hughes 




Elizabeth Hugya 
Diane Hunter 
Ellen Hunter 
Suzanne Hunter 
Martin Ingram 
Karen Jeffreys 
David Jensen 

George Jensen 
Alec Johnson 
Jim Johnson 
Gene Jones 
Earl Jorden 
Charlotte Keith 
Donna Kelly 

Kolleen Kelly 
John Kona 
Debby Kowalski 
Michoei Lend 
Diana Lents 
Bobby Mann 
Lem Marshal 

Tom Maxwell 
Robert Mayes 
Joe McCoy 
Richard McGinnis 
Jeff McKain 
Jane McWown 
Sandy Merritt 

Priscilla Midyette 
Conan Miller 
Jacqueline Miller 
Nancy Miller 
Ray Molodovitch 
Larry Moore 
Pot Moron 

Robert Mungin 
Cynthia Muto 
Sandy Newton 
Janice Oxx 
Terry Painter 
Ginger Pair 
Michael Parker 

George Patrick 
Jim Pendleton 
Mike Phelps 
Angie Piccolomini 
Tommy Priest 
Bernard Punsalan 
Joette Randall 

Barbara Reid 
Bob Rice 
Faye Rogers 
Ann Roxburgh 
Bobby Soger 
Linda Salanda 
Bruce Sanderson 

Kothy Sawyer 
Ruth Schcmo 
Marlene Settle 
Linda Sherman 
Jameh Sherrod 
Lois Simmons 
Elaine Simpson 



Paula Spence 
Carol Stauffer 
Mike Stoneham 
Butch Street 
Richard Talbert 
John Teller 
Fred Thomas 

Paul Tilley 
Linda Wade 
Marsha Wade 
Susan White 
Fay Wilson 
Judy Yates 
Jerry Young 

Kathy Zimmer 


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Dozier, M. — 176. 

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Dunnington, R. — 63,127, 

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Durhom, L. — 160. 

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Ourren, S. — 176. 

Ourren, T.— 160. 

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Edwards, C— 160. 
Edwards, J. — 176. 
Edwards, J— 127. 


Edwards, P. — ^128 
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Ellis, J. — 187. 
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Flowers, M. — 160. 
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Fondeco, M. — 176. 
Forbes, S.— 160. 
Ford, C. — 187. 
Ford, P. — 160. 
Forehand, D. — 160. 
Forehand, M. — 129. 
Foreman, P. — 161. 
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Foster, D. 161. 

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Friello, K. — 176. 
Friesz, T. — 176. 
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Frugard, R.— 129 
Fruscello, M. — 176. 
Fruit, N. — 130 
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Fulgrum, B. — 161, 
Funderburk, K. — 130, 
Funderburk, R. — 161, 
Funk, S. — 176. 

Gabritsch, C. — 130 
Galindo, B. — 130, 
Gambiel, R. — 187, 
Gonge, C, — 176. 
Garrett, A. — 161. 
Garrett, E. — 161. 
Garcia, M. — 130. 
Garriott, M. — 14, 
Garrison, B. — 176. 
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Gatlin, L. — 57,58. 
Gautier, C— 187. 
Gautier, R.— 51,130, 
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Gay, R. — 161. 
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Geiger, D. — 130. 
Gerloff, C. — 176. 
Gerard, H. — 130. 
Getrige, J.— 130. 
Getz, B.— 161, 
Gibbon, R,— 130. 
Gibbon, R.— 187. 
Gibbs, L.— 176. 
Gibson, S.— 161. 
Gilbert, R. — 176. 


Gilbert, W.— 161. 

Gilliam, S.— 176. 

Gillikin, M.— 161. 

Gladden, D, — 176, 

Glenn, G. — 61 . 

Glenn, G. — 130. 

Glennon, J. — 93,161, 

Glisson, R.— 93,96,130. 

Godley, B. — 176. 

Godwin, R. — 161. 

Goff, P. — 176. 

Golden, K. — 187. 

Golas, D.— 107,176. 

Gomez, M. — 131. 

Goodson, D. — 161. 

Goodman, H. — 131. 

Golden, P. — 130. 

Goodwin, P. — 57,187. 

Gorman, K. — 187. 

Gossett, L. — 176. 

Grasser, B. — 161. 

Grasser, M. — 131. 

Gray, C— 187. 

Gray, L— 131. 

Gray, W.— 176. 

Green, J. — 93,161. 

Green, P.— 33,1 1 5,177. 

Green, P. — 131. 

Green, P. — 187. 

Greene, E. — 161. 

Greene, G. — 161. 

Greene, R. — 177. 

Greer, N.— 51 ,65,1 31 ,21 1 . 

Gregoire, B. — 161. 

Gregoire, K.— 177, 

Gregory, E. — 177. 

Gregory, J. — 177, 

Gregory, M. — 161. 

Grier, G.— 161. 

Griffin, J.— 177. 

Griffin, L. — 51,64,131. 

Griggs, L.— 177. 

Grimes, N. — 187. 

Grimes, R. — 177. 

Grimsley, 5.-57,58,177. 

Grisson, T. — 161. 

Grochmal, D. — 14,60,131. 

Grochmal, P.— 60,56,1 07,1 77. 

Gross, M. — 177. 

Grumbach, E. — 93. 

Gurganus, A. — 161. 

Gurganus, 6.-75,81,131. 

Gwaltney, C. — 60,113,131. 

Gwaltney, S. — 177. 

Haddox, D. — 177. 
Haddox, D. — 131. 
Hager, S. — 161. 
Haislip, W. — 177. 
Haley, D. — 161. 
Haley, S. — 177. 
Halfhill, S. — 187. 
Hall, A.— 177. 
Hall, E.— 161. 
Hall, G.— 89,161. 
Hall, H.— 177. 
Hall, R.— 131. 
Mallei, B. — 177. 
Hamlet, H. — 177. 
Hancock, L. — 161. 
Hanks, J. — 131. 
Hannemon, G. — 161 
Hanneman, L. — 189. 
Hordgrove, J. — 161. 
Hardin, J.— 177. 
Harper, L. — 177. 
Harpold, J. — 177. 
Harrington S. — 1 15,177. 
Harris, A.— 177. 
Harris, C— 161. 
Harris, J. — 131. 
Harris, J.— 161 
Horris, J. — 177. 
Harris, L. — 161. 
Harris, N.— 177. 
Harris, V.^161. 
Harrison, 8.-89,132. 
Harrison, J. — 161. 
Harrison, R. — 162. 
Harrison, S. — 177. 
Harrison, W.— 63,132. 
Hartley. B, — 66,132. 
Hartlove, P. — 162. 
Harty, T.— 57,177. 
Hartzog, V. — 187. 
Harvey, B.— 59,132. 
Haskell, J.— 132. 
Hass, C— 85,132. 
Hass, J. — 162. 
Hass, L. — 162. 
Hastings, B. — 162. 
Hatch, G. — 162. 
Hatch, J. — 162. 
Hatcher, J. — 177. 
Hathaway, B. — 187. 
Hatstat, C. — 177. 
Havu, B. — 17,89,132. 
Hawkins, R. — 162. 
Hawley, G. — 177. 
Hoxter, M. — 132. 
Haxter, R. — 187. 
Hayden, R. — 162. 
Hayes, L— 177. 
Hayes, P.— 177. 
Haynes, R. — 162. 
Hazelwood, M. — 162. 
Head, G.— 33,45,132. 
Hearsum, E.— 132. 
Heath, W. — 187. 
Hebert, P. — 162. 
Hebert, A. — 162. 

ns, J,- 


Helsabeck, J. — 162. 

Helton, J. — 57. 

Hemming, W. — 162. 

Henderson, D. — 162. 

Henderson, H. — 187. 

Henderson, L. — 162, 

Henderson, R.— l 0,1 7,33,35,51 ,1 32. 

Hendren, V. — 162. 

Hendron, W. — 47,79,132. 

Hendrickson, L. — 162. 

Hennessee, P. — 132. 

Henning, D. — 177. 

Hensley, B. — 177. 

Hensley, L. — 162. 

Hensley, R.— 132. 

Hernandez, T. — 187. 

Hershberger, A. — 177. 

Hershberger, D. — 133. 

Hess, A. — 177. 

Hewitt, D. — 162. 

Hewitt, H. — 177. 

Hewitt, W. — 177, 

Hewitt, S.— 133. 

Hightower, F. — 186,187. 

Hildebrand, M. — 133. 

Hill, D.— 133. 

Hill, E.— 177. 

Hill, G.— 162. 

Hill, R.— 177. 

Hilton, A. — 177. 

Hilton, R. — 177. 

Hinds, D. — 133. 

Hinkle, 5.-57,58,177. 

Hinzpeter, R. — 187. 

Hinzpter, C. — 162, 

Hise, B. — 162. 

Hitchings, M. — 177. 

Hobbs, P.— 177. 

Hodges, B. — 133. 

Hodges, L.— 162. 

Hodnett, E. — 162. 

Hoffman, V. — 178. 

Hogan, T. — 187. 

Holcomb, B. — 178. 

Holcomb, T. — 162. 

Holland, J. — 133. 

Holland, S.— 133. 

Holloman, A. — 178. 

Holman, J. — 133. 

Holman, M. — 178. 

Holt, N. — 57,58,133. 

Holt, P. — 133. 

Holzhoeuser, B. — 178. 

Honeycutt, P. — 133. 

Honsaker, G. — 178. 

Hooks, B.— 88,162. 

Hooks, R. — 1 13,133. 

Hooper, 5.-113,133. 

Hoover, E.— 57,162. 

Hopson, V. — 187. 

Horip, C— 162, 

Horstman, C. — 162. 

Horton, R. — 162. 

Householder, B.— 178. 

Howard, D. — 178. 

Howell, F. — 187. 

Howett, B. — 187. 

Hudgins, B. — 178. 

Hudgins, F. — 162. 

Hudgins, R.— 178. 

Hudson, L. — 51,61,80,133. 

Huggins, J. — 178. 

Hughes, A. — 178. 

Hughes, B.— 178. 

Hughes, D. — 187. 

Hughes, J. — 178. 

Hughes, K.— 1 87. 

Hughes, R.^178. 

Hughes, T. — 162. 

Hugya, E.— 188. 

Hunley, G. — 134. 

Hunnell, B.— 178. 

Hunt, C— 178. 

Hunter, D. — 57,188. 

Hunter, E. — 188. 

Hunter, 5. — 57,188. 

Hutchinson, D. — 93,162. 

Hutten, B.^42,49,162. 

Hyatt, R.— 134. 



Inge, J. — 71,162. 
Inge, S. — 178. 
Ingold, L. — 134. 
Ingram, M. — 188 
Ingram, S. — 134. 
Island, S. — 134. 
Ives, B.— 162. 

Jackson, T. — 178. 
Jagneaux, E. — 134. 
Jakeman, L. — 178. 
Jamerson, C. — 178. 
Jamerson, G. — 178. 
James, L.— 60,1 34,1 55. 
Jarmon, W.— 162. 
Jarrell, T. — 162. 
Jarvis, L. — 178. 
Jeffries, R.— 57,178. 
Jeffries, K. — 188. 
Jenkins, D. — 163. 
Jennette, B. — 163. 
Jennette, P. — 134. 
Jennings, D. — 163. 
Jennings, J. — 71,134. 

ansen, D. — 57,188. 

ensen. G. — 188. 

Jensen, J.- 


Johnson, A 


Johnson, B 

— 178. 

Johnson, C 


Johnson, D 

.— 163. 

Johnson, D 


Johnson, E. 

— 178. 

Johnson, F 


Johnson, H 

1.— 178. 

Johnson, J. 

— 178. 

Johnson, J. 

— 188. 

Johnson, L. 

— 134. 

Johnson, P 


Johnson, P 


Johnson, R 


Johnson, S, 

— 134. 

Johnson, T 

.— 178. 

Johnson V. 

— 163. 

Jolley, J,— 


Jolley, T.- 


Jones, A.- 


Jones, B.— 


Jones, B.— 


Johns, D.— 


Jones, D.- 


Jones, D.— 


Jones, G. — 


Jones, G.— 


Jones, M.- 


Jones, S. — 


Jones, S.— 


Jones, T.— 


Jorden, E.- 


Jordan, J.- 


Jordan, J.- 


Jordan, J.- 


Jordan, L.- 


Joseph, A.- 


Josselyn, J 

.— 178. 

Joyce, J.— 


Joyce, N.— 


Joyner, C- 


Joyner, P.- 


Kanory, E.- 

— 163. 

Karn, P.— 


Keener, W 


Keigh, A.- 


Keith, B.— 


Keith, C— 


Kelk, R.— 


Kelly, S.— 


Kelley, B.- 


Kelley, C- 


Kelley, J.- 

Kelley, K.- 



Kelley, S.- 


Kelly, B.— 


Kelly, D.— 


Kelly, K. 

■56 1 88 

Kelly! L. — 


Kemph, J.- 


Keough, S. 

— 179. 

Kern M.— 


Kerr, H.— 


Kibler, P.- 


Kibler, W.- 


Kiger, J.— 


Kigerl, A.- 


Kight, R.— 


Kight, T.- 



R.— 135. 

Kimball, A 


Kimbrel, L 

— 179, 

Kimball, N 

1.— 163. 

King, B.— 


King, B.— 


King, C— 


King, P. — 


Kingsley, N.— 135. 

Kiser, W.- 


Klecky, A.- 


Klucy, M.- 


Klucy, M.- 


Knack, D.- 


Kneece, B. 

— 163. 

Kneece, J. 

— 179. 

Knick, A.- 


Knick V- 


Knicley, K, 


Knight, J.- 


Knox, J.— 


Koblentz, : 

S.— 136. 

Kohler, D.- 


Kolling, R. 

— 163. 

Kona, J.— 


Kona, J. — 


Kona, S.— 


Konin, R.- 



J.— 163. 

Koster, M.- 

— 179. 

Kowolski, 1 

D.— 188. 

Ladd, L. — 179. 
Laguo, T. — 163. 
Lamar, C. — 136. 
Lamm, R. — 179. 
Lamping, C. — 51,136. 
Lane, B— 179. 
Lane, L. — 136. 
Lone, T. — 136. 
Lang, G. — 62,163. 
Langhorne, J. — 136. 
Langhorne, T. — 163. 
Lassiter, 8.-93,97,98. 
Lassiter, E. — 57,179. 
Lassiter, J. — 163. 

Loughton, K. — 136. 

Laughton, L. — 179. 

Law, N.— 163. 

Lawson, S. — 136. 

Leoch, B.— 163. 

Leach, N.— 179 

Leonett, J. — 163. 

Lee, 6.-60,89,137. 

Leeson, B. — 57,179. 

Legault, C— 179. 

Le Gorelt, S.— 179. 

Legros, R. — 179. 

Leiphart, D. — 163. 

Leiley, L.— 179. 

Lend, M. — 188. 

Leonard, L — 163. 

Leonard, J. — 163. 

Leonard, J. — 163. 

Leonard, W. — 137. 

Levitt, E. — 179. 

Lewis, E.— 179. 

Lewis, J. — 137. 

Lewis, N. — 164. 

Lewis, S.— 179. 

Lewis, S. — 164. 

Lewis, W. — 137. 

Lents, D. — 188. 

Libbin, B. — 137. 

Libbin, R.— 137. 

Lilly, A. — 164. 

Lindsay, B. — 68,137. 

Lindsay, E. — 164. 

Link, 8.-107,179. 

Lipinske, M. — 164. 

Littman, R. — 179. 

Littman, S. — 137. 

Lloyd, B. — 179. 

Lloyd, D. — 164. 

Lloyd, R. — 164. 

Livelle, W. — 164. 

Lockwood, R. — -179. 

Long, C. — 164. 

Long, P. — 64,67,164. 

Long, S. — 76,164. 

Long, S. — 137. 

Long, S. — 179. 

Lowery, T. — 179. 

Lubimov, L.— 6,33,51,73,89,137. 

Lucy, W. — 164. 

Lugo, R. — 164. 

Lundy, R. — 137. 

Lyman, 6.-33,72,137. 

Lynch, L.— 137. 

Lynch, S.— 137. 

Mac Leod, D. — 179. 

Mac Namara, J. — 179. 

Macomber, C. — 51,137. 

Macon, C— 59,87,1 79. 

Macon, S— 51 ,52,59,87,1 1 7,1 38,1 55, 

Magaddino, L. — 179. 
Magyorosi, D. — 179. 
Major, 6. — 138. 
Malabad, E. — 138. 
Malmfeldt, S. — 51,138. 
Molodovitch, A. — 138. 
Mangus, R. — 179. 
Mann, 6. — 188. 
Mannen, P.— 1 1 ,1 2,1 4,1 7,1 8,19,41 ,66, 

Mannen, T. — 16,41,64,138. 
Manning, K. — 86,164. 
Morcin, K. — 164. 
Marino, D. — 179. 
Marks, W.— 164. 
Marshall, 6.-164. 
Marshall, L. — 107,186,188. 
Marshall, C. — 179. 
Morshall, S. — 138. 
Morson, B. — 164. 
Martin, A.— 164. 
Martin, 6. — 164. 
Martin, M. — 179. 
Martin, M. — 179. 
Martin, N. — 164. 
Martin, T.— 164. 
Martin, S.— 179. 
Martin, V.— 51,138. 
Mason, H. — 1 18,138. 
Mason, M. — 180. 
Mateicek, L.— 180. 
Mathis, A.— 138. 
Matney, A.— 138. 
Motter, K.— 180. 
Matthews, D. — 138. 
Motthews, S. — 138. 
Matthias, B. — 138. 
Matthias, S. — 164. 
Mouser, F. — 180. 
Maxwell, J. — 164. 
Maxwell, J. — 164. 
Maxwell, T. — 188. 
Moy, B.— 180. 
May, M— 164. 
Mayes, R. — 188. 
Mays, L— 62,164. 
Moyo, 0—19,85,139,211,52. 
Moyo, J— 139. 
Moyo, T. — 180. 
Mayor, R. — 180. 
Mazzei, M.— 139. 
Mozzei, T. — 164. 
McAuslon, E. — 76,139. 
McBurney, ). — 139. 
McCobc, C— ISO. 
McCausland, S. — 164. 
McClotchey.S. — 76,139. 
McClcnny, C— 40,139. 
McClenny, S.— 180. 

McClintic, R. — 180. 

McCoy, A. — 12,14,100,101,139. 

McCoy, J. — 164. 

McCoy, J. — 188. 

McCullough,T. — 139. 

McCully, S. — 180. 

McDaniel, J. — 139. 

McDaniels, L.— 180. 

McDougle.C. — 164. 

McDowell, J. — 180. 

McGothey, S. — 164. 

McGee, E. — 64,139. 

McGinnis, L. — 164. 

McGinnis, R. — 188. 

McGinty, 6. — 164. 

McGrow, T. — 139. 

McGuire, J. — 180. 

McHargue, J. — 139,39. 

McGuire, S. — 180. 

McKain, J. — 188. 

McKee, D. — 180. 

McKee, J.— 19,164. 

McKee, M. — 164. 

McKeel, D. — 180. 

McKeel, W.— 139. 

McKenzie, M. — 139. 

McKinney, D. — 180. 

McKinney, H. — 180. 

McKinney, S. — 164. 

McKinney, S. — 180. 

McKinney, V. — 164. 

McKown, J. — 188. 

McMahan, G. — 14,60,63,82,105,112, 

McMullen, P. — 16,71,140. 
McNamara, J.— 164. 
McNeece, C. — 164. 
McNulty, J. — 103,105,106,112,164. 
McPherson, C. — 33,51,140. 
McSpadden, M. — 164. 
Meade, W. — 140. 
Meadows, B. — 180. 
Medley, G. — 1 14,140. 
Meek, K. — 180. 
Melfa, M. — 164. 
Messana, S. — 165. 
Merella, S. — 180. 
Merritt, S. — 188. 
Merwin, J.— 140. 
Meserve, J. — 140. 
Meserve, M. — 180. 
Meyer, 6. — 180. 
Meyer, V. — 180. 
Midgett, M. — 140. 
Midgett, S. — 140. 
Midyette, D. — 165. 
Midgette, G — 180. 
Midyette, P. — 188. 
Miessou, J. — 140. 
Mikeal, S. — 57,165. 
Miles, R.— 57,165. 
Miller, A. — 165. 
Miller, C. — 165. 
Miller, C— 107,188. 
Miller, D. — 140. 
Miller, E.— 40,140. 
Miller, F.— 165. 
Miller, J. — 57,165. 

Miller, J. — 188. 

Miller, J. — 140. 

Miller, J.— 40,140. 

Miller, K.— 180. 

Miller, L.— 180. 

Miller, M. — 140. 

Miller, N. — 141. 

Miller, N. — 188. 

Miller, P.— 57,165. 

Miller, W.— 180. 

Mills, C— 165. 

Milligan, J.— 57,1 72,1 80. 

Mills, J.— 165. 

Mills, S. — 141. 

Minton, D. — 180. 

Minton, R. — 165. 

Misok, G. — 180. 

Mitchell, D.— 180. 

Mitchell, J. — 165. 

Mitchell, R.— 141. 

Mizelle, L. — 141. 

Mobley, S. — 165. 

Modlin, B. — 180. 

Modlin, L.— 180. 

Modlin, T. — 141. 

Modlin, T. — 165. 

Motfett, B. — 180. 

Molodovitch, K— 87,165. 

Molodovitch, R. — 188. 

Montez, 6. — 17,141. 

Montez, R. — 57,165. 

Montgomery, C. — 180. 

Montgomery, J. — 45,51,141. 

Montgomery, K. — 165. 

Montgomery, V. — 165. 

Moore, C— 165. 

Moore, D. — 165. 

Moore, D. — 180. 

Moore, D. — 180. 

Moore, E.— 165. 

Moore, J.— 57,165. 

Moore, L. — 188. 

Moore, L.^ — 180. 

Moore, P.— 180. 

Moore, P. — 180. 

Moore, R. — 165. 

Moore, 5.-93,97,89,141. 

Moore, S— 33,51,141. 

Moron, P. — 188. 

Mores, F.— 180. 

Morey, L. — ISO. 

Morey, W.— 141. 

Morgan, T. — 180. 
Morgan, W. — 141. 
Morris, C. — 165. 
Morris, E. — 180. 
Morris, M. — 165. 
Morris, M. — 180. 
Morris, P. — 165. 
Morris, T. — 165. 
Morrison, L. — 181. 
Morrison, R. — 64,141. 
Morse, J. — 141. 
Mullenox, S. — 85,165. 
Mullin, C. — 181. 
Mullins, G. — 165. 
Munden, R. — 56,181. 
Mungin R. — 188. 
Murdaugh, D. — 165. 
Murden, S. — 141. 
Murphy, D. — 142. 
Murphy, L. — 165. 
Murphy, S. — 165. 
Mustin, 6. — 181. 
Muto, C. — 188. 
Muto, G. — 142. 
Myers, B. — 107. 

Nodeou, R. — 165. 
Nogy, M.— 142. 
Naylor, O. — 181. 
Neal, J.— 181. 
Neblett, B. — 165. 
Neigenfind, K. — 181. 
Neisler, T. — 181. 
Melson, P. — 142. 
Nelson, T. — 181. 
Newman, M. — 165. 
Nicholas, J. — 165,72. 
Newton, S. — 188. 
Newton, W. — 181. 
Nichols, K. — 142. 
Nikias, P. — 57,165. 
Nimmo, J. — 142. 
Nisonger, S. — 165. 
Noblett, K.— 56,181. 
Nolan, S. — 181. 
Nordin, J.— 165. 
Northcutt, N. — 165. 
Nuckols, P. — 51,142. 
Nugent, J. — 181. 
Nunnally, R. — 181. 

Oatmon, R. — 181. 

O'Brien, B. — 181. 

O'Brien, J. — 142. 

O'Brien, N. — 142. 

O'Dell, D. — 181. 

O'Dell, D. — 142. 

Odom, P.— 82,93,96,98, 105,106,142. 

O'Donohoe, P. — 181. 

O'Grady, B. — 181. 

Ohman, N. — 181. 

Old, J.— 181. 

Oliver, R. — 166. 

O'Neal, D. — 166. 

O'Neal, O. — 142. 

Ontjes, M— 51,67,142. 

Orazi, M. — 166. 

O'Rourke, B. — 181. 

Orsagos, P. — 181. 

Oswalt, J. — 181. 

Oswalt, R. — 181. 

Overbu, M. — 82,166,212. 

Overstreet, K. — 166. 

Owens, A. — 12,14,142. 

Owens, B. — 166. 

Owens, D. — 181. 

Oxx, J.— 188. 

Pacheco, M. — 142. 

Page, C— 166. 

Page, D. — 166. 

Pagonis, A. — 166. 

Painter, S. — 74,143. 

Painter, T. — 188. 

Pair, G.— 188. 

Pair, S.— 181. 

Porham, S. — 166. 

Parker, A— 143. 

Parker, F. — 181. 

Porker, J.— 60,105,1 43. 

Parker K. — 1 1,12,14,17,20.21,51,61, 

Parker, M.— 16,142. 
Parker, M. — 188. 
Porrish, D— 166. 
Pote, N— 52,82,143,155,211. 
Patrick, G. — 188. 
Patterson, M. — 57,181. 
Patterson, P. — 143. 
Paul, L.— 76,143. 
Paulson, L— 51,33,53,60,93,94,98,1 13, 

143,155,198,21 1. 
Payne, B— 166. 
Payne, D— 86,1 15,166 
Peacock, R. — 166. 
Peorce, H. — 57,181. 
Peccia, 0.-36,63,143. 
Pederson, J. — 57. 
Peele, B.— 181. 
Peery, M.— 181. 
Pendleton, J. — 188. 
Pendleton, W. — 166. 
Pennington, J. — 181. 
Pennington, R— 33,62,50,89,1 43 
Perry, D. — 166. 
Perry, L— 166. 
Perry, M— 74,166. 
Perry, P.— 143. 
Perry, W. — 166. 
Peters, V— 166. 

Peterson, W. — 143. 
Phelps, M. — 188. 
Phillips, 8. — 57,166. 
Phillips, C— 113,143. 
Phillips, P.— 57,143. 
Phipps, L. — 181. 
Piccolomini, A. — 188. 
Piccolomini, J. — 57,166. 
Pierce, C. — 166. 
Pierce, M. — 144. 
Pierce, M. — 144. 
Pinion, G. — 64,166. 
Pinkhom, J. — 181. 
Pittman, S. — 64,166. 
Pitts, C — 166. 
Plank, J. — 181. 
Pledger, A. — 76,144. 
Plevyak, S. — 104,144. 
Plowucho, S. — 144. 
Poindexter, W. — 181. 
Polhomus, R. — 166. 
Pollock, F. — 17,45,35,51,49,61 

Porro, P. — 10,1 1,35,144. 
Poulter, E. — 144. 
Poulter, E. — 144. 
Poulter, W. — 181. 
Powell, C. — 166. 
Powers, C. — 87,166. 
Powers, L. — 166. 
Prangley, L. — 19,100,101,166 
Pratt, S. — 144. 
Preddy, K. — 51,85,144. 
Prescott, L. — 181. 
Prevo, S. — 144. 
Prevo, S. — 181. 
Price, 6.— 181. 
Price, M. — 66,144. 
Priest, T. — 188. 
Prior, L.— 181. 
Pritchord, L. — 144. 
Prout, 8.— 181. 
Provo, L. — 181. 
Pruden, D.— 181. 
Prytulak, L. — 181. 
Punsolan, 8. — 188. 
Punsolan, L. — 144. 
Puryear, D. — 57,71,88,145. 
Puryear, J. — 145. 

Rokowski, J. — 145. 

Raines, S. — 181. 

Randoll, J. — 188. 

Randall, S. — 181. 

Ray, S. — 145. 

Reed, R. — 145. 

Reese, E.— 181. 

Register, G. — 57,166 

Reid, 8.— 188. 

Reid, R.— 93,98,182. 

Respess, L. — 88,166. 

Revely, S. — 145. 

Reynolds, 8. — 167. 

Rhodes, D. — 182. 

Rice, 8. — 167. 

Rice, 6.- 188. 

Riccio, A. — 81,145. 

Richardson, A. — 182. 

Richardson, B. — 182. 

Richardson, C. — 167. 

Richter, J.— 1 0,1 3,14,1 7,1 00,101 ,145, 

Ricks, G. — 167 

Riley, J. — 145. 

Risinger, J. — 145. 

Risner, C. — 145. 

Risner, E— 182. 

Robore, L. — 145. 

Robbins, 6.— 182. 

Robbins, J. — 145,66. 

Roberts, G. — 145. 

Robertson, 8. — 145. 

Robertson, 0. — 146. 

Robey, D. — 146. 

Robinette, 0. — 146. 

Robinson, B. — 39,41,146. 

Robinson, C. — 146. 

Robinson, D. — 182. 

Robinson, E.— 167. 

Robinson, G. — 182. 

Robinson, L. — 146. 

Robinson, L. — 182. 

Robinson, P. — 167. 

Rodes, H. — 167. 

Rodgers, J. — 182. 

Rodriguez, O. — 65,182. 

Roehl, E— 182. 

Roesle, M. — 146. 

Rogers, F. — 188. 

Rogers, F. — 167. 

Rogers, K. — 182. 

Rogers, L. — 167. 

Rohr, A. — 167. 

Rohr, G— 105,167. 

Roland, G. — 146. 

Rood, J. — 146. 

Rooks, J.— 182. 

Rooks, R.— 88,167. 

Roosendaol, A. — 107,182. 

Rorrer, E— 16,71,146. 

Rorrer, S. — 167. 

Rosenthal, M. — 182. 

Ross, J.— 182. 

Roundtree, A. — 167,182. 

Rouse, 0. — 146. 

Rowe, C— 57,167. 

Rowe, P.— 146. 

Rowe, S— 146,155 

Roxburgh, A.— 188. 

Royem, B. — 182. 


Rucks, R. — 167. 
Rudisill, D. — 146. 
Rudisill, J.— 182. 
Rushing, J. — 182. 
Rushing, .P — 81,146. 
Russell, L.— 182. 
Russell, S.-^l-82. 
Rutherford, B. — 182. 
Ryan, D. — 182. 
Ryan, R. — 147. 
Rymal, G. — 182. 

Sabin, J. — 182. 

Sachon, P.— 24,94,93,96,98,167. 

Sadler, J. — 57,182. 

Soger, B. — 188. 

Sahr, E. — 146. 

Sailey, R. — 57,147. 

Saldana, L. — 57,188. 

Salmon, T. — 182. 

Salyers, J. — 182. 

Salyers, J. — 182. 

Salzberg, F. — 182. 

Sanders, R.— 1 82. 

Sanderson, B. — 188. 

Sanderson, P. — 167. 

Sands, J. — 182. 

Sands, T. — 167. 

Sanford, C— 147. 

Sanford, D. — 107,182. 

Satterfield, L.— 182. 

Saunders, D. — 167. 

Savage, S. — 167. 

Sawyer, B. — 167. 

Sawyer, D.— 57,182. 

Sawyer, F. — 147. 

Sawyer, K. — 188. 

Sawyer, L.— 182 

Sawyer, M. — 167 

Sawyer, S. — 93,98. 

Sayyies, C. — 182 

Sayles, T.— 16,147. 

Scarborough, K. — 182. 

Scarlon, J.— 182. 

Scarper, W. — 41,147. 

Schartz, S. — 167. 

Schemo, R.— 188. 

Scherman, M.^182. 

Schmidt, M. — 51 61,147. 

Schneider, G. — 147. 

Schreider, J. — 57,182. 

Schreiner, 5.-56,167. 

Schulte, R. — 182. 

Schultz, C. — 167. 

Scott, D.— 147. 

Scott, M. — 167. 

Scott, O.— 167. 

Scott, V. — 182. 

Scvade, B.— 167. 

Seegers, S. — 167. 

Semons, S. — 167. 

Settle, M. — 188. 

Sexton, A. — 176. 

Shackelford, D. — 57,182 

Shaw, D.— 167. 

Shea, C— 182. 

Shea, N. — 42,49,65,68,165. 

Shealey, M. — 183. 

Sheeley, C. — 167. 

Shelby, S. — 147. 

Shelton, A. — 167. 

Shelton, B.— 183. 

Sheppord, J. — -147. 

Sherman, L. — 188. 

Sherrod, J,— 188. 

Shields, B.— 93,183. 

Shields, G. — 147. 

Shields, J. — 167. 

Shinn, M.— 172,183. 

Shipp, R.— 147. 

Shoemaker, R. — 183. 

Shorts, L. — 74,147. 

Shorts, M. — 183. 

Sides, B. — 56,167. 

Siegel, S.— 183. 

Silar, J.— 167. 

Silas, J.— 168. 

Sillimon, M. — 183. 

Simmons, G. — 148. 

Simmons, L. — 188. 

Simon, S. — 168. 

Simms, C— 168. 

Simpson, A. — 56,58,148. 

Simpson, E. — 56,188. 

Simpson, L. — 183. 

Sims, W. — 148. 

Sisley, R. — 168. 

Sisson, J. — 183. 

Sistrunk, D. — 168. 

Sistrunk, L. — 148. 

Skaggs, B.— 63,89,106,11 3,168. 

Skelton, M. — 86,1 15,168. 

Slagle, S. — 75,76,148. 

Slater, R. — 183. 

Slattery, L.— 183. 

Slizewski, D. — 168. 

Slocum, N.— 115,172,183. 

Slocum, S. — 14,17,148. 

Small, L. — 168. 

Smelser, J. — 148. 

Smith, B. — 148. 

Smith, B.— 33,168. 

Smith, C— 168. 

Smith, C— 183. 

Smith, C. — 148. 

Smith, D.— 183. 

Smith, I.— 148. 

Smith, J.— 148. 

Smith, J.— 168. 

Smith, J.— 148, 

Smith, J. — 183. 

Smith, J.— 183. 

Smith, J. — 183. 

Smith, J. — 72,87,148. 

Smith, K.— 168. 

Smith, L. — 148. 

Smith, M.— 87,168. 

Smith, M. — 168. 

Smith, P.— 168. 

Smith, R.— 93,168. 

Smith, R. — 183. 

Smith, R. — 183. 

Smith, R.— 149. 

Smith, S. — 1 15,183. 

Smith, S. — 183. 

Smith, W. — 149. 

Snipes, D. — 57,168. 

Snowden, R. — 168. 

Snyder, B. — 183. 

Snyder, G. — 183. 

Snyder, J.— 168. 

Snyder, J. — 183. 

Snyder, P.— 168. 

Southard, R. — 183. 

Spain, J.— 168. 

Spalding, T. — 45,50,89,149. 

Spargos, B. — 62,168. 

Sparks, L. — 51,149. 

Sparrow, I. — 149. 

Speight, L. — 57,149. 

Spence, P. — 189. 

Spencer, B.— 183. 

Spencer, I. — 168. 

Spina, T.— 183. 

Spinella, W. — 149. 

Sprague, K. — 168. 

Spraker, L. — 149. 

Spreader, D. — 149. 

Springle, R. — 64,88,71,149. 

Springston, P. — 168. 

Spurill, B. — 183,42. 

Spurill, C— 148. 

Spruill, M.— 183. 

Stadler, V.— 183. 

Stakes, B.— 163. 

Stallings, C. — 149. 

Stallings, K. — 90,107. 

Stamm, M. — 149. 

Stamper, S.— 183. 

Stancil, K.— 149. 

Stanford, D. — 183,107. 

Stark, J.— 149. 

Starkey, M.— 183. 

Starling, B. — 183. 

Startzell, D.— 183. 

Stauffer, C— 189. 

Stauffer, S.— 150. 

Stein, J.— 93. 

Stephenson, S. — 183,57. 

Sterling, B. — 183. 

Stevens, B. — 168. 

Stevens, D.— 168,71. 

Stevens, R. — 150. 

Stevenson, S. — 183,57. 

Steward, B. — 168,56. 

Stewart, A. — 183. 

Stocks, A.— 183. 

Stocks, M. — 150. 

Stoddert, R.—l 56,1 00,1 01 ,1 68,49,: 

Stone, L. — 168. 

Stone, M. — 183. 

Stone, S.— 56,150. 

Stoneham, M. — 189. 

Stowell, S. — 168. 

Strait, M. — 183. 

Stratton, C— 97,93,98,88,1 50. 

Street, B.— 189. 

Street, E.— 68,1 69,56. 

Street, S. — 150. 

Strew, T. — 183. 

Strickland, B. — 150. 

Strom, T. — 150. 

Stull, B.— 183. 

Stull, B.— 183. 

Styron, A.— 1 5,97,1 4,93,1 8,1 50. 

Styron, S. — 183. 

Suggs, B. — 168. 

Suggs, L.— 150,89. 

Sulcer, R. — 57. 

Summers, D. — 168. 

Sunrell, M. — 168. 

Sutton, K. — 93,169. 

Sutton, P. — 184. 

Swanner, J. — 150. 

Sykes, C. — 85,168. 

Syrewicze, R. — 184. 


Taft, T.— 168. 
Talbert, R. — 18' 
Torasovtch, L. — 
Tarkington, E. — 
Torralto, D.— If 
Tate, J. — 168. 
Tatum, S.— 169, 
Taylor, B. — 184 
Taylor, B. — 150 
Taylor, C. — 169. 
Taylor, D. — 150. 
Taylor, D. — 184. 
Taylor, G.— 33,150, 
Taylor, M. — 184. 
Taylor, T. — 88,151 
Taylor, V.— 169. 
Teogle, F. — 184. 
Teasley, D.— 96,93 
Tedder, T.— 169. 
Teghtmeyer, S. — \i 
Teller, D.— 151. 
Teller, J.— 189. 
Templeton, D. — 16 


T.— 151. 

Testino, T.- 


Thatcher, E 

!.— 184. 

Thomas, B.- 

— 184. 

Thomas, C. 

— 184 

Thomas, C. 

— 184, 

Thomas, D. 

— 151, 

Thomas, F.- 

— 189. 

Thomas, K. 

— 169. 

Thomas, R. 

— 169,60. 

Thomas, S.- 

— 169. 

Thomas, T. 

— 169. 

Thomas, W 

.— 169. 


F.— 169. 


C— 93. 


R.— 169. 


T. — 184, 

Thurston, J 

.— 169. 

Tierney, J.- 


Tilley, P.— 



1, E.— 57,151. 

Tingle, M.- 

— 1 84 

Tlngle, L.- 


Tluchak, R. 

— 184. 

Tolleson, J. 

— 184. 

Tolleson, W 


Tolson, R.- 


Toti, R.— 184. 


, R.— 151. 


C— 169. 

Troutner, A. — 151. 

Troutner, L 

.— 184. 

Truitt, E.— 


Turner, D.- 


Turner, D.- 


Turner, M.- 


Tyrell, D.— 


Ughette, R 

— 184,107, 


M. — 1 84. 

Vail, B.— 72,151,45,51. 
Van Auken, G. — 184. 
Van Aukan, J. — 16,71,151 
Vance, K. — 169,57. 
Vance, R. — 151. 
Von Landingham, G, — 184 
Vann, J. — 169. 
Vann, P.— 169. 
Von Orden, K.— 93,151. 
Wan Pelt, G. — 59,152. 
Variot, G. — 169,86. 
Vassales, S. — 56. 
Venable, J. — 184. 
Venable, W. — 184. 
Vennick, E. — 96,93,169,63. 
Vercruysse, E. — 184. 
Vercruysse, J. — 152. 
Vest, P.— 184. 
Vick, G.— 152. 
Vick, W. — 184. 
Vine, W. — 169. 
Vinson, G. — 169. 
Vinson, S. — 184. 

Wade, L.— 189. 

Wade, M. — 57,186,189. 

Wagner, D. — 184. 

Waldorf, R.— 184. 

Waldroup, M. — 184. 

Walker, W. — 152. 

Wall, J.— 169. 

Wallace, L. — 57,169. 

Wallice, L.— 184. 

Walls, B.— 184. 

Waltz, J. — 169. 

Want, J.— 169. 

Ward, A.— 152. 

Ward, B. — I 15,184. 

Ward, G.— 86,156,169, 

Ward, P. — 169. 

Ward, P. — 184. 

Ware, J. — 107,184. 

Ware, P. — 103,106,169. 

Warel, K. — 169. 

Wardord, M.— 184. 

Warrel, K, — 57. 

Warren, M. — 152. 

Warren, E.— 152. 

Watson, B. — 152. 

Watson, J. — 152. 

Watts, B.— 169. 

Weathers, A. — 169. 

Weaver, G. — 184. 

Webb, J. — 71,169. 

Webb, J.— 152. 

Webb, R. — 17,67,88,152, 

Weiss, S.— 184. 

Wells, C— 184. 

Wells, C. — 184. 

Wells, 0.-93,103,105,106,169. 

Werle, C— 184. 

Werle, M. — 152. 

West, A. — 152. 

West, D.— 152. 

Westmoreland, J. — 152. 

Wheeler, B. — 184. 

Wheeler, E.— 185. 

Wheeley, E. — 185. 

Wheeley, K.— 153. 

Whitbeck, B. — 93,170. 

White, G.— 185. 

White, L. — 169. 

White, J. — 85,169. 

White, P. — 169. 

White, P.— 185. 

White, R. — 57,169. 

White, S — 189. 

Whited, B. — 153. 

Whitehead, J.— 185. 

Whitey, P.— 185. 

Whitehurst, C. — 170, 

Whitehurst, L.— 153. 

Whitehusrt, R. — 153. 

Whitenack, R. — 153. 

Whitley, C. — 93,94,170. 

Whitley, W.— 185. 

Whitlock, S. — 185. 

Whitlow, L.— 51,61,65,80,85,153,155, 

Wian, L.— 170. 
Wiggins, M. — 170. 
Wiggins, S.— 170. 
Wiggleton, P.— 185. 
Wilhelm, B. — 66,153. 
Wilkins, J. — 153. 
Wilkins, S.— 185. 
Wilkinson, J.— 115,170. 
Will, E.— 153. 
Williams, B.— 153. 
Williams, B.— 170. 
Williams, B.— 93. 
Williams, L.— 170. 
Williams, L. — 170. 
Williams, L. — 185. 
Williams, M.— 170. 
Williams, M. — 185. 
Williams, S. — 170. 
Williams, v.— 56,153. 
Williamson, A. — 83,153. 
Willis, K. — 170. 
Wills, M. — 170. 
Wills, M. — 170 
Wilmoth, D. — 153. 
Wilmoth, J. — 185. 
Wilson, B. — 185. 
Wilson, C. — 170. 
Wilson, C— 170. 
Wilson, D. — 153. 
Wilson, D. — 170. 
Wilson, F. — 189. 
Wilson, G. — 170. 
Wilson, G. — 185. 
Wilson, I. — 185. 
Wilson, J.— 185. 
Wilson, J. — 51,153. 
Wilson, L— 154. 
Wilson, L— 185. 
Wilson, R. — 45,154. 
Wilson, S.— 85,170. 
Wilson, S.— 154. 
Wilson, S. — 185. 
Wilson, S.— 154. 
Wilson, V. — 154. 
Winant, L.— 186,189. 
Winder, E. — 170. 
Winder, T. — 170. 
Wingrove, S. — 154. 
Winslow, G. — 185. 
Winter, C— 154. 
Winters, J.— 185. 
Wizeman, C. — 185. 
Wolf, R. — 93,170. 
Wolff, S. — 170. 
Womack, M. — 185. 
Wood, G. — 154. 
Wood, L. — 75,170. 
Wood, P. — 154. 
Wood, R. — 154. 
Wood, S. — 185. 
Woodburn, D. — 154. 
Wooden, R.— 185. 
Woodruff, C. — 1 15,170. 
Woolard, B. — 185. 
Woolery, J.— 154. 
Workman, L.— 185. 
Workman, S.— 185. 
Worrell, C— 185. 
Wray, J. — 185. 
Wright, C— 170. 
Wright, J.— 170. 
Wright, J. — 72,170. 
Wright, M. — 72,154. 
Wright, R. — 154. 
Wynne, J. — 154. 

Yancey, A.— 61 ,80,83,1 70,21 2. 

Yancey, H. — 60,170. 

Yargey, B.— 170. 

Yates, J.— 189. 

Yoder, D.— 155. 

York, D.— 72,155, 

Young, D. — 170. 

Young, J. — 170. 

Young, H.— 155. 

Young, J. — 189. 

Zebich, J.— 185. 
Zebich, J.— 185. 
Ziemba, D. — 185. 
Ziemer, J. — 155. 

Zimmeris.- 155. 
Zimmerman, R. — 
Zinnel, L.— 185. 
Zirpoli, M. — 170. 
Zukel, S.— 185. 








P. 0. Box 308 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

\ \! 


Circa 1720 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

3133 Virginia Beach Blvd. 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 


'Best by Test" for over 95 years 

Give your garden and lawn 
The finest start with the 

Seeds, Bulbs, and Plants 
Tidewater's leading seed 



900 Tidewater Drive 

Norfolk, Virginia 

MA 2-3385 







Discount to 

all Students 





Coffee Shops 


Princess Anne Plaza 
Virginia Beach, Va. 

CO., INC. 

Jewelers and Silversmiths 
Diamonds our Specialty 

MA 2-5345 

229 Granby St. 


227 Granby Street 
Janaf Shopping Center 

facts at 



. . on any 


every day 





Ladle's Wearing Apparel 


Indian River Road at 
Military Highway 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 


Gronby at Main 


Atlantic Avenue 
Virginia Beach 


21st & Pacific 17th Street 

Aragona Village 

Virginia Beach 




General Insurance 

31st Street Extended 







243 Granby 




'Your credit 

is good" 


diamond rings, watches. 

and jewe 



5154 Princess Anne Road 

Coin operated laundry 
and dry cleaning 


Norfolk Virgina Beach 

Importers & retailers finest 

gentlemen's apparel 

ladies' sportswear 

207 Laskin Road, Virgina Beach,Va. 





4848 Virginic 

Beach Blvd. 

Virginia Beach, Va. 


at Hilltop 

Oxford Shop 




132 Janaf 



Shopping Center 

Shopping Center 


Robbins Corner 

Bayside, Va. 


Try our Allie dog . . . 

also school supplies and gifts 








3110 West Marshall Street 

Richmond 30, Virginia 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 







Wards Corner 

Princess Anne 



6359 Virginia Beach Blvd. 
Norfolk 2, Virginia 



33 Southern Shopping Center 


PHONE Kl 5-8418 











>ij ««> <B»'- Hrt 

339 Granby St. 

^ i 


4" O.AN.V f,. 


^>V. lA/. Cunnlnaham CJ/ ^66ociate6 \^^^ 


PHONE 341-15IS 





hAA 7-5451 

^^^ At the Civic Center 

'Virginia Beach's Home Owned Bank' 


8 Offices to serve you 
in Greater Virginia Beach 

Member of the Federal Deposit 
Insurance Corporation 





things go 




Bottled under authority of The Coco-Colo Compony by 

Norfolk Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Inc. 





6542 Va. Beach Blvd. 


Complete Home Furnishings 

435 Virginia Beach Boulevard 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451 

W. S. Cole 
Phone 703-428-3291 


U. S. D. A. Prime Beef our specialty 
1500 Pleasure House Road 

Newspapers Magazines 


Paperbacks & Hardcovers 

Greeting cards postcards 

Fast filnn service 


208 Laskin Road 428-3013 






Plume Street, Norfolk, 


2407 Pacific Ave., Va. 



of the 



30th & Pacific Ave. 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 


If I please you, tell others: 
If not. Tell Me." 

6065 Virginia Beach 


America's Most Unique Fine 
Furniture Store 

for the young adult 

• fine furniture 

• carpets 

• draperies 

• accessories 

Virginia Beach Blvd. at Thalia 
Since 1894 



Bayside Shopping Center 

4801 -A Shore Drive, Bayside 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 





Estate one 


3113 Pacific 



B Princess 

Anne Road 

Virginia Beach, 




Insurance Agency 

World's Largest 

Dewey Weber 

Surfboard Dealer 


600 Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 





4760 Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Virginia Beach, 



Smith and Holland 

Quality custom surfboards 

& Accessories 

204 22nd Street 

Virginia Beach, Va. 


Remember, America . . . 

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." 
— Thomas Jefferson 
In the historic land served by Virginia Electric and Power Company. This 
warning is not easy to forget. On every hand, contrasted with the landmark 
of this progressive, growing area, are the monuments to America's unending 
fight for freedom. 

But freedom cannot be preserved in stone or defended by monuments. 
Freedom must exist in the heart of the individual. It must be championed 
by the living. 

The freedom to build ... to create ... to grow as free individuals in a 
free nation is our priceless heritage from the past. Its cost is our national 


Virginia Beach, Virginia 



407 Kempsville Rd. 

If it's an occasion, it calls 
for flowers 





for School Jewelry 

1706-1708 Atlantic 







Three of the new editors 

The PEERAGE Staff 

is proud to announce the selection 

of the 1965-1966 Editors 

Editor-in-chief . . Nancy Shea 
Business Manager . . . Nancy DeLozier 

Editorial Staff 

Larry Brinkley 

Greg Evans 
Marsha Overby 

Gail Variot 

Tom Wilkerson 

Carolyn Woodruff 

Ann Yancey 


See the man from 


2 Virginia Beach locations: 

• 3401 Va. Beach Blvd. 
at Princess Anne Plaza 

• 25th & Pacific 

Virginia Beach Borough 

The 1965 PEERAGE Staff 

wishes to 

express its 

sincere appreciation to 

all those who have worked 

to make this annual poss 

ble. We hope you, 

the students of Princess Anne, enjoy 

reading this 

book as much as we 

enjoyed creating it. We feel 

that this 

annual is an 

accurate reflection of 

the 64-65 school year and w 

ill provide 

you with many 

pleasant memories. 

^^^^^^B ^ ^^^^H 










^Hv{<^Bk ''Jh^^I 

w \^M 


Wi ^^Lh^^^I 

fe* V ■ 


m-1 n 

' J 

r ^^^^^^i ^^^l^^l 

f rM ''" M 









^^^^^■|v ' ^^Ev ^^E^^^^ 






m\mm studios 

The Studio of Award-Winning Photographers 










- r 




._ ^- i 








*Now at Princess Anne Plaza Mall 

Virginia Beach's newest, largest, best-equipped 
studio to serve your future portrait needs 

24 Princess Anne Plaza 
Va. Beach, Va. 

722 W. 21st Street 

Norfolk, Va. 

MA 5-2102 


The PEERAGE Staff would like to thank the following 
companies for their cooperation with the dance of January 
23, 1965. 

Checkered Flag Motor Company 

Thunderbird Bowling Lanes 

The Cricket Shop 

Princess Theater 

Roy's Auto Supply 

Highway Service Stores 

Sanf red's 

The Sweet Shop 


Rices at Princess Anne Plaxa 

Burrow Martin Drug Store 

Fridley's Gift Shop 

Special thanks to the Checkered Flag Motor Company for furnishing the Honda. 





A Friend 

Albright Florist 

Charme Beauty Salon 

Pine Tree Inn 

Thunderbird Bowling Lanes 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Ackiss 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Caton, III 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll G. Clough 

Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Culverhouse 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Dean Curtis 

James G. Darden 

J. E. C. Davis 

Mr. Giles G. Dodd 

Mayor and Mrs. Frank A. Dusch 

Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Etheridge 

Mr, and Mrs. Edward Garrett 

Cdr. and Mrs. Richard R. Garriott 

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Gibbs 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Russell Hatchett 

Mr. and Mrs. L. Stanley Hodges 

Frances H. Hutchinson 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Loher 
Cdr. and Mrs. Glen G. Macon 

Mr. Ivan Mapp 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Marshall 
George R. McGuire, D.D.S. 
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Phillips 
Mr. and Mrs. Swindell Pollock 
Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Strickler 
Mr. and Mrs. B. Bruce Taylor 

Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Taylor 

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Vakos 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Whitehurst 



» • • • • 

.-1- . ."- . 

• • • 


^ 1 •: 






> ^ 










ll >i' 


1 ■ 

1 ■ 

Jr a 



( p 







The 1965 PEERAGE Staff 

wishes to acknowledge the fine job the 

Princess Anne Stage Crew 

has done for all productions given 

on the PA stage. 


Word of it. 
-Omar Khayyam 



-* "^- 





-— r-r, ps^i » n 1 ! r 

!fn:r!TT: - -^'irinm i 

■""■ *' 

-?■ ? ■:**